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How to take the first step to a girl: the beginning of a relationship, attracting attention and advice from psychologists

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How to take the first step to a girl: the beginning of a relationship, attracting attention and advice from psychologists
How to take the first step to a girl: the beginning of a relationship, attracting attention and advice from psychologists

Human actions and related relationships between people are based on acquired knowledge. Information without experience in its application does not always make life easier, and sometimes complicates. It is difficult for an inexperienced guy to succeed, including in relationships with the opposite sex. Some young men theoretically know how to take the first step towards a girl, but when they try to make it, they get lost.

Shyness prevents acquaintance

male timidity

Uncertainty, and sometimes infantilism begin to take precedence over natural desires. A young man who has survived a stressful situation is ready to accept the fact that the initiative will not come from him. Closing in on himself, he does not even want to figure out how to start the first relationship with a girl. But timid courtship, expressed in hesitant words, ridiculous signs of attention in the form of a step in a physical education lesson, can also push the object of sighs away frominexperienced ladies' man. Most adolescents, after the first failure, set out to find out how to take the first step towards a girl, how to attract her attention, what words and actions will help them in showing the chosen one that she is the very best ….

It is impossible to overcome natural inclinations at a young age, psychologists say. Every young person unconsciously strives to be singled out from the environment and loved. A young man, in an effort to achieve reciprocal emotions from a girl he likes, sometimes finds himself in a subordinate position because of the conditions of communication created by him. Following the advice of friends on how to get to know a girl for the first time, young people focus on only one object of attention, deify the chosen one, subordinate their personal time to her life tasks and goals, depend on the whims and desires of their beloved. And young beauties, often unconsciously, shamelessly use the opportunity to command someone, not realizing that something completely different is expected of them.

How to get interested?

what to say to a girl when you meet

Often a girl notices that a guy pays attention to her, distinguishes her from her friends, but cannot figure out why this is done. Therefore, the task of the young man is to convince her that there is a struggle for her heart, and not for the opportunity to regularly write off the dictation or for the sake of an intimate relationship. To be the first to approach a girl as a man who loves her, and not a long-time familiar neighbor on the landing, means to start the relationship you are striving for. And then the time comes when the representative of the stronger sex needs to showyourself, having managed to use your charm and charm, to emphasize your uniqueness, but in no case be fully revealed.

You don't have to be stylish and glamorous right away. Taking the first step towards a girl as your mistress would be a big mistake. The girl should be interested not only in the appearance of the applicant. If she realizes that the person who attracted her attention will not let her get bored, but will not pursue her, she will find reasons for meetings herself, will not forget to find out in which social networks she can write off, but will not offer a specific time and place of a date.

That's enough to let you know that you don't mind helping to pick up a car for your only nephew, whose uncle is ready to buy toys every day. But a good topic to start a conversation: the chosen one will understand that the childish question is not alien to the neighbor, and he does not spare money for such purposes.

what to write first

Respect for interests

It would be best if the partner immediately offers to make a trip to the toy department, and then to a wonderful cozy cafe. While not insisting on anything. Because the girl may have her own plans until the moment of a “random” meeting on the landing or in the shopping center. If shopping is impossible right now, but the girl made it clear that not everything is lost, then the offer to exchange phones will sound appropriate and reasonable. Respect for the interests of another is a necessary condition for any interpersonal relationship. It can be difficult to adapt to them, but it is necessary if you want not to enslave your partner, butlove. Many psychologists talk about this.

first meeting


Now it's clear how to meet a girl. The first phrases were said, the meeting was arranged. A man is romantic, wants to appear sweet and caring, forgetting that this does not always bribe young women. Hot blood makes inexperienced beauties primarily hunters. Youthful sacrifice they are not yet able to appreciate properly. Girls with such a temperament are dominated by a craving for the personality that needs to be conquered. For them, it is not interesting to use someone's passion and humility presented on a silver platter. Male modesty is not appreciated by the weak half of humanity.

how to first meet


Over time, having suffered more than once from "bad" guys, girls change their minds about the merits of their companions in life and choose exactly those who are attentive and loving, and not impudent and taking advantage. Bad guys don't think about how to make the first move with a girl. A kiss on the cheek in front of everyone and unexpectedly for the object of claims is not a problem for them. A man can also take advantage of this form of behavior, whose intentions and fantasies go beyond easy flirting. And present everything as a joke or gratitude for something, but be able to show that the subtext of the kiss is sympathy and adoration. Then you just need to wait - there will be a serious rebuff, or even joking, but favor.

how to approach a girl first

Feature of girls, which is incomprehensible to guys

Understanding women is not easy. Even experienced men have difficulty doing it. Girls are not inherent in straightforwardness, and they can be frank only with close friends. Therefore, the words “no, probably” are definitely not a categorical refusal, but also not a veiled consent. The girl has to maneuver, thus giving the man the opportunity to persevere, to prove confidence in choosing a half. Beauty will not forgive only annoyingness and intolerance to her own weaknesses.

Smells and flavors

Taking the first step towards a girl as confidently as possible helps not only the personal and spiritual qualities of a man, but also the conviction that going to a sports club and a hairdresser is not in vain, and the chosen one will appreciate his muscles and hairstyle. The aesthetic side of the relationship between men and women in the initial period of rapprochement actually plays the main role. Neatness and cleanliness of the body, clothes, shoes, and not supernatural beauty, stimulate the olfactory receptors, psychologists say.

Smells can kill the readiness for rapprochement or, conversely, speed up love relationships. Perfume aromas emphasize the style of a man, become his hallmark. The main thing is that the smell does not turn out to be unpleasant for the desired girl. Properly selected perfume will help to liberate the atmosphere and relieve tension at the first meeting. Acquaintance of a guy with fashionable unobtrusive smells of modern toilet waters will help him in winning the sympathy of his chosen one.

Sense of humor

A guy who remembers a lot of jokes always becomes the life of the party. Andin the personal relationships of the couple, the partners' sense of humor facilitates mutual understanding. A woman will always appreciate a man's kind jokes, and awkward situations will not cause disappointment in a partner if, in the end, an encouraging laugh sounds, and not reproaches. In such situations, the parable that women love with their ears works.

Words in correspondence

what to write for the first time

Words and intonations with which they are pronounced are actively perceived only during personal meetings. But if a man does not have in mind the one with whom he wants to meet in real life, but there are a lot of virtual acquaintances, then he faces the question of how to meet girls, what to write for the first time in his own blog so that they become interested in him and agree to meeting not through the monitor screen.

The virtual relationship is very dangerous. An ideal image can dissolve into non-existence if it turns out that by conquering, as it were, a person about whom everything has become known, in life you will receive an unknown person. Carefully written compliments may remain so, vulgar thoughts and assumptions will be confirmed, and disappointment may turn out to be immense. Do not be afraid to take the first step to a girl in real life. There will be less grief.

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