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Compliments to a girl about her voice: what to say, examples

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Compliments to a girl about her voice: what to say, examples
Compliments to a girl about her voice: what to say, examples

Try to compliment a girl about her voice and she'll melt right away. Believe me, most men notice absolutely everything: eye color, a beautiful figure and good taste in clothes. But very rarely a girl is complimented, saying that she has a beautiful voice.

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Peakers note

Every woman has experienced men who try to seduce her with silly or banal phrases. Often they appreciate the beauty and intelligence of a new acquaintance, even if they have never seen her in the real world.

The same goes for the voice. Never give beautiful compliments to a girl if you haven't heard her sing, talk, or even whisper. It would be appropriate to evaluate her voice after a phone call. Yes, even a message on WhatsApp can be an occasion to give a compliment. Don't forget this!

First meeting

What compliments to say to a girl on a first date if both you and she are embarrassed and shy? Start with a banal “Hi” and then appreciate that you are surprised: “Honestly, you are actually much more beautiful than me.imagined!" This will help position the girl. After all, most of the fair sex post photos on social networks, believing that they are depicted there much more beautifully than in reality.

SMS compliments to a girl

Next step: make a cherished compliment about the voice. The girl may be afraid of pleasant words or stop believing you. Indeed, at the present time, the guys have completely forgotten how to praise. Often a compliment is perceived as flattery to win over a new acquaintance.

For a girl to believe your words, let her speak. Ask her a few questions. Let her tell you the story of her life. When enough time has passed (about 5-15 minutes), you can look languidly in the eyes and say: “I love your voice so much, and the way you speak! To be honest, I'm ready to sit and listen to you all day.”

Dedicated to a loved one

How to make a beautiful compliment to your girlfriend if you have already been dating for a long time? It would seem that after so many years there are no words left to praise all the beauty and intelligence of the partner. But that's not entirely true:

  1. “Your voice is so soft, I find it healing. This is how it happens: you come home from work tired, you want to close yourself off from the outside world and not listen to anyone. And then you come and start to tell something. Sometimes I can't even hear what you're saying to me. I just enjoy your soft and soothing voice. Immediately it becomes so warm in the soul, as if you hugged her like a fluffy cat.”
  2. beautifulcompliments to a girl
  3. “I love your voice so much! I would probably recognize him among thousands of others. When you are far away, your voice messages help me. I listen to them and know that somewhere there a loved one is waiting for me. The most dear and needed in the whole world.”

List of message options

Today there are practically no people who send compliments to a girl via SMS. And why, if there is WhatsApp and other popular instant messengers.

what compliments to say to a girl

However, if you decide to write something nice to your girlfriend, you will need a cheat sheet:

  1. “Can I record your voice as a ringtone?”. This message can be sent after the girl called you or sent an entry in messengers.
  2. “You should definitely teach yoga and meditation! Your voice is incredibly relaxing.”
  3. “Why aren't you doing dubbing yet? I would only watch movies with your voice acting!”.
  4. “Film producers have lost a good dubbing actor. You would be able to create exciting trailers.”
  5. “I have an idea! Come on, will you record audiobooks and poetry? The whole world would hear you.”
  6. “If I were a judge on The Voice, I wouldn’t be able to turn my chair…until you finished the whole song.”
  7. “You should be a radio presenter with that voice.”

From the Heart

Don't want to be banal and say formulaic phrases? Just be grateful and sincere, and the words will come. When you want to compliment a girl about her voice, don't look foroccasion, and don't expect a special moment. Flattery is visible to the naked eye. Better wait until the girl starts to read something to you, voice or even sing.

You can say it as one phrase, but capacious, or stretch the compliment to the whole page:

  1. Do you want to do something nice? Just say "I can't get enough of your voice!"
  2. Or call the girl and start the conversation like this: “Hi, I really wanted to hear from you. I missed my native voice, dear.”

Different context

To compliment a girl about her voice, it is not necessary to say beautiful and memorized phrases. Pleasant praise can be sudden when no one expects it, not even you.

beautiful compliments to your girlfriend

If you are surprised how your interlocutor sings or speaks, you can say a few phrases:

  1. "I didn't know you could sing like that!". The word “so” needs to be emphasized. A friend will probably ask, did she really sing badly? To which you will need to say: “On the contrary, I challenge you for an encore!”
  2. “Is it just me or do you sing with all your heart?”.
  3. "You should definitely try your hand at singing!".
  4. “Your voice has incredible power and potential. Do you want me to help you find a good teacher?”.

Pickup Masters

Sometimes you need to flirt rather than compliment like a 19th century gentleman. If you want to get a girl or win her over, you can act radically:

  1. “Say my name again! This is trueexciting. Again. Again!”.
  2. “Go on, don't stop talking. That voice turns me on.”
  3. “Maybe read me a bedtime story. For a night that turns into breakfast?”.
  4. “I'm in love with your voice, nothing else.”
  5. “Your voice is incredibly sexy.”
  6. "Don't say a word or I'll have to rip your clothes off."

Intimate than stripping

What kind of compliment to give depends only on your relationship with the girl. Usually, short phrases such as “I really like your voice” are suitable for intimate situations. In the worst cases, your partner may be afraid of such a compliment, because, as mentioned above, men have completely stopped noticing anything other than catchy makeup, stylish clothes and hairstyles.

Values ​​have changed a long time ago - that's a fact. But if you ever had a chance to say or hear compliments about your voice, then you should not be afraid of them. On the contrary, the person was probably really fascinated by the timbre and tonality.

But be careful. Some people may flatter you, so thank you for the compliment and see if they are really willing to listen to your voice.

If the partner said nice words about the timbre after the conversation, don't be shy. Thank you for the compliment.

But is it necessary to answer the same interlocutor? Not necessary. Compliments don't have to be pleasantries to brighten things up. They come from the heart. Therefore, sincerity is very important in communication and location of a partner.

Now you know how to compliment your voice. What are you waiting for?Hurry up and go to the girl to say something nice!

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