How to understand that a friend likes you: the main signs and advice of a psychologist

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How to understand that a friend likes you: the main signs and advice of a psychologist
How to understand that a friend likes you: the main signs and advice of a psychologist

Video: How to understand that a friend likes you: the main signs and advice of a psychologist

Video: How to understand that a friend likes you: the main signs and advice of a psychologist
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Today, signs of decency and good manners on the part of a man are often regarded as flirting. A representative of the strong half of humanity may well give way in a friendly way, go for coffee or help bring a heavy bag. But what if these are signs of sympathy? How do you know if a friend likes you?

Boy Sympathy

Love is submissive to all ages. If in the kindergarten a boy, sitting on a potty, can call a neighbor in marriage, having matured, he will no longer be so open and simple. Perhaps this is due to upbringing, with rejected feelings, the formation of character and worldview.

boy and girl
boy and girl

Coming back from school together, discussing cartoons, complaining about teachers - is it just friendship or something more? How do you know if a friend likes you? Especially if it's mutual.


In adolescence, everything seems very confusing and complicated. The boy is not yet able to cope with his emotions, sometimes he behaves in a peculiar way in relation to the subjectadoration:

  • at an early age, boys do their best to attract attention (hit a book on the head, take away a pen, pull a bow);
  • sympathy for the girl is also expressed by the fact that the boy always turns to face her, admires her, but as soon as she turns around, he quickly looks away;
  • despite the diligent conspiracy of his feelings, the boy can help the girl carry the briefcase;
  • Stands up for her during a quarrel with classmates;
  • looks for adoration during class.

There is a possibility that the boy will want to touch the girl's hand, as if by chance, in a friendly joke on her. But what else can you use to understand that your best friend likes you? How do you know?


Looking at the face, you can immediately understand everything. Growing men still cannot master their facial expressions to perfection. And on the ugly faces, true feelings are displayed.

Looking closer, you can see:

  • The boy copies the behavior of the girl he likes.
  • If a loved one did not appear in class for a long time, and then came, wide-open eyes, parted mouth and embarrassment in the form of blushing cheeks will betray the emotions of the "little prince".
  • To hide their true feelings, boys often ignore the girl they like. Even being rude to her.
to play together
to play together

The reason for this is the fear of being ridiculed by comrades or rejected by a girl. Boys grow up and turn into guys with a more confident look anddeeds.

Boyfriend Feelings

Over time, girls cease to be friends only with girls, and boys with boys. Grown up children learn to communicate with each other, companies are formed according to interests and sympathies. In a friendly company, a timid guy will try to be closer to his beloved girl, unnoticed by her to study her tastes, gestures and priorities. Especially if the girl is already dating his friend.

How do you know if a guy's friend likes you? On a subconscious level, a friend's girlfriend is a taboo. But you can't tell your heart. It all depends on the guy himself. If he values friendship with his comrade, he will not interfere, but will limit himself to discreet communication and expectation.

like my husband's friend
like my husband's friend

He will do his best to hide his real attitude towards the girl. Although on a subconscious level will try:

  • to catch her eye more often;
  • always help;
  • spend more time with her;
  • satisfy your desire to have a little chat with her or, conversely, be silent, embarrassedly turning away.

But if the feelings are deeper and stronger, and the comrade is not so dear, then you should pay attention to this line of behavior.


How do you know if a guy's friend likes you? If he is next to his beloved lady, then you can pay attention:

  • As he starts to fix his clothes in an attempt to be more attractive.
  • On his posture. Being next to the girl, the guy tries to be taller, so the muscles of his body are a little in good shape.
  • When communicating, maybefiddling with a button on his jacket, twisting a ring on his finger, this signals the excitement that he carefully hides.
  • If a guy stands with his shoulders straight and keeps his hands on his belt, it means that he wants to please a girl. This posture demonstrates self-confidence and physical virtues.
  • Smooths his hair or, conversely, shaggy it - this indicates that he is trying to be even more beautiful.

