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How to choose German Shepherd puppies? Councils of cinematographers. What do German Shepherd puppies look like?

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How to choose German Shepherd puppies? Councils of cinematographers. What do German Shepherd puppies look like?
How to choose German Shepherd puppies? Councils of cinematographers. What do German Shepherd puppies look like?

Every person knows that a dog is a man's best friend. But at the same time, she can also be an excellent guard, guard, mine detector, etc. This article will tell you how to choose German Shepherd puppies wisely and how to make your choice right.

how to choose german shepherd puppies


First of all, a person must decide why he needs a dog, because a dog has a lot of purposes. It can be just a friend and comrade who will not perform any special functions. In this case, the advice for choosing will be somewhat different than when choosing a watchdog. Therefore, when going in search of a four-legged friend, it is important to know for what purpose you need it. Also, do not rush at the first puppy you see, even if you seem to like it. This is one of the first tabs if anyone wants to know how to choose German Shepherd puppies.

Boy or girl?

When planning to buy a pet, you also need to decide what gender you want to see in your pet. Yes, beginnerit is advisable for a dog breeder to take for the first time a bitch, which is more pliable in training, and will also better obey her master. The male will begin from the first days to “show character” and show disobedience, therefore, the owner will need the will and manifestation of authority to put the dog in its place and prevent it from occupying the top rung of the hierarchy in the “human pack”. In addition, the dog needs to be walked a little longer, because his urination process is longer, because the dog will try to mark as much territory as possible. Bitches pee at the very beginning of the walk, no longer being distracted by this matter. A person can be bribed by the fact that a male is more active by nature, he is handsome and stately, his courage can surprise and amaze, while a bitch will be more calm, without the command of the owner, she is unlikely to rush somewhere. But with dog-girls, you can easily find a common language and make friends, while a boy-dog will take a little more time.

how much does a german shepherd puppy cost

About age

Details further on how to choose German Shepherd puppies. So, it is important to know what age the dog is best to take. They can be sold already after a month from the date of their birth. However, a more optimal age for the buyer is 2.5-3 months. Why is that? The thing is that during these periods the dog is examined by various specialists, it is branded, it is given a general assessment. Thanks to these indicators, you can make your choice, stopping it on one or another option. Some people have concerns thatacquiring a dog at about six months of age, there is a risk that it will not become attached to the owner, but this is absolutely not the case. The only negative: the buyer must know for sure that the dog was raised up to this age by a competent dog breeder who correctly trained him and taught him all the necessary skills. As for the older age, then buying a puppy may be more successful, because at the age of 6-8 months it is already possible to draw certain conclusions about how much this dog is trainable, and what are its prospects.

Rule 1. Place

There are a few simple rules that cynologists talk about how to choose German Shepherd puppies. The first of them: you need to choose the right place where you want to take a puppy. It simply does not make sense to buy it on the market, because everything said there may not have any basis (another option is if the words are confirmed by documents, however, they can also be faked without problems). It is best to buy puppies in special kennels, where dogs are bred, observing the rules of mating and other various points. Finding out about such catteries is quite easy, especially now. It is enough just to ask experts or acquaintances-dog breeders where it is better to turn. Also, the addresses of such establishments can be in various directories of the city, this should not be forgotten either.

dog shepherd german puppy

Rule 2. About everyone

So, how to choose a puppy? Be sure to look not only at one representative of the litter, but at all dogs. If they are active, everyone has furshines, they are not afraid of people, which means that the dogs are he althy, eat well and are brought up correctly. If the behavior of at least one of the animals is in doubt, it is better not to take a puppy, even if at first glance it does not raise questions.

Rule 3. Inspection

The next tip on how to choose a puppy is to take a good look at it. A small dog needs to be picked up, considered. What you should pay attention to? So, it will be interesting that the baby’s ears will most likely be lowered down, this is normal and does not indicate that the dog is sick. Over time, this will pass. It is also worth paying attention to the size of the puppy's paws, they will be large, even just huge relative to the entire body. This will also disappear over time, the dog will outgrow this fact and everything will return to normal. It is also important to pay attention to the general condition of the puppy's body: it should not be too fat or too thin. The weight of a one-month-old dog should range from two and a half to four kilograms.

cynologists advice

Rule 4. External signs

More advice from dog handlers on choosing a German Shepherd puppy. So, experts recommend paying attention to the bite of the baby. It should be scissor-shaped, this fact will be especially important for those who want their dog to participate in various exhibitions and other similar events in the future. It is worth paying the attention of the future owner to the ears of the dog: by about six months of age, a German shepherd puppy should already have them set. It is also necessary that there be a pronounced transition from the headto the jaw. The dog's eyes should be clear, preferably dark, the puppy should not be goggle-eyed. The neck of a he althy dog ​​looks strong, the same goes for the chest. It should be fairly wide, with the forelegs large and strong.

