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Stroller for the weather: an overview of the best models and reviews of manufacturers
Stroller for the weather: an overview of the best models and reviews of manufacturers

The choice of goods for a happy childhood is so wide today that young parents sometimes just feel dizzy. It is not surprising that everyone wants to choose the best quality, beautiful and comfortable for their baby. And when it comes to transport, which can be trusted with two of the most valuable passengers at once, the problem of choice becomes even more acute.

Our article will help you find the best stroller for the weather, which is right for your family. We'll take a look at all the important things to consider before buying, as well as a few models from the best baby brands.

Bolivar carrying two people

A stroller with two children's seats is chosen not only by parents of the weather. Even for families in which children were born with a difference of two, or even two and a half years, this can be relevant. Mothers who are accustomed to long walks outside their native yard, who love shopping, are forced to buy groceries without the help of their husbands and generally lead an active lifestyle, often note in reviews that evena three-year-old older child sometimes finds it difficult to do without a stroller.

Fortunately, manufacturers are responding to the growing demand and replenish catalogs with more and more new products. Today there are strollers for sports and travel enthusiasts; for conquerors of forest paths and inhabitants of the urban jungle; for connoisseurs of comfort and the most stylish fashionistas. In short, each family can choose what suits them.

weather stroller, reviews

What to look for when choosing?

Moms of the weather, who were lucky enough to find their ideal transport, are advised to think over a number of points.

  1. Where do you plan to walk? If you live in a well-maintained fashionable area with good roads and large shopping centers, you can not find fault with the running characteristics of children's transport. Many modern strollers, in which the main bet is made on design, cannot boast of increased cross-country ability. But is it always necessary? Another thing is a country house, countryside, coastal area with sandy beaches or a cold northern region with snowy winters. Residents of such places should put cross-country ability and handling at the forefront.
  2. Where will you store your transport between trips? Is there a need to fold it compactly? Will the assembled stroller fit in the corridor, on the balcony or in the closet?
  3. How often do you plan to transport the stroller and children in the car? If the family has a car, you will probably need car seats as well. Ask if it will be possible to install them on the stroller frame? Will the folded frame fit in the trunk?

Of course, financial opportunities are also important. This issue must be discussed in advance. By the way, if you plan to sell your weather stroller in the future (on Avito or a similar site), choose a neutral color that suits babies of both sexes. This will expand your future audience.

Engine, above each other or side by side?

Weather strollers can be roughly divided into three groups:

  • In the first case, the children's modules are installed one after another, like train cars (in fact, for which the parents called this transport in their reviews that way).
  • Seats or carrycots can be placed partially on top of each other.
  • In the third case, the modules are located side by side.

It is worth noting that each of the options has its own disadvantages and advantages. The “train” stroller is longer, but it is similar in width to a single-seat transport. There is enough space for both children in the blocks, they are located quite high above the ground. But driving such a large vehicle is more difficult.

When cradles and seats are stacked on top of each other, babies can feel cramped. One of the passengers has a worse view, the child may be bored or even offended. One of the modules is installed very low. The mother may not be able to see one of the babies. True, the dimensions of such a stroller are very compact, both in length and in width. It will fit through almost any door and is easy to operate.

When modules are side by side, the obvious disadvantage is the huge width. This, of course, is offset by the fact that bothchildren are equally comfortable. They can communicate with each other, and if one of them wants to take a nap, he can be laid down and the second will not interfere with him.

What is your priority? Before making a decision, measure the doors in the apartment (including the elevator door, the front door and the balcony), estimate whether the transport you like can turn around on the flight of stairs. If your home is spacious enough, you may not want to sacrifice the comfort of your kids for a compact vehicle.

A stroller in which two fidgets will ride at once must be reliable and safe. Let's take a look at a few models of strollers for the weather, reviews of which confirm that some brands are considered the best in the world for good reason.

Orbit Baby Travel System

weather stroller Orbit Baby

This is not just a stroller, it is a cozy house that grows with the child, and, if necessary, can welcome the second "tenant". With such transport, you can safely travel the world.

In the reviews, many owners say that Orbit has only one drawback - the high price, but otherwise this vehicle is fine.

