Should you marry a woman with a child? Important points and advice from a psychologist
Should you marry a woman with a child? Important points and advice from a psychologist

Video: Should you marry a woman with a child? Important points and advice from a psychologist

Video: Should you marry a woman with a child? Important points and advice from a psychologist
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In our article we will talk about why it is impossible to marry a woman with a child. Not all men hold this opinion. Although some of the guys believe that it is better to connect their fate with just such a representative of the beautiful half of humanity. There are a number of reasons for this. Let's take a closer look at why it is better to marry a woman with a child. Here are 10 reasons, and maybe more, as the main reasons.


She's already been in a relationship. After all, she was once married. She has life experience. In addition, raising and providing for a child on their own is a lot of work, which not everyone can do. Such a woman is ready for a new relationship and already knows what to expect. For her, life together with a man, life and duties will not be new. Already having experience, it is easier for her to come to terms with the shortcomings of her partner.

A divorced woman with a child already knows exactly whatshe needs a husband. It makes no sense for her to start a casual relationship. And having met her man, she will happily plunge into everyday life, will choose wallpaper for the bedroom, she will still wait for pleasant surprises, cook delicious dishes, etc. After all, a child is not a “trailer”, but an acquired experience. Such a woman certainly knows what she wants from life, what kind of relationship she needs.

woman with children
woman with children

The baby will not be right away

After a young woman is in a serious relationship and has a baby, she doesn't want to have another one right away. She passed the most difficult stage in her life. While the child is small, the woman has no desire to give birth to a second one. She already understands what pregnancy is, who the baby is. This is an invaluable experience.

After a new relationship, a woman wants to live for herself. Therefore, she will not immediately think about a second child. Moreover, she already has one. At this time, a man can prepare himself for fatherhood. He will not feel guilty if he does not give a woman a chance to be a mother, because she has already experienced it. So if you marry a woman with a child, you can have a good experience.

Opportunity to get to know children, learn their characteristics

During such a relationship, a man can find out who the children are without being directly involved in pregnancy and childbirth. If a man has decided to live with a woman who has a child, then there must be responsibility, and acceptance of the child too.

At first, there may be misunderstanding with the baby. After all, he lived his life with hishabits. It is better for a man to ask a woman what her child will like more, because you can not please the baby. A mother will always be happy if a man, for his part, shows attention and care to her child. And the baby needs time to get used to someone new in the family.

marries an older woman with a child
marries an older woman with a child

An opportunity to find out how good a father you are

A man has a chance to find out what kind of father he will be. Many are not ready for such changes, they do not know what will happen, how to behave. When a child is full, dressed and sleeps well, it is better and cannot be imagined. But caring for a child is so much more.

But, as they say, fear has big eyes. It's scary the first time, but then you get used to it and accept it. Every man, sooner or later, wants to become a father. And in this case, there is an opportunity for them to stay. More often, women start a new relationship when the child is at least a year or two old. At this time, the baby is not attached to the breast and does not require frequent feeding. And this already simplifies childcare at times.

He already knows how to say something. And if a man does not understand, then a woman will be able to tell. If the child is older, then you can already agree with him. All children love attention. This must always be remembered. When wondering whether it is worth marrying a woman with a child, you can safely answer him, which, of course, yes.

10 reasons to marry a woman with a child
10 reasons to marry a woman with a child

Hero Status

After a difficult relationship and divorce, a woman worries a lot. She wants female happiness, to be loved. EachA parent wants the best for their daughter. Mother and father will be happy if she meets a worthy man. And, of course, they will be glad that a man took her with a child.

This sounds cynical. But this is the truth of life. Such a man seems to be the hero of our time. But they are not so few. Old stereotypes have long been destroyed. A young woman with a child is already an experienced, self-confident person. If in the old days a spouse left a girl with a baby, then no one needed her anymore. It's not like that in our time. Are women with children getting married now? Of course. And that's okay.

Extra Life Experience

A man with such a woman can gain life experience and avoid the mistakes of her ex-husband. A woman who has already lived a family life will not be silent and shy. She will speak directly. This will make life much easier for a man.

Such a woman will often talk about the shortcomings of her ex-husband, and the current one is at hand. After all, this way you can correct all the mistakes and not disappoint the girl, win her over. In this case, you do not need to guess, she herself will tell everything. Yes, and learning from the mistakes of others is much more pleasant than making your own.

what women with children marry
what women with children marry

Made personality

Should you marry a woman with a child? There are advantages to this. A single woman with a baby is a strong personality. She knows how to deal with her problems on her own. Can provide for himself and the child. She will not rush at the first comer. It is self-sufficient, self-confidentwoman.

Some men think that if there is a child, then no one needs her, that such a lady wants to be with anyone. This opinion is wrong. The woman has a child. She takes care of him, feeds him, clothes him, but she does not intend to perform all these services for a man. It is better to be alone in this case, and she already has a meaning in life.

A woman is looking for a partner for life, an equal person who will be adequate, with work and purpose in life. For a man, this should indicate that a woman has ideas about real adult life. She will not demand that every day be a holiday. It is practical and economical. After all, a child needs so much. This woman is caring. Indeed, with the advent of the child, her trembling and tenderness became even greater - they are enough for a loving man.

why do men marry women with children
why do men marry women with children

Open book

Whether it is worth marrying a woman with a child is an interesting question. Yes, if you love her. Such a woman is like an open book. To understand what she really is, just look at how she treats her child, how she behaves with him. After that, you can draw conclusions.

