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Sports bag Adidas - convenience and comfort

Sports bag Adidas - convenience and comfort
Sports bag Adidas - convenience and comfort

For many years, the sports brand "Adidas" has been a sponsor of competitions in various sports. Especially often it finances the World Cups. Thanks to this popular sport, the founder of Adidas, now world famous Adolf Dassler, began the production of comfortable and stylish sportswear and shoes.

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In the city of Herzogenaurach, which is located in Bavaria, on November 3, 1900, Adolf Dassler was born. My mother was a laundress, my father worked as a baker. Adi (he was called that) grew up a modest and quiet boy, he loved music and literature. And he had an all-consuming passion for football. The boy was a desperate fan and fan of this game.

After 1915, the difficult situation of the Dassler family worsened even more. At first, they were interrupted by casual, rather rare earnings. In 1920, the Dassler family decided to start their own business - to open a shoe tailoring workshop. The room for this was my mother's laundry. Motherwith his sister Adi, they were engaged in patterns, and Adolf, his brother Rudolf and his father were directly cutting. Sleeping slippers were the first product of the family business.

The goods of the Dassler family became popular, and this is due to Rudolph, who was in sales and had a natural gift in this area.

adidas sports bags

Four years later, the brothers set up a shoe factory. In addition to family members, it already has 20 employees. In 1925, a passionate football fan - Adi - creates an outstanding product - football boots with spikes. In 1928, athletes compete in Amsterdam at the Olympics in shoes from the Dassler company. The popularity of the company is increasing dramatically.

After the end of the war (1945), due to a quarrel between the brothers, the company breaks up. In its place, Adidas (owned by Adi) and Puma (headed by Rudy) appeared, which became irreconcilable rivals in everything.

Today, Adidas is the leading sporting goods brand. Bag "Adidas", as many athletes believe, is the key to success in the competition. These products are highly ergonomic and durable. Sports bags "Adidas" are presented by the company in a huge assortment. They can be worn not only for training. If you prefer a sporty style of clothing, then they can become part of your image. Bag "Adidas" is style and comfort in one accessory.

adidas sports bags

Every sport has a variety of itemsequipment. Uniform, shoes, additional equipment must be transferred in some way. For this, the Adidas bag was created.

The company constantly closely follows fashion trends, so its products are always at the peak of popularity. Recently, fans of the company's products have noticed that Adidas sports bags can be decorated with a variety of prints, unusual patterns, ironic applications, etc. Many people like it.

Textile or leather bag "Adidas" is designed for those who strive to be in the spotlight, set high goals and achieve the desired result.

In addition, the company "Adidas" produces bags for women, men, ladies' wallets.

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