The guy is trying to be better. This is a sign that he likes the girl. He will try his best to get in her line of sight.


Eyes often betray a person's true feelings. If there is a warm light in the guy's eyes, it reflects his tender feelings for the girl. But there are still some signs of how to understand that a friend likes you. At the sight of something curious or something that you really like, any person's pupils dilate.

lover's gaze
lover's gaze

If you are not ashamed and get a little closer to the object of study, you can see if his pupils are dilated or not. If yes, then there is no doubt - the guy is not indifferent to the girl. Other nuances can also speak about this:

  • talking, he lingers on the object of his dreams longer than others;
  • if the gaze is focused on the forehead, then this only indicates a business interest;
  • a long and gentle look at the girl, accompanied by a smile, shows that the interest in the lady is genuine;
  • when the eyes of the girl and the guy accidentally meet, the latter quickly looks away, which means that he is clearly not indifferentto the interlocutor.

Besides looks and emotions, there is something else that claims to have feelings for a girl.

Communication style

It's hard to keep the feelings rushing out next to your loved one under control. This is especially given out by the following gestures:

  • during communication, the guy will try to touch the girl;
  • when talking, he starts to get nervous, speak inconsistently, talk a lot about his hobbies or, conversely, be more silent;
  • perhaps, while talking, the guy lightly and playfully starts to beat the girl - this means that she is not indifferent to him;
  • he can chat animatedly with one girl and constantly glance at the other, expecting to make the latter jealous;
  • telling a funny story, he looks towards the lady, trying to understand if she is funny, if she appreciated his sparkling humor.

Whatever a guy does in front of his beloved, he will always take into account her reaction and, according to her behavior, will adjust his own.

A man in love

Time goes by, guys grow up, they already have experience of communicating and seducing women. Grown up guys are no longer so timid and shy, they know their worth or consider themselves priceless. The guy with whom they often ran away from lessons, roller-skated, trusted their secrets, were close friends, became completely different. Why did this happen? Suspicions may fall on his feelings. Especially if the girl is used to trusting her old best friend. How do you know if he likes you?


To make it clear that this is love, and not justchanges associated with a man who has grown out of children's pants, it is necessary to conduct reconnaissance of his behavior. Worth considering if:

  • He gets very awkward, spills water on his pants, drops his cup, spills his popcorn, gets out of hand.
  • If earlier he could have a blast with a girl, grabbing her by the sleeve, jokingly taking away an apple, now all gestures will be more careful, one might say, even careful.
  • A touching tutelage begins in the form of small sacrifices through the confectionery or jewelry department.
  • Becomes possessive. He will begin to limit the contacts of his beloved lady with the opposite sex, wedged into the conversation, drawing attention to his side.
  • He will never leave his beloved in trouble - he will do a broken tap, run away for bread, take a walk with the dog, take out the garbage.

Here's how to tell if a friend likes you.

You can expose the feelings of a man with whom a girl in the sandbox built Easter cakes, and in winter she made a snowman, by the manner of conversation.

try to get closer
try to get closer

Love Speech

It all depends on the disposition and temperament, but whatever a person is, when he falls in love, he wants to seem better. A cynic will believe in a fairy tale, and a rude person will become a diplomat. One of the signs of how to understand if a friend likes you is his restraint. He will never interrupt his beloved, even if she is not right in everything. Unacceptable for him:

  • raising your tone at an expensive girl is blasphemy;
  • make fun of the shortcomings of his beloved for himunacceptable, because he does not notice them or considers them a highlight;
  • having timid compliments and a light touch on the subject of sighing speaks louder than all words.

A man in love, when meeting with a lady of the heart, begins to smile from ear to ear. He is glad to see her, and he does not have such a reaction to all the girls in the area. Otherwise, he is just a womanizer, and there is no point in talking about feelings here.

