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Jetem London stroller: description, characteristics
Jetem London stroller: description, characteristics

No matter how wide the range of baby products in stores, parents always have difficulty choosing products for their beloved baby. And it does not matter at all what is purchased: a diaper, a feeding bottle or a stroller. Probably, their doubts are quite justified, because all mothers and fathers dream that their children have all the best, comfortable and beautiful. In this article, we will present you with a detailed review of Jetem London summer strollers: specifications, descriptions, opinions of independent experts and parent reviews.

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Jetem products

Summer has come and many families with children are thinking about buying a stroller. What should she be? Convenient for the baby and mother, maneuverable, light. All these requirements, according to customer reviews, are met by Jetem products. This is a brand that belongs to the world famous German company ABC Design. Her range includes:

  • playpens;
  • electronic cradles;
  • electronic swing;
  • high chairs;
  • walkers;
  • baby lounge chairs;
  • electric vehicles;
  • jumpers;
  • different types of strollers (jogging, for twins, canes and universal).

Jetem pushchairs are available in the following models:

  1. Paris.
  2. FD Design Primo.
  3. Picnic.
  4. Elegant.
  5. Concept.
  6. Holiday.
  7. London.

All Jetem products are subject to rigorous tests by the company's specialists, which reveal compliance with the requirements of DIN EN 1888 and European Norm. From the moment of designing the model to the packaging of the finished product, the goods are carefully checked.

During the development of new models of Jetem summer strollers, engineers and designers of the company conduct tests of mechanical units, frames and wheels, materials and fabrics used in production. The materials and fabrics used in the strollers are tested in accordance with European standards and have received the UPF 50+ quality label, since one of the most important factors is the degree of protection of the baby from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

jetem for walks

All tests are carried out by brand experts at a specialized testing ground, where baby strollers, however, like other varieties, undergo a variety of complex tests. Today we would like to draw your attention to one brand model. This is a Jetem London stroller.

Features of the model

This is a lightweight summer stroller, oneone of the main advantages of which is its low weight. It is easy to take it down stairs, transport it in public transport, and its compactness allows you to store it even in a very modest hallway.

Jetem London has a comfortable and functional seat - the footrest and backrest are easily brought to a horizontal position. Therefore, the child can, comfortably seated, sleep in the fresh air for a walk. The Jetem London stroller is available in grey, beige and red.

Dignity of the model

  • The telescopic handlebars are adjustable in height.
  • The bed is extended by the adjustable footrest.
  • Quilted padded mattress available.
  • The Jetem London stroller has a large seat.
  • The front swivel wheels are lockable.
  • All wheels are spring-loaded.
  • There is a handle for carrying the stroller when folded.

Jetem London specifications:

  • Type of wheels - plastic.
  • The number of wheels is four, with a diameter of 15 cm.
  • Front wheels swivel.
  • Reclining backrest - adjustable.
  • Cane - folding mechanism.
  • Weight Jetem London - 6.5 kg.
  • Sleeping place 82x34 cm.
  • Assembled dimensions - 29x20x100 cm.
  • The backrest unfolds to a horizontal position.
  • There is a bar in front of the child.
  • Wheelbase 48 cm wide.
  • Includes an insulated footmuff.

Opinion on the model of independent experts

Despite manufacturers' assurances, independent experts conduct their own testing of popular strollers. Jetem London has been tested for compliance with European, American standards, as well as the Customs Union (Technical Regulations of the Customs Union). We will introduce you to their results below.

Child comfort

Experts say that the Jetem London summer stroller is a very simplified model. It provides a minimum of amenities for the baby. The kit includes the only addition for cold weather - a dense insulated cape on the legs.

jetem london stroller

The Jetem London stroller is positioned as a summer model. Despite this, it does not have ventilation holes, as, for example, in Jetem Prism, in which a large mesh opens on the hood. The stroller does not have a sun visor, and in the summer it would be very useful. Another accessory that the stroller clearly lacks is a rain cover. Probably, the manufacturer considered that a large hood would be able to cope with this function. In fairness, let's say that you can purchase it separately for a nominal fee - 100 rubles.

Stroller transformation

The disadvantages of the model include insufficient depreciation: hard small wheels, as well as the absence of springs in the design, do not smooth out road bumps. The undoubted advantages of experts include light and soft upholstery, a large hood that opens almost to the bumper: even when the back is inlying position, the child can be protected from the scorching rays of the sun.

The child feels quite comfortable while sleeping on a walk: the back and footrest of the model are easily brought to a horizontal position.

baby stroller cane


The description of the Jetem London, which is offered by independent experts, indicates that this model, during quite complex and varied tests, showed average results: insufficient stability of the model and a weak footboard were noted. The stability test of the model was carried out according to the American standard ASTM F833 and the European EN 1888.

