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How to start a dialogue with a girl: good examples

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How to start a dialogue with a girl: good examples
How to start a dialogue with a girl: good examples

At the first stage of dating, many guys have difficulty taking the initiative during a conversation. How to start a dialogue with a girl so that she expresses interest and continues the dialogue? What are the options? If this is of direct relevance to you, then this article has found its reader.


Today, communication is most often tied up on the Internet - in social networks, on dating sites and various forums. Psychologists advise it is on the Web to work out the skills of self-confidence, the ability to conduct a dialogue and arouse interest in the opposite sex. However, you should not focus on a particular girl, devoting time to her if you know nothing about her, except for a photo posted in the public domain. You should not look for bewitching phrases, trying to convince or win a new acquaintance of something. It is better to set a more realistic goal - to choose the interlocutor who will respond and show mutual interest.

How to start a conversation with a girl

How to start a dialogue in this case? The most simple, unobtrusivephrases. At the same time, one should be attentive to grammar - educated girls are unlikely to get acquainted with those who make several mistakes in one word. So, the beginning of communication can be like this:

  • "Good afternoon! How is the weather in St. Petersburg?"
  • "Hi! How is such a charming girl doing?"
  • "Good evening! Do you have a moment to chat?"

What rules should be observed at the beginning of the dialogue? It is necessary to show respect for the employment and availability of free time for the interlocutor, be polite and not put the partner in an awkward position with uncomfortable questions. But you can give a compliment, joke, probe common interests: "Irina, what do you think about sports? What kind of music do you like to listen to? Do you go to nightclubs?"

How can I start a dialogue with a girl I like

How to start a conversation with a girl

This situation is familiar to many. The girl likes you, you regularly meet with her at lunchtime, at a bus stop or directly at work. But at the same time, you do not dare to speak, even if you do not experience similar problems with other interlocutors. All because you are afraid of failure. What to do?

  • Choose a moment. If the girl is uncomfortable talking, you may fail.
  • Try not only to create a pleasant impression of yourself, but also to show interest in your interlocutor.
  • Smile, it's disarming.
  • Don't be shy and don't hesitate. Energy should immediately appear in the dialogue.
  • Connectsense of humor.
  • Feel for the interests of the interlocutor, ask questions.

So, let's try to answer the question of how to start a dialogue with a girl. Examples might be:

  • "Good afternoon! Every day I see you in this cafe. It feels like we already know each other. My name is Michael, and you?"
  • "Hello, Oleg! I often see you here, is it somehow connected with your work?"
  • "Hello, Nikolay! In what area are you helping our company to stay afloat in the face of fierce competition?"

Pay attention to the third option. To draw the interlocutor into a dialogue, it is very important to ask questions that require a thorough, detailed answer.

Situational acquaintance

How to start a conversation with a girl

This is the most common situation. The guy met a stranger in a cafe, on the subway or on the street. And he no longer wants to lose sight of her in the conditions of the metropolis. Let's remember A. Eyramjan's comedy "Where is the nofelet?" (1988). The hero of Alexander Pankratov-Cherny uses this phrase to get acquainted with women. Read the word "nofelet" backwards. Feel the humor?

There can be many situations where you can easily use homemade preparations. Consider different options for how to start a dialogue:

  • In the store. "Why is there only one cashier serving? Will you keep me company to quarrel?"
  • On the beach. "Let's go swimming. I promise to be your lifeguard."
  • In the subway or at the bus stop."And what city are we traveling to?"
  • In the pool. "Have you mastered hatchet style?"
  • To the movies. "Which movie do you recommend going to? And which series?"
  • On the street. "Well, you're walking fast! Three blocks already trying to catch up with you!".
  • Sit down at a table in a cafe. "I see that all the men twisted their heads looking at you. And they are probably afraid to sit next to you."
  • Group of girls. "What's the meeting about?"
  • In the club. "You move great! Will you teach me how to dance?"

Responding to mood

How to start a conversation with a girl

A very good reason to enter into a dialogue is to respond to the girl's mood by giving her support if she is bored or sad. Humor is not always appropriate here, although it all depends on the circumstances. Consider a few examples of how to start a dialogue in such situations:

  • The girl sits thoughtfully at the table. "You shouldn't be sad because of the guy. Look around, there are so many who want to meet! And myself included."
  • The girl is bored, stuck on the phone. "Would you like to take a selfie with the coolest guy around?"
  • A girl is sad on a bench in the park: "Is there a place next to you not booked? Well, the burdock is the one who made this reservation!"
  • A girl cautiously walks down a dark street: "Do you need a bodyguard?"
  • The girl has tears in her eyes: "This beauty should not get wrinkles! Can I help?"
  • It can be seen that the girl recentlycried. "Are you looking for someone to duel for you?"
  • A girl is upset about something after a phone conversation: "My mother told me since childhood that these gadgets are only harmful!"
  • When jokes are inappropriate. "I do not know the reason for your sadness, but I am ready to provide any help, please!".

How to start a dialogue with a girl you know

Examples of dialogue with a girl

There are thousands of reasons when we cannot find words and do not know what to say to a friend. Consider some of the most common situations:

  • Chance meeting during a quarrel. "Hello! It seems that when we reach a dead end, Fate comes to our rescue!"
  • Meeting a girl after a long separation. "Hi! To say I missed you is to say nothing!".
  • During the last meeting before parting. "Good afternoon! You are extremely beautiful today!"
  • Random encounter with an ex. "Hi! You have a new hairstyle, very stylish!"
  • An unexpected meeting with a girl you like. "What fate? The Lord has heard my prayers!"
  • Starting a conversation with a girl you've liked for a long time: "I've traveled all over the Universe… Better than you, Natasha, there's still no one!"

In closing

It is always difficult for anyone to be charming and find words when they are overcome by emotions. There is nothing shameful in the fact that you will work out the duty phrases in advance that will help you out in any situation, no. Go ahead, look for your optionsstart a conversation.

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