Married men

Over time, men turn into hunters who know how to get close to their prey, not scare it away and use weapons - charm, courtship, compliments and timely help in order to achieve their goal.

You can be friends with families, meet colleagues and friends of your husband at a corporate party. But do not forget that the heart and mind crippled by experience make a man act more sophisticated.

tokens of attention
tokens of attention

Sometimes chivalrous manners, good upbringing against the background of rudeness and negligence are regarded as increased signs of attention to one's person.


Everything is getting more confusing, and there is a desire to figure out how to understand that your husband's friend likes you, by his actions, in order to draw the right conclusions.

The friend himself realizes that the woman does not belong to him. Any wrong step, and events can unfold like in a detective story - fingerprinting, examination of handwriting, inspection of personal belongings, a chase with shooting at the end. Therefore, you need to act as carefully as possible.

Here's how you can tell if a man likes a woman:

  1. Communication with the object of adoration begins with a smile.
  2. If, when meeting with a lady, he spreads his arms wide, it means that he wants to hug, as if on the rights of a friend of her husband.
  3. Away will offer a drink, try to serve a coat or an object that has fallen from the hands of a lady.
  4. Produces feelings of rapid breathing at the sight of a loved one.
  5. Talk tactfully on the phone, but with interest.

Always ready to listen, help and, as if by chance, emphasize their good qualities, showing that I'm better than your chosen one.

handsome and hunter
handsome and hunter

Understand that a male friend likes you as an attractive woman, perhaps on this basis - he involuntarily holds his hands near the groin. At the sight of a lady, he will adjust his pants or belt, he can keep his hands in his pockets. He really wants to hug the desired woman, but he does not dare to do this. Gives compliments, praises actions, notices changes. Further events usually depend on the decision of the lady, it is she who chooses whether to respond to the feelings of a friend or not.

Love on social networks

Now many people get acquainted on the Internet. This makes it easier to express your views, opinions and even confessions. Sometimes it is easier for a stranger to talk about your problem, and suddenly, it turns out that at the other end they understand, sympathize and are ready to support. Friendly correspondence grows into something more. But how do you know if your online friend likes you? Pay attention to the activity and speed of responses to messages:

  • When your beloved appears on the network, the guy starts to write to her. This happens with enviable regularity.
  • If a guy is not indifferent to a girl, correspondence will give him pleasure.
  • With the help of leading questions, photos and videos, he will try to find out about her tastes, entertainment, everything that surrounds his beloved.
  • Besides chat messages, he likes photos, comments on posts, and is a regular on the news timeline.

To summarize, any activity on the part of a man is a symptom of his disposition. In this case, it is easy to understand that a friend likes you.

Internet communication
Internet communication

There are many signs by which one can determine sympathy from the opposite sex. It all depends on the character, upbringing and attitude towards the woman.

Everything is clear

The most invariable evidence that a woman cares about a man is actions. How do you know if a friend likes you? The main sign is that the man begins to actively courtship:

  • His concern for the girl will increase.
  • He will allow himself to be manipulated (the girl does not want to go to the cinema, then they will go wherever she wants).
  • Will overcome obstacles and difficulties.
  • Give gifts, invite somewhere.
  • Introduce to your social circle and interests.

If a girl wonders if a guy likes her, then either feelings are just starting to wake up, or she doesn't really like her.

Perhaps the guy is weak in spirit and it is easier for him to stay on the sidelines, sighing, dreaming about his beloved, and stop there. Fear of men beingoutcast pushes girls to bold deeds. Soon they will buy gifts for the guy, take them to the movies, solve problems and give flowers.

friendship or love
friendship or love

Why do people realize they like each other? It's hard to explain in words. At the sight of each other - the eyes become wider, someone is embarrassed and a blush appears, but both want touch, communication, are genuinely interested in each other's opinion and life. This is the minimum of signs by which mutual sympathy is determined. Man was created with the need to love and be loved and happy.