To do this, the stroller was loaded up to 15 kg and placed on an inclined plane to find out at what slope it would lose stability. As a result, it was concluded that the model under study complies with the CU regulations and European standards - it is quite stable at an angle of 12°, but significantly loses stability at an angle of up to 20°, which is prescribed by the American standard.

The Jetem London brake was tested in a similar manner. In this case, the model passed the test with dignity - the brakes withstand the stroller at an inclination of 20 ° with a weight of 15 kg.

characteristics jetem london

Step strength

It has been checked for compliance with the regulations of the Customs Union. To do this, a load weighing 20 kg was installed on it for three minutes. The model withstood the tests with dignity - the footboard did not break. However, experts note that this important design detail is juststrong rubber band. It is unlikely that she is able to hold the baby for a longer time than during the tests, if the baby stands on her.

Bumper and seat belts

These parts are designed to keep baby safe. The bumper of this model can be removed if desired. But in any case, the child must be fastened with seat belts. Their strength is consistent with the regulations of the vehicle. This was convincingly proved by testing: the belts were loaded with a weight of 15 kg for one minute. They survived, did not tear or unfasten, therefore, they are able to securely fix the baby.

model colors

Parent comfort

The Jetem London stroller is equipped with a minimum set of amenities for parents: a large basket, an adjustable handle and rather obedient mechanisms in control.

The model is equipped with a solid rubberized handle, which is adjustable in height. This feature is especially important for parents with non-standard height. Unfortunately, it cannot be thrown over, there is also no reversible seat, as in more expensive models: the baby is always facing the direction of the road. Many experts do not consider this a big disadvantage: when a child grows up, he does not have to see his mother all the time.

When mom wants to see what the child is doing, she just needs to look through the transparent, large viewing window on the hood. The model is equipped with a combined foot brake. In other words, all wheels are locked with one pedal, which saves mom a lot of time. The same cannot be said for translation.the backrest in a horizontal position - its inclination is adjusted with the help of belts. Its angle can be almost any, but at the same time it is necessary to ensure that the back does not warp.

convenience for parents

The stroller cover is made of water-repellent materials, so don't be upset if the baby spills juice on the upholstery - it can be easily removed with a regular napkin.

Specialists' opinions about the model's basket are divided - it is located too high, so some experts consider this a merit of the design: it does not rub against the curbs. Other experts believe that when the back is lowered, you will not be able to get things out of it, you will have to keep all the necessary little things at hand or wait for the child to wake up. Although the phone and keys can be stored in the hood pocket, this is a very important and convenient addition that many European models lack.

Transportation and storage

The Jetem London stroller, like most summer models, is very convenient for storage and transportation. It folds quite simply like a cane, although there are models in which this process is as simple as possible - all you need to do is pull the strap. When folded, this model takes up very little space in the apartment. True, in this case there are some shortcomings - the wheels are located on both sides, and it is impossible to lean against the wall, like, for example, a stroller-book.

This feature can be considered a disadvantage when transporting it in public transport - the wheels will dirty not only you, but also other passengers.The indisputable advantages of Jetem London include its light weight (6.5 kg). Such a model is easy to bring down the stairs even with a baby in your arms. The stroller has a carrying handle, which makes life much easier for parents. And the small width of the structure (48 cm) allows it to be transported in any elevator.

Ease of control and maneuverability

The wheelbase of the model under discussion consists of six small wheels with a diameter of 15 cm. The front two wheels are swivel, single, which provide good maneuverability. During the tests, the stroller easily went around obstacles, although not as maneuverable as three-wheeled models. The small wheels of Jetem London cannot provide it with high cross-country ability.

Experts tested the model on the lawn, flat floor, earth and sand. She moved easily on asph alt and floor, but traffic was difficult on bad roads. Therefore, if the road surface in the area where you live is, to put it mildly, not the best, then it makes sense to look at more all-terrain models.


This stroller has a small set of accessories - it's just a cape on the legs. It should be accompanied by a raincoat and a bag, which will be useful for storing the things the child needs. Fortunately, these accessories are commercially available, and their cost can be called symbolic.

Jetem London stroller: owner reviews

We have brought you a fairly detailed report by independent experts and specialists in the production of goods for children about this model. It remains to find out what her parents think of her,who have been operating a wheelchair for some time.

Oddly enough, given the presence of certain shortcomings that the experts managed to identify, buyers are more optimistic about the chosen stroller. Many parents claim that they never regretted this purchase. The stroller has a large canopy, adjustable backrest, compact enough, durable and comfortable for both baby and mom. The model is functional and quite maneuverable in the city. The berth is spacious, which is rarely found in strollers-canes. Easy to handle and weight.

Customers also found some shortcomings of this model: too tight brake pedals, the backrest is not fixed at 90 degrees, lack of maneuverability on broken roads and in the forest.

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