If a child already speaks well, then he himself can inadvertently say something about his mother. Children never lie. This is the beauty of their naivete. Do not be afraid to call a woman with a child on a date. So you can better reveal all her virtues and understand whether a man can put up with shortcomings.

The girl no longer idealizes relationships

Why do men marry women with children?Because they do not idealize relationships and do not want a perfect marriage. Such a woman has already understood that nothing is perfect. Many couples before the wedding, not living together, think that after it will be even better. A woman with a child already had a family life. There was life, and she understands what difficulties she may encounter, where to give in, and where to insist on her own.

Whether it is worth marrying a woman with a child - every man decides for himself. But the representative of the strong half of humanity in this situation should already be easier. Marriage doesn't have to be perfect, it has to be normal. In any case, there will be discomfort during life together, but at least it will be easier for a woman.

Do men marry a woman with a child? Yes. Starting a relationship with a girl who has a baby can clear up a lot in your life. For example, what kind of friends and environment a man has. Expressions such as "a trailer with a trailer" are simply not acceptable. A true friend will always understand and support. Ridicule and criticism are also not appropriate. So, with such a drastic lifestyle change, a lot will become clear.

do they marry women with children
do they marry women with children

Don't give up on your love

There are a number of reasons why you should still marry a woman with a child. It is worth casting aside all prejudices. What kind of women with children do they marry? Absolutely any. These reasons are not taken from the head, but from the life experience of men who have a good family life with such a lady.

But there are some contradictions. Only experience and practice can show how to do it right. Yes, it's worthwhether to marry a woman with a child and try to start a family? If you like a woman, then why should you refuse her if you have a baby. If a man is real, strong, then the child is absolutely not a hindrance. After all, this is not a stranger, but the child of a beloved woman.

Naturally, you need to be prepared for the fact that there will be no simplicity in relationships. Therefore, if a man is looking for a woman for an easy relationship, then he needs to look for another option. And even more so, to start a family, you need to have serious intentions.

Dad is the one who brought up

In the old days, if parents died, the children could be adopted by neighbors. Because the kids are not to blame. If a man is afraid to take a woman with a child, then he is not ready for his children either. After all, the father is not the one who conceived, but the one who raised. If by your example you show the child how brave, kind you are, you can solve problems, then the child will grow up as a worthy person. It doesn't matter if his own father raised him or not.

marry a woman with a child
marry a woman with a child

Will the man be the head of the family?

Some men believe that when entering into a relationship with a woman who has a child, they will always be in third place - she, the baby, and then only him. And that's with a good deal. Sometimes the mother of a woman acts as a “surrogate husband”, who constantly gives advice to her daughter, and she listens more to her. A man thinks that his wife will be the head of the family. After all, she already has her, and he will simply hook up with her.

Do not forget that such a woman is looking for a real, strong man. And endurebeer every day and no one is going to play "Tanks". In this case, she would rather live alone with the child.

A real man will always be the leader and head of the family, or at least on a par with a woman. If a man cannot achieve anything and only drags the girl down, then he will always be in last place in priorities. And this applies not only to those who began to live with a single woman, but also to those who began a relationship without children.

A bag of money

Many men believe that a woman with a child can only be materialistic. She thinks only about money, about finding herself a "bag of money" as soon as possible. This is very low. The woman with the child did a great job on her own. So thinking only about money is not her option. Every woman wants love and understanding, romance, even if she was already disappointed once. With such a man who cannot even understand whether they love him or want only money from him, you should not even start a relationship.

There is an opinion that if a woman gets divorced, then she blames the man for everything. Of course, the fault can be both, but the situations are different. But even if the main fault is on the man, they still ask why she married him and gave birth to children from him. Such a judgment is wrong. It only shows the weakness of a man. The real one will lend his shoulder without unnecessary reproaches. So divorce is not only the woman's fault.

A woman with a child has life experience. Although some consider it as not a plus, but a minus. These guys think that it will be more difficult with her, she is mercantile. And aboutShe thinks about money all the time. But, fortunately, not all of the guys think like that. Only low-income men who really cannot provide for themselves think about this. In this case, you should not even look in the direction of such a woman. And her experience is undoubtedly a plus for the next serious relationship.

Why not get married? Reasons

Why shouldn't you marry a woman with a child? A little higher are all the refutations of this question. Some men think otherwise. There are several reasons not to marry a woman with a child:

  1. The child is superfluous a priori. Why should a new husband raise someone else's child.
  2. A man considers a single woman with a child inferior, and he is their savior.
  3. Such a woman thinks only about money for herself and the child, and a man is indifferent to her.
  4. Difficulties may arise with a child, but a man does not need it.


Concluding, we can say that a normal, self-confident man can safely marry a woman with a child. In this marriage or just living together, there are more pluses than minuses. Yes, and the cons are not justified. All women are different and so are children. Before drawing conclusions, you need to refer only to personal experience. All ages are submissive to love, and marrying an older woman with a child also makes sense.