Rule 5. Gait

The next tip on how to choose an older shepherd puppy is to look at his gait. It should not be wagging: a he althy dog ​​walks smoothly, as if on a string, while holding the dog's paws evenly and strength is visible in them. It is important to remember that the dog's dewclaws must be removed. Also, the paw should be round, arched, in a ball. Special requirements are put forward to the back of the dog. It should be smooth, without any humps or sagging. This will indicate that the dog is he althy and properly trained. You also need to pay attention to the tail of the future pet: it is wrong if it is twisted or too straight. The tail of the dog should be like a saber, without humps and hollows.

Rule 6. Documents and questions

How to choose the right puppy? You should not be afraid to ask various questions to the seller that relate to the dog's pedigree, as well as documents confirming this. If the dog breeder begins to evade answers, it is worth considering whether a good elite dog is really for sale? Be sure to also ask if the puppy has been vaccinated and whether a special examination has been carried out, which is mandatory mainly for two-month-old puppies. It is important to remember that when buying a dog, a special metric should be issued, in which some points must be indicated:date of birth, color of the puppy, his registration number, his nickname and nicknames of his parents. Also there will be information about the seller: the address of the breeder and the details of the club where the purchase was made. The name and address of the buyer is also indicated. Even the new owner signs the act of examining the puppy, the metric is certified by a seal. At the same time, with a dog, the owner receives rules and instructions on how best to raise his pet.

Dog for work and shows

german puppies

The above were the general rules for choosing a German Shepherd puppy. However, there will always be certain nuances. So, the first of them: what needs to be done if the dog is needed for work - for protection or as a mine detector. In this option, when buying a puppy, it is important to make sure the pedigree of the baby: to find out if his parents have awards and whether they were noted in some way. The same facts are important for those who want to take part in various exhibitions and similar events with the dog. It is also good when buying to get to know the parents of the dog if possible and look at them at work. If you need to train your dog for special functions, it is better to take a puppy at a very early age - at about 2-3 months. And from that moment on, start working with him, instilling special skills and abilities.

A dog for the soul

It's another matter if for the soul, and not for work, you need a German Shepherd dog. A puppy in this case can be chosen without any special claims to him and nuances. So, you can not particularly pay attention to the bite and strength of the paws of the dog, but the general condition of the bodyit is worth paying attention, because no one has a desire to acquire a sick puppy. However, for the sake of truth, it is worth saying that even if a dog of this breed is not ideal, it will still become a great friend and comrade to its owner.

how to choose a puppy


Having already explained to the reader what German Shepherd puppies look like and what requirements they should have when choosing, it is worth noting that there are special tests that can also help the future owner. Okay, this is the Campbell test. However, there is one caveat: it is applied to puppies no later than at the age of 6-8 weeks. Based on its results, one can define the character of the dog and understand how suitable it is for a particular type of training. It is important to say that the test consists of only five points and should be carried out in a quiet, calm place, which, however, is unfamiliar to the dog. In this case, the puppy should not be encouraged by words or treats. The first point is social attraction, the results of which can be used to understand whether the puppy will strive for leadership. Second: the puppy's ability to follow a person, the result will show how much it will be possible to be with a dog in society and to what extent it will be obedient. The third point will tell you how much the dog can tolerate various kinds of coercion: physical or psychological. The point is the following: social superiority will tell you how much the dog can follow the owner's commands without problems and rewards. And the last, fifth point, related to the previous one, will make it clear how trainable the dog is, that is, whether it will be necessary to apply special means of training tohim.

Professional test

There is also a professional animal trainers league test. It is also quite concise and can be used when choosing a puppy. It consists of five simple exercises, according to the dog's reaction to which certain conclusions can be drawn. Thus, the puppies that successfully passed the test did not experience fear or uncertainty during its course, were rather calm, but not phlegmatic, active, but not greyhounds. It is also important to remember that a well-mannered puppy should not overjoy at the arrival of a new person, should not bark or play for no reason.

how to choose a puppy

Pricing policy

An important point is how much a German Shepherd costs. A puppy, depending on what it is bought for, as well as what requirements are put forward for it, can cost quite a large amount of money. So, the cheapest puppies are those that are bought, as they say, "for the soul." They may not require special efforts to raise a baby, and special documents are not always needed. In such a situation, the cost of a dog can vary around $ 250. This is the lower limit, everything below this price limit is no longer purebred German puppies. More expensive dogs - 250-400 dollars. Here you can meet dogs most often from little-known parents. How much is a German Shepherd (puppy) whose parents are prize champions? Here the price can fluctuate between 400-700 dollars. Everything above is puppies from elite dogs bred abroad, as well as slightly grown up and already trained dogs.

First steps

So the dog has a new owner. The process of education is a very important point. So, there are several nuances that should be avoided in this process. When raising a German Shepherd puppy, it is important to avoid untimely and incorrect punishments: you can’t be a dog with a newspaper or a rag. Also, for competent education, a dog does not need to be walked in the company of another dog, which by its nature is not trained or aggressive. However, it is important for a dog to communicate with his own kind, especially at the age of three months to two years. It is also not necessary to provoke fights between puppies - this is an important nuance in raising a pet. And, of course, you can’t poison the puppy, which will lead to excessive aggressiveness and nervousness of the pet, as a result of which the owner himself may subsequently suffer.

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