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Is pregnancy possible with a negative test?
Is pregnancy possible with a negative test?

Pregnancy with a negative test - is it reality or a fairy tale? Next, we have to deal with this issue. Many girls are puzzled by him - both those planning to become mothers, and those who are afraid of an "interesting situation". In reality, everything is not so easy. Therefore, it is necessary to study the issue from different angles. Below is information that will help shed light on what is happening.

Image"Evitest" - pregnancy with negative test

About how the test works

Can a pregnancy test be negative? To answer this question, let's first understand how the corresponding device works.

Any pregnancy test is a kind of device with a receiver, or a strip strip. It is enough to urinate on him and wait a bit. The reagent applied to the meter will react with the urine. This will lead to a response and to the manifestation of one or another result. Usually one line on the test - no pregnancy, and two - yes.

Important: the reagent will react to the level of hCG in the woman's urine. This hormone is produced whenpregnancy is extremely active.

If the test is negative, is pregnancy possible or not? Next, consider all the layouts that occur in real life.

Probability of false testimony

Unfortunately, the answer to the question asked earlier will not work. The fact is that home pregnancy tests can indeed be wrong under certain circumstances. What does this mean?

Pregnancy with a negative test

Pregnancy with a negative test is possible. As well as a positive result on the measuring device, provided there is no "interesting position". Therefore, some girls prefer to consult a gynecologist after home diagnosis or donate blood for hCG. So it will be possible to most accurately judge the onset of an "interesting situation".

It's a matter of sensitivity

The reasons for a negative pregnancy test are varied. Below we will consider the most popular scenarios.

When planning to purchase an appropriate device in a pharmacy, a woman needs to pay attention to the sensitivity of the device. The success of early diagnostics of the "interesting situation" will depend on this indicator.

The lower the sensitivity threshold, the faster the girl will see the correct test result. The bulk of measuring instruments has a corresponding indicator at the level of 25-150 mME. In the first case, the test is the most sensitive.

Important: some measuring devices have a sensitivity of 10 mME. The manufacturers claimthat such products will be able to determine the position of the girl before the delay of menstruation. This is not true in real life.

no pregnancy

Earlier time

Negative pregnancy test with delayed menstruation is a fairly common occurrence. And you shouldn't be afraid of him.

In view of the above, we can conclude that a woman just needs to buy highly sensitive measuring instruments. But that's not all.

A false-negative reading on a device occurs when a diagnosis is made too early. As we have already said, the reagent shows one or another result after contact with urine with hCG. Early diagnosis leads to the fact that the test will show one strip. Why? The level of hCG is too low to be determined using home methods for diagnosing a woman's position. Therefore, you should not rush to check.

Important: Doctors recommend against home pregnancy testing until you miss your period. If on the first or second day only 1 strip is visible, you need to wait a couple more days. A week after a missed period, the tests, as a rule, already easily show an "interesting position".


But this is not always the case. Sometimes girls may face a situation in which pregnancy will not be confirmed by home tests.

For example, this is possible in case of violation of the instructions for the use of devices for diagnosing the position of a woman. Such a circumstance leads tofalse negative readings.

It is important to remember the following rules:

  • collect urine only in sterile containers;
  • better to test immediately after waking up, in the morning;
  • try not to check in the evening;
  • do not drink a lot of liquid shortly before home diagnosis;
  • do not urinate before checking for 4 hours, preferably 6-8.

In addition, the girl must clearly follow the instructions on the box with the device and do not put the test strip on a wet surface. Reuse of the device is also prohibited.

What will be the test

Poor-quality goods or delay

A negative pregnancy test can occur when using low-quality or expired devices. A manufacturing defect cannot be ruled out either. After all, any product can face similar circumstances.

That is why it is recommended to buy different types and firms of tests, as well as monitor the expiration date of the device.

Important: most often incorrect readings are shown by strip strips. Therefore, it is better to use inkjet, electronic or tablet devices. They are more expensive, but they are more accurate and reliable.

Drugs are to blame

Pregnancy test negative but no period? As we have said, in this case, the woman needs to wait a bit, and then repeat the test. It is possible that the situation arose due to early diagnosis and low levels of hCG in the blood.

However, a false negative result on a test meter canappear if a woman takes any medications. Usually the situation occurs when a girl, shortly before the diagnosis, drank a medicine or a diuretic. There are cases when, even after drinking a lot of water or green tea, one had to see one strip during a real pregnancy.

Pregnancy tests - dynamics of changes

Accordingly, it is advisable to stop taking medication. And from drinking heavily some time before the inspection, too.

Diseases and diagnostics

A negative late pregnancy test cannot be ruled out if the woman is sick. Inflammatory processes and pathologies of the body often distort the result.

Most often, the veracity of a pregnancy test is affected by diseases that cause disruption of the internal organs (say, the kidneys). This is due to the fact that very little hCG will be contained in the urine during pathological processes.

Important: sometimes it is a negative test that forces a girl to conduct a comprehensive body check. It is advisable to check for certain diseases in advance, before planning a child.

Position pathologies

Pregnancy with a negative test is quite real. And sometimes this situation arises due to various developmental disorders of the fetus.

For example, a false negative test would be:

  • fetal anomalies;
  • placental insufficiency;
  • missed pregnancy.

In addition, with the situation under study, a woman canface the threat of miscarriage. Therefore, when planning a child, you need to carefully monitor your he alth. And if a girl suspects pregnancy with a negative test, it is better to go to the gynecologist, for an ultrasound scan and donate blood for hCG.

Will I be a mother

Ectopic pregnancy

Another scenario is the appearance of an ectopic pregnancy. Usually such a picture leads to an abortion or spontaneous interruption of the "interesting situation".

Pregnancy with a negative test may be ectopic. The readings of the measuring device will be false, since the urine contains a low level of hCG. Delay? Is the test negative? Can there be a pregnancy in this scenario? Yes, and such situations are not so rare.

Important: with this form of pregnancy, a girl can see a "ghost" - a faint second strip with fuzzy lines. She will be pale. If the situation recurs after a second check after a few days, you need to hurry to the doctor. Most likely, this is an ectopic pregnancy. And it must be stopped as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may face serious consequences.


1-2 weeks pregnant? Is the test negative? This is normal. Ideally, diagnostics should be carried out a week after the delay in menstruation. Then there should be no false results. But for a more accurate diagnosis, it is better to go for an ultrasound or to a gynecologist. Don't forget about the blood test either.

Unfortunately, the lack of menstruation anda negative pregnancy test may occur for other reasons not related to the "interesting position". When does this happen?

For example, when:

  • inflammatory processes in the body;
  • chronic diseases (mainly of the genitourinary system);
  • recently treated with antibiotics;
  • fertility treatment;
  • hormonal failure;
  • late ovulation;
  • anovulation;
  • menopause;
  • irregular menstrual cycle.

In addition, a delay in menstruation can cause acclimatization. Long trips, change of time zone, fatigue of any type - all this negatively affects the body. The girl will experience a delay in menstruation, but the test will turn out to be negative.

Result of checking

Important: the situation under study should not cause panic in adolescence, after an abortion or childbirth. During these periods, the menstrual cycle is just beginning to form. And therefore, pregnancy with a negative test and a delay will not take place.

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