Having rolled the baby in a comfortable cradle, you can purchase an additional branded footboard with a round platform installed on it. Like the platform of the stroller, it rotates around its axis, allowing you to turn the seat or car seat into any position. You can also adjust the module in height.

There is also a huge selection of luxury branded accessories, including a skateboard that can be attached to the chassis instead ofsecond seat when the older baby grows up.

Bugaboo Donkey Double Adjustable Frame

This model is one of the world's most popular carrycot strollers. What's the secret? Imagine that when the older baby no longer wants to walk while sitting, his seat can be removed and the frame folded, resulting in a regular single stroller. If necessary, a large trunk can also be installed next to the seat.

Bugaboo Donkey Double weather stroller

Both seats are reversible (that is, they can be reinstalled facing you or the road). The model is also suitable for twins.

In the reviews, young parents call this model a "donkey", because that is how its name is translated. The stroller lives up to this cute nickname: it is a truly reliable workhorse that is also very beautiful.

Stylish Stokke Scoot

The catalogs of this Dutch brand cannot surprise you with the breadth of the assortment. The company has created only a few strollers in its history. True, each of them became a real hit on a global scale.

The advantage of the model is compact dimensions, seat height adjustment, as well as the ability to remove an additional module and turn the vehicle into a regular single stroller.

weather stroller stokke scoot

Reviews say that the idea of ​​​​acquiring such a stroller should be abandoned by those who like to walk off-road. The magnificent "Scott" was created, of course, not only for marble and parquet, but also for high-quality pavement. Butbumps are not up to him. But this weather stroller is one of the most stylish and beautiful.

Emmaljunga Double Viking Luxury Carriage

Children's transport from this brand has gathered a fairly solid fanclub, which includes politicians, businessmen, stars and just we althy people. No wonder, because each model is the quintessence of real luxury and style. What are only cases made of the most delicate genuine leather worth!

The company specializes in single models 3 in 1 and 2 in 1. But there is also something for the weather and twins in the current catalog.

weather stroller Emmaljunga Double Viking

A vivid example is a model from the Viking family. The buyer himself chooses the complete set: cradles, walking seats, car seats can be installed on the frame. Suitable for the stroller and branded accessories from the line.

A stroller for the weather with one cradle and one walking block weighs a lot, as the owners note in the reviews. But in terms of handling and stability, it simply has no equal.

New from CAM - Twin Pulsar

The manufacturer released the first "Pulsar" a few years ago. Sales of this elegant stroller have broken all records more than once. Today, parents of the weather have the opportunity to purchase this stylish Italian.

weather stroller Cam Twin Pulsar

She looks sophisticated and elegant, but thanks to the full-size seats installed at the same level, both passengers will be equally comfortable. In the reviews, the owners urge not to be afraid of small wheels, because theyequipped with excellent cushioning.

Three-wheel Navigator Phil & Teds

The Phil & Teds weather stroller is made in New Zealand. But many owners call the Navigator a truly Russian transport. Judge for yourself: huge wheels with a powerful suspension confidently “swallow” all the bumps, compact dimensions allow you to transport the stroller with babies in any elevator, the coating is perfectly cleaned from dirt with a damp cloth, and the voluminous hood protects from wind and snow.

Phil & Teds weather stroller

A variety of modules can be installed on the chassis: cradles, seats, car seats. A branded scooter is also provided, which can be attached to the chassis or used by an older child separately from the stroller.

Bestseller - ABC Design Zoom

This model has repeatedly been declared the world's best selling stroller for weather. This is a German brand, but children's transport is assembled in China, thanks to which the manufacturer maintains a loyal price level.

weather stroller ABC Design Zoom

In the reviews, many mothers complain that at first the stroller is not easy to manage, but soon they manage to adapt to the characteristics of the chassis. The seats are reversible, which is very convenient.

Bright childhood with Cosatto Supa Dupa

This stroller for the weather attracts lovers of unusual patterns, on which the manufacturer made the main bet when creating the Supa Dupa collection. It includes both single and double models. You can choose the color and pattern of each of the cases, which is especially pleasingparents of children of different sexes.

weather stroller Cosatto SUPA DUPA

The reviews mention the comfortable design, good running characteristics and ease of maintenance. All covers are removable and washable. Ready to make a splash? Be sure to pay attention to this model.

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