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How to make prune puree for babies with your own hands
How to make prune puree for babies with your own hands

Prunes are not only a delicious delicacy, which contains a storehouse of useful elements, but also serves as an excellent remedy for constipation. It is easier for an adult to deal with this ailment: he drank a suitable pill - and the problem disappeared. But how can you help your little one? Prune puree for babies is an excellent tool in the fight against problems of the gastrointestinal tract. When you can introduce your baby to this product and how to cook a he althy dish at home - you will find out right now.

Product benefits


Prunes are a great food to prevent digestive problems. In addition, this dried fruit is a natural antioxidant containing a large amount of potassium. This useful product contains almost the entire complex of trace elements and vitamins that are contained in fresh plums. In addition to the fact that the pureeprunes for babies help to cope with constipation, there are many more benefits:

  • Vegetable fiber contained in the product helps to improve digestion.
  • Thanks to vitamins B, A and C, the child's body grows and develops properly.
  • The pectins contained in prunes help eliminate pathogenic bacteria from the body.
  • Organic acid improves metabolism.

In addition, regular use of the product normalizes blood pressure, improves blood microcirculation, strengthens the immune system, reduces the likelihood of Salmonella and E. coli reproduction, and also serves as a preventive measure for the development of oncology in adults and children.


Thus, prune puree for babies is a good helper that gently cleanses the intestines and provides the baby's body with useful substances. In addition, this product in isolated cases can cause allergies. But despite this, in some cases, the use of prunes should be abandoned:

  • when diagnosing diabetes in a small patient;
  • forbidden if you are overweight or have a high tendency to gain it;
  • not recommended for pregnant and lactating women for the first three months;
  • do not give this product to your baby if he or she is currently suffering from diarrhea or is highly prone to it;
  • if allergic to dried fruit.

It is worth noting the fact thatexcessive consumption of prunes causes diarrhea, which helps to remove not only unnecessary substances from the body, but also useful ones.

How to choose a quality product?

Many mothers prefer to prepare various dishes for their babies on their own. Speaking about how to make prune puree for babies, we note that an important aspect is the choice of product. Quality fruit can be recognized according to the following characteristics:

  • Prunes should have a rich black color. A brown color indicates that the product has been scalded with boiling water and has a bitter taste.
  • The best option would be a product with bones, it can be stored for a long time and retains more useful substances.
  • Preference should be given to a matte shade, as glossy and shiny fruits indicate that they have been treated with glycerin or wax.
  • Prunes should not stick to hands and leave marks.
  • Quality product starts to fade when in water for about thirty minutes.
  • It is worth refraining from buying hard fruits, as long-term cooking evaporates all the positive properties.

Cooking by ourselves

homemade puree

Many mothers know the healing properties of prune puree for babies with constipation, but not everyone trusts store-bought products. Some manufacturers add rice starch to their composition for a more viscous consistency, which can give an allergic reaction. To be completely sure of the quality of the product, it is bettermake your own prune puree. The cooking process will not take much effort and time, but in the end you will get a tender and tasty dish. Next, we will tell you how to make prune puree for babies. To prepare it, you need only two ingredients: prunes and purified water. The work process is as follows:

  1. Pre-dried fruit must be thoroughly washed, pour boiling water and let it brew for at least three hours.
  2. When the fruits become soft, you can proceed to cooking. The liquid in which the prunes were infused must be drained and filled with a small amount of new and clean water (about 150 ml).
  3. Then put a container of prunes on the fire and cook for twenty minutes.
  4. You need to remove the skin from each fruit, and in order for the prune puree for the baby to be of a homogeneous consistency, you should use a blender, sieve or meat grinder.
  5. The last step is grinding. As a result, the mass should turn out without lumps. You can dilute thick puree with a decoction of prunes.

As it turned out, it's not at all difficult to make prune puree for babies with your own hands. It is only necessary to follow certain rules when introducing complementary foods. So, if the baby tries this product for the first time, the amount of dried fruits in the puree should not exceed three berries.

Prune decoction

Soaked prunes

Before introducing prune puree into the baby's diet, experts advise starting with a decoction of this product. He's easyprepared at home, for this you need:

  1. Rinse about five dried fruits thoroughly.
  2. Place in a saucepan and pour 200 ml of cold water.
  3. Immediately after the broth boils, it must be removed from the heat.
  4. Let it brew and cool to room temperature.

A couple of teaspoons of this healing drink will help the baby cope with acute respiratory infections and constipation.

Peculiarities when introducing

First food

Most babies suffer from problems in the gastrointestinal tract. As a rule, the deplorable situation with emptying is interconnected with breastfeeding. As a prevention of constipation, it is advisable to add a small amount of prunes to the diet. Tasting of any new product should be carried out in the morning and monitor the well-being of the baby for a couple of days. Feeding your baby this dried fruit in the evening is fraught with a sleepless night. Prune puree for babies should be served at room temperature and only fresh. Every mom should know that mashed potatoes cannot be stored in the refrigerator. To get the most benefit from dried fruit, it is important to give your baby only fresh meals. Although the taste of prunes may appeal to the baby, you should not consume it daily, as diarrhea or an allergic reaction may occur. Nutritionists and pediatricians recommend eating this product no more than twice a week.

Since how many months?

Prune puree for babies will be a he althy and tasty treat, but still withdo not rush to introduce the product. Many manufacturers of baby puree recommend eating prunes from the age of four months. Pediatricians, in turn, believe that the children's body is ready to digest this product from six months. The same opinion is supported by the World He alth Organization. It is worth noting that some parents independently decide to give dried fruit puree to their children much earlier than the indicated date.

For the little ones

If your baby has not yet reached the recommended age for eating prune puree, then there are alternative methods for this case. In order for the desired result from the fetus to appear, a nursing mother can eat it herself in a small amount. With mother's milk, components important for the normal functioning of the intestines will be transferred to the baby, and he will be able to effortlessly get rid of feces. In addition, you can limit yourself to prunes compote. It is recommended to give half a teaspoon of the decoction to the baby or drink it yourself. In any case, after eating, you need to monitor the reaction of the baby.

Options for ready-made purees

Those mothers who do not know how to make prune puree for babies prefer to buy them in the store. To date, the assortment on the shelves is distinguished by its diversity. Therefore, choosing a product can be difficult, and then reviews come to the rescue. Prune puree for babies, according to mothers, is an excellent tool for normalizing the work of the intestinal tract. Prune puree is considered popular among parents.the following brands.

Grandma's basket

Grandma's basket

Many mothers are satisfied with the quality of the product and its reasonable price. It is also noted that babies like the taste of mashed potatoes, so they eat it with pleasure. The product has a rich dark brown color and a pleasant sweet taste. Few parents advise giving your baby this as a first food because of the thick consistency.

Fruto Nanny

Fruto babysitter

This jar of prunes pleases parents with an acceptable price-quality ratio. The composition of the product does not contain any starch or sugar, which indicates its naturalness. The puree is of medium consistency and has a slightly sour taste. But most importantly, it performs its main function - it has a laxative effect and normalizes bowel function. Experts noted that this product is ideal as an early complementary food.


Puree Gerber

The price of the product is slightly higher than the previous options. The composition contains only two ingredients - prunes and water. Many mothers note the pleasant and discreet taste of mashed potatoes, which many babies like.

Thus, prune puree is an indispensable tool for the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract. The product itself has a pleasant and sweetish taste, which will become a delicacy for the baby. And what is better: to cook prune puree yourself or buy a finished product - it's up to mom.

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