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Fin rot: community tank treatment
Fin rot: community tank treatment

Every aquarist is very kind to his silent pets and, of course, wants them to please their beauty for as long as possible. However, a closed system is an ideal breeding ground for pathogens and parasites. Today we want to tell you about such a misfortune as fin rot. The treatment of this disease is discussed in almost every forum dedicated to aquarium fish. Several conclusions can be drawn from this. The disease is quite common, and sooner or later every aquarist gets acquainted with it. And secondly, there is no consensus on treatment today. Let's look at the treatments that have the most positive reviews, which means they can help save your aquarium.

fin rot treatment

What is this disease

The answer to this question also explains why, in each case, aquarists are looking for a new method of treatment, and not using an already proven scheme. So what is fin rot? Treatment of this diseaseis complicated by the fact that it is only one of the components of a systemic bacterial infection. That is, it is not possible to identify a single pathogen. Several different types of bacteria are involved in the pathogenesis. In particular, experiments have shown that different individuals of fish with the same symptoms (fin rot) should receive different treatment. That is why a remedy that helped one is useless for others.

fin rot treatment in community aquarium

Main pathogens and symptoms of the disease

Aeromonas hydrophila and all its subspecies are one of the pathogens. It is a gram-negative anaerobic bacillus that is widely distributed in the environment, in fresh and s alt water. The second large group of pathogens is Pseudomonas. It is an obligate aerobe, most commonly found in soil and spoiled food. It is these two groups of microorganisms that cause the disease, which is called "fin rot". Treatment requires a quick and accurate diagnosis, which usually does not cause problems. The symptoms are obvious enough that even a beginner can recognize them.

First of all, a systemic infection leads to the destruction of the integument of the body and internal organs. There are hemorrhages and necrosis, sepsis, grayish ulcers on the surface of the body. The fish loses color, sticking and erosion of fins, ruffling of scales are observed.

fin rot treatment in the general aquarium with s alt

Disease prevention

The later you notice the change, the more damage the finrot. Treatment in the general aquarium is much more effective if it starts at the very first stages of the disease. In any case, the disease is much easier to prevent than to treat. This bacterial disease is the result of poor aquarium care. In this case, the immunity of fish decreases, and the concentration of pathogenic microflora becomes higher, which results in an outbreak of infection. Prevention is the observance of sanitary standards and requirements for keeping fish. Make sure that there is no excess food in the aquarium that will rot. There is no vaccine against this disease, but antibiotic therapy is very effective.


Actually, there are two options. These are therapeutic baths where sick fish are deposited, as well as the addition of a medicine to the general water area. What is the most effective way to completely forget about a disease such as fin rot? Treatment in the general aquarium is considered more effective, since you simultaneously disinfect the soil, plants, and the rest of the contents of the tank, which can become a source of re-infection. Therefore, today we will talk about such methods of treatment.

fin rot treatment in the general aquarium photo

When you noticed the first symptoms

The result will be much more effective if you have already noticed the first symptoms of a formidable disease called "fin rot". Treatment in the community aquarium with s alt can only help now. If you start the situation, it will takemore serious means.

First of all, do a good water change, at least 30%, and set the maximum temperature allowed for the type of fish that live in your tank. If there are individual individuals who cannot tolerate such changes, they are planted in a separate container. An effective remedy at first is to add ordinary s alt, not iodized, to the water. The norm for sensitive fish is two teaspoons per 10 liters of water, and if the fish can easily tolerate s alt, you can add 3 teaspoons to the same amount of water. Watch your pets. If after a few days the situation has not improved, do a 50-80% water change and start medical treatment.

fin rot treatment in the general aquarium with malachite green

Ordinary potassium permanganate to help you

Potassium permanganate is used to disinfect the water area in the treatment of many bacterial infections, including fin rot. Treatment in a common aquarium (the photo of water colored with potassium permanganate looks quite original) is possible only with a subsequent change of water. In this case, it would be much better to put the fish in a separate vessel, where to add 0.5 g per 10 liters of water. The fish are placed in the solution every two hours, for 20 minutes. While treatment is in progress, it is very good to add potassium permanganate to the general aquarium in order to destroy the pathogen on plants and soil.

fin rot treatment in the general aquarium with chloramphenicol

Malachite green is the best solution for the most difficult cases

Oxalatemalachite green is toxic, but it helps to effectively cope with this disease. Perfect for the treatment of viviparous, labyrinth fish, neon and barbs, various ornamental crucians. But for other fish, use with caution, so consult a professional who knows well what fin rot is. Treatment in the general aquarium with malachite green takes place at a temperature of +24 … +28 degrees. During the entire course, it is necessary to aerate the water well. 10 mg/100 l is introduced into the water. Doses are repeated after 7 days. The treatment itself can last more than a month.

Familiar antibiotics

Simple and inexpensive remedies can help you deal with fin rot. Treatment in the general aquarium with chloramphenicol is recommended not only by amateur aquarists, but also by veterinarians. This drug is almost always in the home first aid kit. The tablets do not dissolve well in water, so you need to put them in a glass and stir well, and then add them to the aquarium. Dosage - 200 mg per liter. The solution is poured and left for 5 days. When this period ends, a partial water change must begin.

However, this is not the only antibiotic that helps to cope with this disease. Bicillin-5 has also proven itself well. It is a penicillin antibiotic. It decomposes in the light, so the treatment is carried out late in the evening. Dosage 500,000 IU (one third of the bottle) per 10 liters of water. Make such an amount every evening, for 6 days. At the same time, the water temperature rises to 26 degrees, just then the parasites come out of the tissues intowater where they die.

fin rot anti-steam treatment

Specialized drugs from the veterinary pharmacy

What is the most famous tool that every aquarist should have? We give you a hint: with its help, you can instantly get rid of a bacterial disease called "fin rot". Treatment with "Antipar" is the most modern way to protect all the inhabitants of the water area. It is noteworthy that it can be used for prevention. If you bought a new live food, soak it for a few minutes before feeding in a weak solution. Also, for preventive purposes, therapeutic baths are carried out. The concentration of the solution is 1 ml per 10 liters of water, the exposure time is 3 hours. In such a bath, you can keep new tenants who came to you from the store, algae and soil.

If the signs of the disease are already evident, do not worry, everything can be corrected. In this case, all lights and filters are turned off. The temperature regime is maintained at 24-26 degrees. The working solution is added every four days. The therapeutic concentration for long-term baths is 1 ml per 50 liters of water. Deactivate the solution by passing it through a carbon filter. This is an indispensable tool that will help in almost any case. So if you buy an aquarium, just in case, stock up on such a universal remedy. Judging by the reviews, it can help out in cases where the signs of the disease develop rapidly, and time is against you.

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