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Uterine fibroids and pregnancy: is it dangerous?
Uterine fibroids and pregnancy: is it dangerous?

During the bearing of a long-awaited baby and even at the stage of planning a child, every woman is very worried about her he alth and wants to do everything possible so that the baby is born full-term and he althy. It is not surprising that the first symptoms of uterine fibroids causes real panic among the fair sex. Not everyone knows comprehensive information about such a disease.

uterine fibroids during pregnancy

Are uterine fibroids and pregnancy compatible? If the size of the tumor is quite large, and at the same time the woman is already in an interesting position, then, of course, there is a danger for both the woman in labor and the fetus. However, each case is individual, so do not despair ahead of time. To figure out whether uterine fibroids are dangerous during pregnancy, you should learn more about this disease. Consider what it is.


This ailment occurs when quite serious hormonal disorders occur in a woman's body (for example, with an excess of estrogen or a deficiency of progesterone). Because of this, benign tumors appear on the walls of the uterus, which are called fibroids. After some time, the neoplasms begingrow, leading to abnormal cell division.

If uterine fibroids progress during pregnancy, then the woman may begin to suffer from the resumption of menstruation. However, this time the periods are more prolonged and are characterized by increased blood loss. In addition, the rapid development of pathology can provoke severe pain in the lower abdomen and back, which are very much like contractions. Patients also suffer from constipation, frequent urination and too much enlargement of the abdomen.

If we talk about the danger of uterine fibroids during pregnancy, then in this case it all depends on where exactly the tumor was formed. In medical practice, there are multiple fibroids. If we talk about the location of tumors, they can develop both under the outer integument of the uterus, and in the thickness of the walls or in the layers of the endometrium.

Uterine fibroids during pregnancy: is it dangerous, what threatens

First of all, you should understand that if you already have fibroids, the fair sex will have to spend a lot of effort to conceive a child. Benign formations quite often begin to compress the fallopian tubes, which, in turn, leads to difficulty in the movement of sperm towards the egg. In addition, it also affects the woman's ovulation cycle, which also leads to problems with conception.

Pregnant woman at the reception

It is most difficult to give birth to a new life when pregnancy is diagnosed with a large uterine myoma. If the tumor is at an early stage of development, thenthe fair sex has every chance not only to conceive, but also to bear a he althy baby. Therefore, do not despair.

On the other hand, in some cases, when a woman is pregnant with small uterine fibroids, pregnancy is unacceptable for medical reasons. It all depends on the specific case and the characteristics of the organism of the expectant mother. Therefore, it is better not to jump to conclusions and consult a doctor.

The effect of fibroids on pregnancy

There are a huge number of factors that can adversely affect the process of bearing a fetus. Therefore, uterine fibroids and pregnancy still remain unexplored to the end. However, we can say with confidence that if the tumor is too close to the placenta, then there is a violation of blood circulation, which is most likely to cause fetoplacental insufficiency. In this case, oxygen will not be supplied to the fetus in the required volumes, and the child will not be able to receive all the necessary nutrients.

Uterine fibroids during pregnancy can lead to placental abruption. In this case, there is a high risk of miscarriage. In addition, the tumor takes up quite a lot of space. Because of this, the fetus can receive a wide variety of damage (for example, the skull or limbs will develop abnormally).

Another negative effect of the neoplasm is that fibroids secrete special enzymes into the woman's body that provoke uterine contractions. This is very dangerous in early pregnancy as it can lead to miscarriage.

On top of everything elsethe tumor can lead to fetal presentation. In some situations, if doctors believe that pregnancy is possible with uterine fibroids, a caesarean section may be required during childbirth. Thus, when a tumor occurs, patients require an individual approach.

Varieties of uterine fibroids

Today, there are several varieties of such tumors. Subserous myoma is the safest, as it is located far enough from the fetus, so that it can fully develop. There is a risk only when the neoplasm has become too large. If we talk about whether pregnancy is possible with uterine myoma, then in this case the answer is most often positive. However, if the tumor is on a stalk, it can lead to quite serious complications.

Back pain

There is also a submucosal fibroid. A tumor of this type is considered the most dangerous, since the neoplasm appears directly in the uterus. Because of this, the fetus cannot fully form. Most often, a miscarriage occurs. In addition, the tumor blocks spermatozoa, so problems are observed even at the stage of conception of the baby.

There is also an interstitial type of neoplasm. In this case, it all depends on the size of the uterine fibroids during pregnancy, since it is usually located in the muscle layer. If the tumor is too large, then the fetus will not be able to fully develop, which can lead to quite serious pathologies.

Childbirth with uterine fibroids

If a future mother was diagnosed with this disease, thengynecologists strongly advise you to go to the hospital for preservation no later than 37 weeks of gestation. At the same time, the doctor who observed the fair sex throughout the pregnancy decides whether she will give birth naturally. If during 37 weeks there were no complications, the fetus is located and developed normally, then in this case no surgical intervention is required.

If we are talking about pregnancy and uterine fibroids of the subserous type, then there is a high risk of tissue necrosis. In this case, a caesarean section is recommended. Also, operative delivery is recommended for breech presentation of the fetus, the presence of scars on the walls of the uterus, too large a tumor.

size of uterine fibroids during pregnancy

Also, during the operation, doctors can completely remove the uterus if multiple tumor formations were found in it.

If fibroids appeared during pregnancy

In this situation, everything depends on many factors, including how fast the neoplasm grows. As a rule, the most active increase in fibroids is observed during the first and second trimester of bearing a baby. The size of the tumor depends on the rate of growth of the uterus itself and the level of stretching of its tissues.

