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Stylish Celine (bags) - always romantic and original

Stylish Celine (bags) - always romantic and original
Stylish Celine (bags) - always romantic and original

Today, the haute couture house Celine attracts the most famous buyers, movie stars and pop stars. The highest quality, unique design, practicality and elegance - and these are not all the qualities that have kept the most popular brand afloat for more than two centuries. Fashion is inherently changeable, but this company is confidently conquering new heights, striving for perfection.

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Celine (bags) is a stylish accessory, the dream of any woman who knows her own worth. High-quality leather of small ponies and reptiles, excellent suede and durable, reliable materials, spaciousness, variety of models and thoughtful design adequately keep the brand on the market. Excellent marketing, modern design technologies and constant work on improving interesting models from year to year attract thousands of fans and connoisseurs of craftsmanship and sophistication to these products.

The Celine bag will flawlessly emphasize the elegance of a woman, give her a special charm and magnificence. It is ideal for business attire, so a successful business woman withbranded accessory on the shoulder will look elegant and rich. After all, a real Celine bag has a high price and is famous for its excellent quality.

The history of the Celine brand

Celine (bags) first appeared as a salable item in 1966. Made of soft pony skin, they still cloud the minds of modern fashionistas with French chic and extravagance. After all, the trademark of the brand is the chariot - as a symbol of happiness, moving forward. And high-quality leather is still very popular today. In addition to handbags, the top-selling company produces high-quality shoes, shiny pony fur clothes.

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Modern models of Celine collections are successful all over the world. The classic charm of the refined breath of France, glamor and brilliance, a striking combination of sexuality and practicality are the main advantages of this product. Clothing produced under the Celine trademark is suitable for self-confident, energetic and self-sufficient, freedom-loving women who are not satisfied with stereotypes and analogies. In 1997, lead designer Michael Kors took over the reins of the company. It was then that the men's line appeared in the Celine house, which offers classic clothes, as well as accessories of excellent quality for the glamorous representatives of the strong half of humanity. Comfort, elegance and style are the features that captivate the company's products. Men's Celine (bags) are presented in the new collection.

How to distinguish a genuine bag from a fake

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Today Celine - bags are first-class and expensive. Therefore, it is very difficult to buy a quality product. You can buy a chic fake for big money. What should I pay attention to to prevent this?

1. You can buy the original only in branded stores.

2. Feel the leather of the bag. It should be very soft, without a strong smell.

3. Examine the seams. They must be even, without marriage.

4. Large fittings (rivets, locks) should have a muted golden hue, in no case should they shine dazzlingly.

5. Availability of official documentation for the goods from the seller.

6. Features a rectangular product brand logo with model number.

7. And most importantly - the price. Celine (real bag) costs at least a thousand dollars. For half the price, even on sale, you will only buy a fake that looks like the original.

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