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Philips Azur Performer iron: model overview, comparison with competitors and reviews

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Philips Azur Performer iron: model overview, comparison with competitors and reviews
Philips Azur Performer iron: model overview, comparison with competitors and reviews

It is impossible to imagine any home without an iron. Not only does it help tidy up your clothes, it also keeps curtains and curtains looking good, makes towels more comfortable, and gets rid of creases in bedding. Irons differ in the presence of a variety of functions, appearance and price. Consider the Philips Azur Performer Plus model as the most frequently found in reviews.

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Features of the model

The iron, according to users, is very comfortable to use due to its fairly light weight - only 1.2 kg. Ironing is made easier by the powerful jet of steam that is emitted under pressure. This not only perfectly allows you to smooth out creases of any complexity, but also significantly saves the time of the hostess.

Philips Azur iron received quite positive reviews due to an improved valve that prevents water drops from falling on the laundry, which is often the case with other models.

Breviews note a convenient cord that reaches two meters and has the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees. This, of course, makes ironing easier and sets the Philips Azur Performer iron apart from the competition.


The iron has a well-designed sole shape, thanks to which the model literally glides over the laundry, and the spout is able to reach the smallest details of clothing.

Customers especially noted the automatic steam function. Unlike competing models, there is no need to constantly press the button, but you can simply select the type of fabric you need. Steam will be supplied independently, taking into account the selected parameters.

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Many consumers have appreciated the possibility of steam generation when the iron is in a vertical position. This allows you to iron clothes directly on the hanger and tidy curtains without removing them.

The Philips Azur Performer Plus iron has a self-cleaning descaling feature. This not only facilitates the care of the product, but also significantly extends the service life.

Among the reviews, the security system of this model often appears. To prevent accidents, the iron shuts off completely when stationary. This happens after 8 minutes if the iron is forgotten in a standing position and after 30 seconds if the appliance is left in a horizontal position. Many women have often tested the function and are convinced that it works flawlessly.

Working principle

Before starting the ironing process, select the desiredmode. You can use the dry slip or automatic steam function. The instruction indicates that it is better to use pre-purified water. After work, it is recommended to empty the tank of liquid so as not to create conditions for the formation of excessive scale.

The device, like many other models, is equipped with an indicator that goes out when heated to the desired temperature. So, you can start working.

Comparison with similar models

To understand and understand the need to purchase this iron, let's compare it with a more sophisticated version and a device with a lower price. Based on Philips GC 2045/20 and Tefal GV8960 models.

The Tefal GV8960 steam generator is positioned as a high-end product and guarantees easy ironing of clothes. But, studying the reviews, you can often see opinions that the device cannot be compared with its task. Compared to the Philips Azur Performer Plus iron, the steam generator takes longer to remove excess wrinkles. The sole does not slip as easily, and the price is significantly higher.

iron philips azur performer

The Philips GC 2045/20 is less powerful than the Philips Azur (2300 W vs. 3000 W). The iron has a weak steam boost and less steam.

Comparison of ironing results

If we compare the soleplate, the Philips Azur Performer gc4521 iron glides better when ironing cotton fabrics. In addition, ceramic is resistant to accidental hits of zippers and buttons, which helps to keep the sole in good shape.

If ironing synthetics, then the reviews indicatethat both models handle fabrics perfectly and are almost identical.

But Philips Azur stands out especially in its work with silk. Indeed, to work with it, the model does not require switching the regulator, intelligent scanning completely takes over all the functions. In the case of the Tefal GV8960 brand, there is a regulator that can be set to "silk". But, if you do not turn off the steam supply function, then the fabric turns out to be all smudges.

philips azur performer plus

Based on the above, we can conclude that the Philips Azur iron fully justifies its price category and corresponds to the declared functions. A competitor, even in a higher price segment, turned out to be less efficient in work, and a more budgetary one requires more effort from the hostess.

Steam function

If we compare the vertical steam function, then the Philips Azur Performer Plus iron definitely did its job best. However, if you put in order a wrinkled blouse, then this function alone is clearly not enough. But, judging by the reviews, vertical steaming is useful in the care of curtains and heavy curtains.

The compared models in this case turned out to be identical and did not cope with their task completely. But, if we analyze the opinions of customers, then for smoothing with steam it is necessary to purchase a steam generator, and the iron is equipped with this function as an additional device for certain purposes.

User reviews

The Philips Azur Performe iron is relatively new to the market. But despite this,The model has already received enough reviews. Among all the variety, the following positive points can be distinguished:

  1. The product has a comfortable handle and light weight.
  2. Glides on any fabric very easily thanks to the ceramic sole.
  3. There is an automatic descaling function, which makes the appliance convenient to use and allows you to spend a minimum of time on product care.
  4. Many users commented on the well-designed spout. Unlike competitors' models, it is not only slightly narrower, but has a lot of holes, which helps to smooth out hard-to-reach places.
  5. Often in the reviews there is a quick, almost instantaneous heating of the iron to operating temperature. This is especially true for those who are constantly in the rhythm of movement.
  6. The outsole is not subject to damage due to accidental contact with zippers, buttons and locks.
  7. For many, a stylish and concise design is important.
  8. Vertical steam doesn't get your garments to perfection, but does a great job of keeping outerwear and curtains in shape.
  9. No need to adjust the temperature. Intelligent scanning allows you to iron any kind of fabric without first setting the iron.
philips azur performer gc4521

Despite a wide range of positive aspects, some buyers noted the shortcomings of the model. The Philips Azur iron is positioned as an automatic steam product. But the water tank is made in standard sizes.Users warn that there may not be enough liquid to iron a bulky pile of laundry. Will have to refill the reservoir.

The cord wasn't long enough for some. Although for many, a length of two meters is more than acceptable. There are also complaints about the descaling function. But in this case, there are complaints if you do not use it at all.

iron philips azur performer plus


And finally. The product belongs to the high price segment (from 3 thousand rubles), which repels many from buying. But the iron fully justifies the declared functions. However, despite the presence of powerful vertical steaming, it is not able to replace the steam unit. Therefore, if you need a full-fledged iron with the additional ability to process clothes on a hanger, you can safely consider this option.

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