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Pampers "Active Baby" - restful sleep and dry skin

Pampers "Active Baby" - restful sleep and dry skin
Pampers "Active Baby" - restful sleep and dry skin

A baby was born in your family, which means that more and more baby care items appear in the house. What do not just buy a loving mother, grandmother and other relatives for a child! And of course, in the children's room there is a place not only for little things, bottles and toys, but also for diapers. How can a mother figure out which of them are better and better suited to a child? How to choose exactly what you need from the abundance of products? The choice of diapers should be approached responsibly in order to avoid allergies on the delicate skin of the little one and protect it from excessive moisture.

pampers active baby

Pampers "Active Baby" are designed specifically for nimble children who do not sit still. And if for a newborn they first buy New Baby diapers, then as the child grows and matures, they are changed to Active Baby diapers. Choose the size based on the weight of the child. The number corresponding to it is indicated on the packaging of diapers.

Active Baby diapers are designed for children older than three months, the age when the child begins to actively explore the world around him, try to crawl, roll over on his tummy. It was during this periodit is so important that the delicate skin of the baby is under reliable protection, and the diaper does not leak and does not cause discomfort to the child. At night, so that the sleep of the little one is strong and nothing disturbs it, the mother puts on a diaper for him, and changes it only in the morning. That is why the diaper must be reliable and of high quality. Pampers "Active Baby" will provide the child with a long sleep and will perfectly absorb moisture all night long, preventing leakage.

diapers pampers active baby

Even the most mobile and inquisitive child will "make friends" with those diapers that will reliably protect him. Usually they are available in different packages, the smallest of them contains 22 pieces. It should be remembered that these diapers are disposable and should not be reused.

Pampers Active Baby diapers need to be changed as they are full and necessary. To do this, lay the baby on the table, slightly raise his ass and put a new diaper under it, after removing the old one. Pull the front part over the baby's tummy and fasten the Velcro. That's all! Your baby is now calm and dry.

Do not forget that when using the Active Baby diaper, you need to apply powder or baby cream to the baby's skin to prevent irritation and diaper rash on the baby's body.

pampers active baby 5 price

Pampers "Active Baby-5", the price of which in different stores can vary slightly between 600-700 Russian rubles, are intended for children weighing from 11 to 25 kg. There are 44 diapers in this pack. Althoughthe baby is already big, the use of diapers is still relevant. During potty training, surprises can happen, so we recommend that you wear diapers outside, at night or when you go to visit.

There are different types of diapers, such as panty diapers. Pampers "Active Baby" consist of a double absorbent layer. The first absorbs and distributes moisture throughout the diaper, and the second securely holds it inside, preventing it from seeping out. Thanks to this, it turns into a gel. The outer layer is designed to protect baby's skin from diaper rash and help it breathe, while the aloe vera balm moisturizes it.

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