Child swallowed a plastic part: what to do, first aid

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Child swallowed a plastic part: what to do, first aid
Child swallowed a plastic part: what to do, first aid

Video: Child swallowed a plastic part: what to do, first aid

Video: Child swallowed a plastic part: what to do, first aid
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Child swallowed a plastic part? What to do in this case, not everyone knows. This question worries many fathers and mothers, because their little explorers use all the senses in an attempt to learn about the world around them. During the game, the kids are so addicted to it that they forget to be careful.

When mom or dad is distracted for just a couple of minutes, some foreign body already appears in the baby's mouth - a coin, a magnet, a battery, a puzzle, glass, various small details.

An adult in such situations should behave in a concentrated manner, not to get confused in order to quickly provide first aid to the baby. If mom or dad act quickly and correctly, in some situations, surgery can be avoided.

what to do if a child swallows a plastic part
what to do if a child swallows a plastic part

Reasons for swallowing

The results of statistical studies indicate that every year millions of children in the gastrointestinal tract are foreign objects. How do they enter the body of babies? baby swallowedsmall plastic piece? What to do? Why do these situations arise?

Kids are inquisitive, they tend to taste everything that is at their fingertips. They do this sometimes and completely by accident during the game.

Attention! Parents should remove needles, medicines, sharp objects from babies in inaccessible places, seal toys with batteries with tape, and not give toys to children under the age of three that the child can disassemble into separate elements.

plastic parts
plastic parts

What do children most often swallow

All objects that may end up in the gastrointestinal tract of a small child are conventionally divided into two groups: dangerous and non-hazardous to he alth. The first group includes:

  • metal products (coins, batteries, magnets, foil, screws, balls, studs);
  • long or sharp objects (paper clips, wooden toothpicks, fish bones, glass, nails);
  • poisonous and toxic substances.

Part of foreign bodies does not pose a direct danger. Among such items, one can distinguish bones from fruits, plastic parts, a fallen tooth.

Non-hazardous foreign objects are:

  • stones from plums, cherries, peaches, chewing gum;
  • rubber and polymer items (beads, buttons, cellophane);
  • building materials (silica gel, polyurethane foam);
  • hair, teeth;
  • other products (cotton wool, threads, hair bands).
game and danger
game and danger

Signsand symptoms

How do you know if a child has swallowed a plastic part? The symptoms and signs by which one can understand that a small object has ended up in a child's stomach are well known. Let's highlight some of them:

  • excessive salivation;
  • severe cough;
  • shortness of breath;
  • sudden jumps in body temperature;
  • severe (cutting) abdominal pain;
  • presence of blood in the stool;
  • vomiting and nausea;
  • chest pain.

What should I do if a small child swallows a plastic part? The symptoms mentioned above are a wake-up call for parents. If the baby suddenly turns pale, chokes, coughs heavily, you need to urgently call a doctor so that he can be provided with qualified medical assistance.

child swallowed a plastic piece with sharp edges
child swallowed a plastic piece with sharp edges

Sequence of actions of parents

The main symptom that a small child has swallowed a plastic piece with sharp edges is difficulty breathing. How should parents behave in such situations? We offer an algorithm of the simplest actions, the observance of which will allow you to provide the baby with first aid.

So, the child swallowed a plastic part, what should I do? The maximum danger to the baby is any foreign parts that are in the trachea or in the airways. How to act in such situations as adults:

  1. You need to carefully throw the child over the left knee. The baby's head should be down.
  2. Must claphis back, between his shoulder blades.
  3. It is desirable to induce a vomiting effect by pressing on the root of the tongue.

Parents should understand how dangerous small parts can be for their child, and not allow the baby to come into direct contact with them.

Not all moms and dads know what to do. A child has swallowed a plastic part, suffocates, and adults often just panic. But you can not hesitate for a minute, as the baby may be in serious danger. If you wait until the moment when the foreign object leaves the body on its own, a serious threat to the child's life is likely.

Parents, seeing that the behavior of the baby has changed, should try to find out the cause of coughing, wheezing, changes in complexion. If qualified assistance is not provided to the baby in a timely manner, sad consequences will be inevitable.

Swallowing a small part from a children's construction set can only be harmless if it has the correct shape and small dimensions. Otherwise, the situation may be serious.

If a child swallows a sharp plastic part, it, passing through the gastrointestinal tract, can injure internal organs, promote inflammation, and provoke bleeding. Only with an immediate visit to the doctor can you count on maintaining the he alth of the baby.

how to help a baby
how to help a baby

How not to harm

If the parents did not keep track of the baby, what should I do? The child swallowed a plastic part, suffocates, what to do right so that the assistance provided does not hurt himadditional harm? Of course, to begin with, it is important to remain calm so that the child does not feel the full danger of the situation.

Strictly prohibited:

  1. Give the baby laxatives, give enemas, as with artificial acceleration of the functioning of the digestive system, negative consequences are possible. The object can injure internal organs, get stuck in the intestines.
  2. Don't force your baby to eat solid food.
  3. You must not try to remove a foreign body with a magnet or tweezers.

If a one-year-old child swallows a plastic part less than a centimeter in size, which has a round shape, it is highly likely that the foreign body will pass through the gastrointestinal tract along with the stool on its own. You need to be patient, remembering to observe the behavior of the child.

during the game
during the game

Qualified help

If a child has swallowed a plastic part of a toy that can pose a real danger to him, he must be hospitalized. In the hospital, using an X-ray or ultrasound examination, a specialist will identify the place where the part is “stuck”. If a small object enters the stomach, it can be eliminated after research.

If a foreign part gets into the bronchi, the doctor will work under anesthesia, as his manipulations can cause pain in the baby. In order to prevent infection of the bronchi and lungs, the doctor may additionally prescribe a course of antibiotics.

Exactthe location of a foreign object in the body is established only during research.

how to save a baby
how to save a baby


If parents do not turn to the doctor in a timely manner, a foreign object in the child's body can lead to a number of negative consequences: intestinal obstruction, internal bleeding, death. If the baby has swallowed small plastic parts, there is no reason for special alarm. Polymeric substances are resistant to gastric juice, they retain their properties when the temperature changes.

Small plastic parts from the designer do not oxidize, do not emit toxic substances. A serious problem will become only in situations where the part has a complex shape (acute corners), since when it moves through the intestines, the mucous membrane will be irritated, spasm of the intestinal tube is possible. In some cases, there is a threat to the life of the child due to the development of acute intestinal obstruction, without emergency medical care, a fatal outcome is possible.

Clinical manifestations

Intestinal obstruction that occurs when a child swallows foreign parts can cause organ perforation. If the object is in the windpipe, a serious condition occurs, which is associated with blockage of the larynx. The child begins to suffocate, and if help is not given in time, the baby may die.

There is a specific set of symptoms that cannot be confused with other situations: bouts of severe coughing, blue or blanching of the face,profuse salivation.

If a small object is in the digestive system, pathological manifestations may not occur. The kid maintains his usual activity, there are no alarming signals in his behavior. The foreign object will leave the body naturally without causing serious problems for the baby.


What should parents do if their baby swallowed some foreign object during the game? Without losing a single second, you need to call an ambulance. If the baby is in a satisfactory condition, parents can take him to a medical facility themselves to save precious time.

Pediatricians do not recommend fathers and mothers to get the object on their own, armed with improvised means, for example, tweezers, a clamp. Such manipulations can damage the baby's organs, cause even more harm to his he alth.