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Happy Dog food for dogs: review, composition and reviews of veterinarians

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Happy Dog food for dogs: review, composition and reviews of veterinarians
Happy Dog food for dogs: review, composition and reviews of veterinarians

Different foods are sold in stores to feed dogs. They differ in composition and properties. Now dry and canned food "Happy Dog" is in demand. The company has been producing products for animals for over 40 years. Veterinarians advise buying such food for their pets.


The rations are produced by Interquell, a German company. Happy Dog food is enriched with animal protein, as it contains meat, sea fish and a whole dry egg. The classic menu includes products such as lamb, poultry, rabbit, veal, turkey, duck. But the manufacturer also offers other types of meat: horse meat, buffalo, ostrich. Animal heart and liver are added to the feed.

happy dog ​​food

Maize and rice flour are used as vegetable protein and carbohydrates. A carbohydrate product is dried potatoes, which are included in a hypoallergenic diet. The source of fat is bird fat.

The manufacturer takes into account the fact that the dog is not a wolf, which spends a lot of energy. Domestic predators are different from wild animals.Therefore, Happy Dog food has a moderate energy content and little fat, thanks to which the animal is protected from joint diseases and excess eyelids.

Products for dogs contain 2 types of fiber that have a positive effect on the intestines - beet pulp and apple pulp. Sunflower seed oil and rapeseed oil saturate the body with vegetable fats, while linseed oil includes essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids.

Extracted yeast includes vitamin B, seaweed is enriched with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The meat of the New Zealand mollusk includes glycosaminoglycans, which are necessary for joints and ligaments. And thanks to a carefully selected mixture of herbs, metabolism is improved, as they contain essential oils. There are no artificial ingredients, preservatives, flavor and odor enhancers, soy and meat and bone meal in Happy Dog feed. The animal will consume biologically active substances that improve metabolism and digestion.


happy dog ​​dog food

Happy Dog dog food has the following advantages:

  • presence of natural ingredients;
  • some variants have a rich composition;
  • presence of vitamins and minerals;
  • feed prevalence;
  • rich food line;
  • there is a treatment series for animals with poor he alth;
  • no artificial substances or plant substitutes.


If you take into account consumer reviews, Happy Dog food has its downsides. To the main onesrefer to:

  • lack of specification of meat components on the label, which does not exclude the addition of offal to the composition;
  • Crops and potatoes are listed first on many food labels;
  • some feeds are lean;
  • high price.

Why choose this food?

Happy Dog dog food is enriched with he althy herbs and phytocomponents. Compared to other products, this brand has a rich nutrition line, which includes feed for everyday animal nutrition and dietary products. The owner of the dog can choose a special diet, for example, if the dog has food intolerances, digestive sensitivities, allergies, skin ailments and overweight.

happy dog ​​food reviews

Another advantage of the feed is the presence of artichoke, dandelion, ginger, chamomile, licorice root, nettle, birch leaf, sage, coriander. The presence of plant components restores the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, blood circulation and metabolism. The feeds are highly digestible (90%), which significantly reduces the daily intake and saves costs.

For adult dogs

happy dog ​​food reviews

Happy Dog wet and dry food for sale. For adult dogs that do not have he alth problems, several options have been created:

  • NaturCroq Active should be chosen if the pet is very energetic.
  • NaturCroq XXL is designed for large dogs.
  • Supreme Fit&Well Adult Minimust be selected for small breeds.
  • Supreme Fit&Well Adult Maxi is ideal for active dogs over 26kg.

Happy Dog wet and dry dog ​​food provides the right nutrition for your pet. You just need to feed your pet according to the recommended norms.

For puppies

There is a special food "Happy Dog" for puppies, necessary for growth and development. Meals do not include vegetable and protein substitutes. It has a balanced content of calcium and phosphorus.

Puppy foods have different diets. Moreover, food is also divided by breed, which allows you to choose the right food for your dog. There are foods for sensitive digestion.

For allergies and sensitive digestion

Separate products are considered dry diet food to combat food intolerances, allergies, skin ailments and overweight. The main component of such food is ostrich meat, as well as gluten-free potatoes.

dry food happy dog

In the feed there are animal proteins: salmon, rabbit, as well as a whole egg. If a dog has an allergy, then it should buy Supreme Sensible Caribbean products. This is a hypoallergenic fish food. The products do not burden the intestines, therefore they are suitable even for fastidious animals.

If your pet is low on energy, the Sensible Toscana menu is suitable for him, low in fat and with the right amount of protein. Great for overweight, spayed and neutered dogs.

Veterinarian opinions

What is the opinion of experts about Happy Dog food for dogs. Reviews show that it is important to pay attention to the product label. Indeed, in the first place there may be a meat component or a carbohydrate component. Some foods can be compared to premium while others are considered an economy option.

happy dog ​​food for puppies

Some veterinarians do not recommend taking food as the main component of the diet. But for occasional use, it is just right. The feed has a rich composition, which is rarely the case in products of low quality. In the assortment you can find the best option, acceptable in quality and price.

Experts note the useful composition of the feed. Products are valued due to the presence of vegetable and animal protein. And the taste variety is provided by the addition of fish products. Food should only be given to your pet occasionally.

Peculiarities of feeding dogs

Currently, various studies are being conducted on pet nutrition, but so far there is no consensus on this. However, there are some feeding rules:

  1. Food should be moderate. Don't rely solely on your pet's appetite when setting food rations. Only with time will it become clear how much food an animal needs.
  2. It takes 20 minutes for a dog to satiate. It is advisable to remove the food 20 minutes after it has been placed. This approach will allow you to accustom your pet to the schedule.
  3. You can feed 2 times a day. This is the norm for an adult pet. It is necessary to adhere to the temporary mode.
  4. I'm not goingshould be s alted. All products contain s alt, and this is enough for the dog.
  5. Bowl stand required. You should buy a special product or create it yourself. This will allow you to put the bowl at the right level.
  6. The dog must have fresh water, which is especially important when eating ready-made food.
  7. Purchase rich foods.
  8. Even if you skip a meal, don't double feed your pet.
  9. A dog should have a varied diet. But even if the animal eats a certain food, it is still necessary to introduce new foods.
  10. It is necessary to maintain the period between walking and feeding. If you plan to walk, physical activity, then food should be given to the animal no later than 2 hours before going out.
happy dog ​​dry dog ​​food

The diet of an adult dog should include the following components:

  1. 30-50% - meat and offal.
  2. 25-35% - cereals.
  3. 20-30% - dairy products.
  4. 10-15% - vegetables.

It is advisable to give the dog meat and dairy products, and cereals and vegetables should play a secondary role. This provides normal nutrition for the development of the animal. Dairy products should not be combined with meat and vegetables. Meat should be given separately or with vegetables. You can include vegetable oil or chopped fresh herbs in your diet. It is advisable to consult a veterinarian who will determine what food is best for a dog to eat.

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