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Beautiful declarations of love in prose: touching and original texts

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Beautiful declarations of love in prose: touching and original texts
Beautiful declarations of love in prose: touching and original texts

People often have an idea: if no one thinks about them, there is no close person nearby - it means that they are, as it were, not there. The need for love is one of the most important human needs. For many, the whole meaning of life comes down to being needed by someone. Happiness, if there is such a person, and we can choose for him the words of a beautiful declaration of love. In prose or verse. In the proposed article, these will be touching and original texts in their own words.

First confession to a girl

The best way to tell a person's feelings is actions. If a young man takes care of a girl and at the same time gives her flowers and gifts, seeks meetings, is ready to provide support at any moment and is interested in her life, she probably knows about sympathy on his part. The reciprocity of the chosen one makes you want to talk about your feelings, because there is no fear of being misunderstood or rejected.And this is a great happiness.

Beautiful declarations of love to a girl in prose

Let's give two examples of beautiful declarations of love to a girl in prose. They are completely different, but sincerity is felt in each:

"For me, love is not words, not sighs in the moonlight or desire to possess. It's the feeling when I take your hand and realize that I'm going crazy."

The second confession is a bit ironic, based on Mark's words from the film "Love Actually":

"I look at these beauties on the glossy covers and think that maybe someday I could date one of them. But my heart is broken. Without any hope, just because today is Christmas, I'm ready to say: perfection for me is you. And I will sigh for you even when you become like this mummy."

Confession to a girl after a fight

declarations of love in prose

You need to confess your feelings every day, but it is especially important to do this after a quarrel. It is necessary to choose the most touching words to compensate for the damage to relationships caused by conflicts. Beautiful declarations of love in prose can be like this:

"They say a strong person is one who can be alone. Who can let go of the one he loves. And what is strength then? For me, if you let go, it means you don't love! I'm not ready with you break up".

"When we quarrel, I am often wrong. But I myself am severely punished. I miss your warmth, your trust, your support. I feellike a swan with one wing. This is love!"

Confession to a girl in a letter

What can be the text if the girl is at a distance, and you need to put your thoughts into printed words? Beautiful declarations of love in prose should not only be sincere, but also avoid ambiguity.

Beautiful confessions in prose

"Whenever a plane takes you away, my heart seems to stop in my chest. Only your return can restart it. It's hard to be apart for a long time, but all this shows how truly I love you. With every moment of waiting for a meeting, my feeling only grows."

"Any date with you is better than bird singing in a fairy forest. But separation is like fog. But behind it you can see something painfully beautiful and dear. And I am ready to make my way through this fog because my love serves as my guide ".

Confession to a woman

When people have a long-term relationship, kind words are still needed. A beautiful declaration of love to a woman in prose can be borrowed from a film, for example, about Harry and Sally. It might look like this:

"I love the way you wrap yourself in a scarf when it's minus 20 degrees outside. I love the way you sit in front of the mirror doing your beauty. I love the wrinkle that appears on your forehead when you're unhappy with my words. Or an act. I like the way your hair smells, and then this perfume lingers on my suit. I like the desire to talk toyou every night before bed."

This confession does not contain the word "love", but isn't it about this feeling? You can offer another option:

"You should definitely know: I had women before you. But I have never experienced anything like this. Hugs and any touch makes me tremble, even after so many years. I never imagined that I would be able to love like this ".

A beautiful declaration of love to a guy in prose

There are situations when a girl should open her heart. This can be done in an original way:

How to write a beautiful confession

"You know how happy I feel after yesterday's date! I could not sleep all night, turning over in my head every word, every moment of meeting, every smile. I did not think that you could turn the world upside down in just a moment, but you did it.

Friends and fellow students ask what happened? It seems to them that I am not walking, but flying; I do not speak, but I sing; I don't live, I dream. And I always smile. And all this only because soon we will have a new incredible meeting with you. I think I'm in love!"

In Dirty Dancing, 17-year-old Baby fell in love for the first time. Here are the words she found:

"Everything scares me. I myself, what I do, what I see. But what scares me most of all is the fact that I will leave this room and never again in my life will be able to experience what I felt around with you".

To my future husband

The words spoken on the eve of the wedding are very memorable. Beautiful confessions inlove to a loved one in prose can be said at the altar:

"On this day, I want to take the caress, tenderness and care you gave. And give a thousand times more. Alas, this is impossible. More than you feel, do and share, no one can. Thank you. For that who taught me to love".

A beautiful declaration of love in prose

"I can't imagine life without you, my love. You are not only its meaning, you are my own breath. My reward. My thoughts, feelings, emotions. My support. The one with whom you don't want to cry, but only laugh and rejoice. The one who will always support and understand. And for whom promises are not empty words. Believe me: without you, there is no longer me, nor this amazing world around."

Confession to a man

It is a myth that representatives of the strong half of humanity do not need affectionate, warm words. A beautiful declaration of love to a man in prose will help return romance to a relationship, restore emotional intimacy, and support in difficult times.

"They say you shouldn't hope for a prince on a white horse, you can't wait. But I'm convinced that waiting will definitely be rewarded! You are my prince, who once appeared from a fairy tale. My soulmate, without whom I was so lonely in this world. And it doesn't matter what you are. What matters is what I am when I'm next to you."

"I dreamed about you for years and at first I thought I was dreaming. Our first evening, a dance floor, hugs, a kiss. But then there were new dates, an engagement, a life together began. Everything turned outreality. Thank you for giving such exciting feelings and believing with me in this fairy tale called Love".

declaration of love to a woman

Original Short Confessions

Sometimes a person does not dare to say it out loud, but is ready to entrust his feelings to an SMS message or a Valentine's Day card. We bring to your attention small beautiful declarations of love in prose:

  • "Seeing yourself in the reflection of your beloved green eyes is happiness."
  • "I wish everyone in this world to know true love. The same as mine for you."
  • "It's hard to find a happier person than me when you're by my side."
  • "I like to feel the warmth of that fire that arises inside me when we are together."
  • "Without you, the world becomes uninteresting for me."
  • "You are infinitely kind, extraordinarily smart and damn attractive … a monster from a fairy tale. And I am the princess who is truly in love with you."
  • "I want to confess my love to a worthy guy. He is reading this message now."

With confessions and warm words it is impossible to overdo it. What do you think?

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