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Flatazor cat food: features, composition, reviews

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Flatazor cat food: features, composition, reviews
Flatazor cat food: features, composition, reviews

Flatazor cat food is not often found in pet stores. This type of prepared food for animals has not yet become widespread in Russia. So it has to be ordered online. We will try to understand the composition and range of the product, talk about its advantages and disadvantages, and also give feedback from veterinarians and cat breeders.

Food features

Flatazor feed is produced by Sopral S.A. (France). This company has been producing prepared food for animals for more than 50 years. The product is made on the most modern equipment and is subjected to a very delicate heat treatment. This allows you to save all the useful substances in the granules. The entire production process takes place in a vacuum environment, which eliminates the ingress of harmful microbes into food.

Sorpal S.A. stopped using soy and corn. These ingredients do not provide any benefit to cats. Manufactureralso does not add GMOs, dyes or artificial substances to the feed to improve taste and smell.

Flatazor cat food belongs to the premium class. Products in this group are distinguished by a high content of meat and a reduced share of offal, as well as the presence of useful nutrients. This is a complete cat diet that does not require additional nutrition.

Complete cat food

Ingredient analysis

Let's analyze the composition of the food "Flatazor" on the example of a product for feeding kittens. On the package with granules you can find only a list of ingredients. Their percentage is not indicated. Therefore, we will consider only the purpose of each of the components:

  1. Dehydrated meat and fish. A good and fairly high-quality source of proteins.
  2. Gluten. Vegetable protein is not the best quality. May cause allergies and digestive problems.
  3. Duck and animal fat. Used as an energy source.
  4. Fish organolisates. Strengthens the immune system and is essential for good coat condition.
  5. Flax seed. Forms protective mucus on the walls of the stomach.
  6. Sugar beet pulp. Stimulates intestinal peristalsis.
  7. Apple pectin. Improves the absorption of nutrients and normalizes the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract.
  8. Egg powder. It contains lecithin, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system.
  9. Vegetable oil. Saturates the body with beneficial Omega-3 acids and breaks down bad cholesterol.
  10. Marines alt. Strengthens teeth and claws.
  11. Taurine. An essential amino acid that cannot be formed on its own in the body of animals.
  12. Yucca extract. Reduces the smell of excrement.

The product also includes germinated wheat. However, the benefit of this ingredient for cats has not been proven. The manufacturer does not indicate which plant extracts and preservatives are contained in the food.

We can conclude that this food belongs to the premium class, as it contains good sources of animal protein, as well as useful plant components. However, the manufacturer provides incomplete information about the composition, so it is difficult to judge the safety and quality of individual ingredients.

Pros and cons

Flatazor cat food has many advantages. The following advantages of this product can be distinguished:

  1. Wide range. You can choose food for animals of different ages, as well as medical nutrition.
  2. A large number of herbal ingredients. This enriches the body with vitamins and fiber.
  3. Using dehydrated meat. This ingredient is a he althy source of protein.
Meat is a source of animal protein

However, the product is not without flaws. The disadvantages of the feed include the following:

  1. Missing information on some ingredients. It is not known which preservatives and extracts the manufacturer uses.
  2. Lack of canned food and pouches in the line. The manufacturer produces only dry food. But many cats preferwet food.
  3. Low availability. Currently, this food is distributed mainly through online stores.

Many breeders attribute the high price of Flatazor cat food to the minuses. The cost of a package of dry granules weighing 3 kg is from 1200 to 1700 rubles. This food is premium but equal in price to super premium food.


Flatazor cat food line includes the following series of products:

  • Pure Life for Cats.
  • Protect.
  • Croctail.

Next, we will take a closer look at the features of these types of cat food.

Pure Life For Cats

This series includes different types of complete feeds. They are intended for daily nutrition of cats. The manufacturer offers the following types of products:

  1. Pure Life Cats Kitten. This is kitten food. The food is rich in fruit ingredients. It helps to strengthen the immune system in babies and facilitate digestion. This product can also be given to pregnant and lactating cats.
  2. Pure Life Cats Adult. The food is intended for adult pets. Its composition promotes he althy skin and coat.
  3. Pure Life Cats Sterilized. This is food for sterilized animals. It contains ingredients that promote satiety, prevent weight gain and kidney stones.
  4. Pure Life Cats Sterilized 8+. The food is recommended for feeding older sterilized pets (over 8 years old). It not only prevents the formation of stones and the development of obesity, but also strengthens the immune system.system in aging animals.
Food for sterilized cats


The Protect line includes medicated foods. Its range includes the following products:

  1. Urinary. Diet food for pets suffering from urolithiasis. Such food is especially useful for stones of an infectious origin.
  2. Dermato. A complete diet for pets with problematic skin and dermatological diseases.
  3. Obesite. The food is designed to feed obese cats.
Medical food "Flatazor Urinary"

Feed in this series should not be given to he althy animals. Medical nutrition can only be prescribed by a veterinarian according to indications.


Croctail is a grain free food. They are suitable for cats with allergies to cereals. In addition, all products in this line contain prebiotics.

The assortment of the Croctail series is quite diverse. This line includes the following products:

  1. Crocktail Kitten. A complete diet for kittens, pregnant and lactating cats.
  2. Crocktail Adult With Poultry And Vegetables. Product with turkey and vegetables for adult animals. Helps remove hairballs from the stomach.
  3. Crocktail Adult With Turkey. Food for adult pets with three types of poultry and pork.
  4. Crocktail Adult Sterilized With Chicken. Food with chicken for sterilized cats. Helps normalize urine acidity.
  5. Crocktail Adult Sterilized With Fish".Food for castrated animals. Contains 4% fish protein.
  6. Crocktail Adult Sterilized 8+. Nutrition with fish oil for older spayed cats. Helps normalize cholesterol levels.
  7. Crocktail Adult Large Breed. This food is designed for pets of large breeds. Helps support heart function in overweight cats.
  8. Croctail Senior. Reduced Protein Diet for Older Cats.
Feed series "Croctail"

Expert Opinion

Reviews of veterinarians about Flatazor cat food are not always positive. Experts believe that some of the ingredients of the product are far from the natural diet of animals. For example, peas and wheat are not the best sources of carbohydrates for cats. According to veterinarians, the food contains few useful additives.

At the same time, veterinarians emphasize the advantages of the feed. This is a fairly high protein content, the presence of vitamins and minerals in the composition, as well as the presence in the assortment of special medical nutrition.

Pet owners' opinion

Flatazor cat food reviews are rare. This brand is still not widely used in our country. A positive opinion about the product has developed among the owners of sterilized cats. After switching to this type of food, the animals stopped gaining excess weight, their digestion and coat quality improved.

However, cat breeders note that sometimes it is not easy to transfer animals to Flatazor dry granules. Pets are not alwayswillingly eat this product, as it does not have a pronounced appetizing smell. Therefore, such food should be introduced into the diet gradually, mixing a small amount of granules daily with the usual food.

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