By the third trimester, the tumor is significantly reduced, and in rare cases it disappears altogether. However, according to medical reviews about uterine fibroids and pregnancy with fibroids, the tumor may not only not stop growing, but also reach unacceptable sizes in several trimesters. In this casethere is a huge danger to the life of the baby and the woman herself.

If in the process of carrying a baby, the fibroids increase too much, then the fetus is in very cramped conditions and does not receive the right amount of oxygen. Also, in some situations, fibroids can be compressed and twisted. In this case, the woman may experience profuse bleeding, which is also dangerous. In such situations, the doctor may decide to perform the operation, regardless of the gestational age, in order to save the life of the fair sex.

Pregnant women

To determine whether uterine fibroids and pregnancy are compatible, a woman should be under the supervision of a specialist who will record the growth rate and size of the tumor. This is very important, because at any stage of bearing a baby, complications or an unforeseen situation may arise. Morally, you need to be prepared for any outcome, but try to hope for the best.

Can fibroids affect pregnancy test results

As you know, these test strips determine the level of hCG in a woman's urine. The level of this hormone increases significantly with successful conception. If we talk about the fact that the test can show a positive result due to a uterine tumor, then such a development of events is impossible.

Features of pregnancy after removal of fibroids

This topic worries all women who got rid of the tumor. If we talk about pregnancy after uterine fibroids, then it all depends on how exactly it was removed. When the size of the tumor is relativesmall, then most often the doctor decides to make an excision. However, there are other methods of getting rid of fibroids. For example, a laparoscopy may be performed. In this case, a small incision is made on the front wall of the woman's abdominal cavity and the tumor is removed. After that, the fair sex has every chance to give birth to a new life. The same applies to hysteroscopy (insertion of a special device directly into the uterus), FUS-ablation (removal by ultrasound) and vascular embolization (blood flow blocking).

Consultation with a doctor

If the fibroids on the walls of the uterus during pregnancy are too large, and a hysterectomy was performed, then in this case there is no chance of giving birth to a baby. This procedure means the complete removal of the uterus from the body of a woman.

However, it all depends on the qualifications of the specialists who perform the operation. If devices are inserted into a woman's uterus, they can severely damage her. The remaining scars will be quite a significant barrier to becoming a mother. However, do not despair if this happens. Over time, the wounds heal, and the reproductive function of the fair sex is fully restored.

Can fibroids cause bleeding

Yes, there really is such a risk. If a woman notices bleeding while carrying a baby, then you should immediately consult a doctor. In some situations, bleeding fibroids becomes the basis for emergency surgery to remove the tumor.

Don't be afraid though. Most oftenwe are talking about the removal of neoplasms, and not about surgical termination of pregnancy. Most of these operations are successful, after which women continue to bear and give birth to he althy and full-fledged children.

If the fibroid does not bleed, then it all depends on the sensations of the lady herself. If a woman is suffering from a severe pain syndrome, then in this case it is better not to endanger her.

Can fibroids hurt

In fact, such situations are very rare in medical practice. Most often it is a psychological factor. A woman who realizes that there is a neoplasm inside her body sets herself up for the fact that she must experience severe pain. But tumors rarely cause these symptoms.

If the fair sex complains of severe pain in the abdomen, but the doctor does not observe blood formation or other dangerous symptoms, then most often he prescribes bed rest and No-shpa to the woman.

Can fibroids resolve

As mentioned earlier, in medical practice there are cases when the tumor completely disappears by the end of pregnancy. However, no one has yet found a rational explanation for this fact. There is a version that fibroids disappear due to a strong hormonal surge that occurs in a woman's body in the process of bearing a baby. Some experts are inclined to believe that the tumor resolves due to insufficient blood supply. That is, by and large, the tumor dries up.

Can a doctor mistake myoma for pregnancy

Suchthe probability really exists, but only in the very early stages of bearing a baby. Up to the 5th week of pregnancy, the ovum in its size and shape is very easy to confuse with a tumor. In this case, the doctor may make a mistake both during a visual examination and in the process of studying ultrasound images.

However, it is very easy to establish pregnancy or fibroids. To do this, it is enough to test for the level of hCG. If the level of the hormone is exceeded, then in this case the woman is absolutely pregnant. In a situation where hCG is within the normal range, we will talk about treating the tumor.

Problems during pregnancy

Besides, during the development of fibroids, critical days come on schedule. This is not typical if the woman is in an interesting position.

Fibroids treatment

If the tumor was diagnosed when the woman was already pregnant, then in this case it is only recommended to monitor the state of the formation. Experts resort to removal measures only when it has grown too large and threatens the life of a woman or her unborn baby.

Treatment of a tumor becomes impossible during pregnancy, as you can get rid of fibroids using hormonal drugs, which are categorically contraindicated for ladies in an interesting position.

However, in this situation, there is a risk of anemia. In order to prevent this and not harm the fetus, the doctor, as a rule, prescribes iron-containing preparations to the lady. It is also necessary to eat a balanced diet and eat only he althy foods. Daily dietmust be agreed in detail with the attending physician. It will also be helpful to start taking B vitamins and vitamin complexes with a high content of folic acid.

Besides this, you must always remember that fibroids are not a death sentence. The female body is capable of the most amazing things, especially when a new life develops inside it. Therefore, you should never despair. A positive attitude while carrying a baby plays a huge role both for the woman herself and for the unborn child.

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