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Pathologies of newborns: types and causes
Pathologies of newborns: types and causes

Moms who understand little about medicine often cannot figure out the difference between trauma at birth in a child and neonatal pathology. Of course, in both cases we are talking about diseases of varying severity, but their causes are completely different.

Differences between birth injuries and pathologies

Birth injuries are called he alth problems in a child that occurred due to difficult births, mistakes by medical personnel or the mother herself. Injuries can be anything and of varying severity, from bruising to shoulder dislocation.

The pathology of newborns is considered to be deeper damage that is not diagnosed immediately. The reasons for these can be completely different factors. One of these can be noted problems with the central nervous system, with the development of organs and systems, chromosomal mutations. If we consider the classification of such pathologies, we can distinguish those that occurred due to genetic disorders, and those that were acquired.

pathology of newborns

Chromosomal pathology of the fetus

One of the most common pathologiesconsidered Down's syndrome. Cases of the birth of sick children in recent years is becoming more and more. Unfortunately, there are no preventive measures against this disease. It is not uncommon for he althy parents to have sick children, and scientists still cannot say exactly why this happens.

However, you can learn about this pathology of newborns in the first half of pregnancy. This is what screening is for. After the woman finds out about this, she can make a choice: keep the child or get rid of him. This is a personal decision of each girl, so it's not worth judging for it. Necessarily, if there are such and such prerequisites for problems, the maternal history is studied. Pathologies of newborns are sometimes transmitted by a hereditary factor.

Girls may develop Shereshevsky-Turner disease. This disease is inherent only in girls. Often found at the age of 10. Accompanied by the fact that a slight degree of backwardness develops, as well as infertility. The disease is characterized by the absence of one chromosome type X.

Pathology of newborn boys - Kleinfelter's disease. Manifested by high growth and the inability to have children. Characterized by the presence of the 47th chromosome.

In addition to these diseases, there are a number of diseases that develop due to problems with chromosomes, but the described ones are the most common.

pathology of premature newborns

Prevention of chromosomal problems

There are two options that will allow you not to have sick children. The first of these is the consultation of a specialized doctor beforepregnancy. The second option is screening at a specific gestational age. It is impossible to delay, because, after the time is up, the answers will be incorrect. Therefore, the study should be done strictly when the doctor says. After that, you can decide what to do with the child if it turns out that he is sick.

pathology of newborns and premature babies

"Acquired" pathologies

Doctors are already tired of repeating to every woman that they should prepare for their pregnancy. At least a few months before conception, it is worth undergoing an examination, to determine if there are any diseases, to transfer chronic ones into a state of remission, to cure acute ones. Be sure to get tested by a geneticist. Forget about your bad habits. Pregnancy should be treated with the utmost responsibility. It is important to visit the doctor on time, constantly tell him about your he alth and take tests that he will prescribe. Don't forget the recommendations. Pathologies of newborns and premature babies often arise due to the fact that a woman treats both herself and her baby negligently during pregnancy.

Formation of Organs

The formation of organs due to severe stress or heavy workload can be disrupted. The heart, kidneys, lungs, and eyes are most commonly affected, but problems can affect any part of the body. Sometimes a child has extra fingers. As a rule, environmental influences lead to such a pathology. Ecology is one of the factors. In addition, alcohol, cigarettes, antibiotics are also one of the causes of pathologies. Get rid of harmfulhabits are not so difficult if you understand why it is done.

It also happens that pathologies really arise because of those factors that cannot be influenced. And in such cases, modern medical care can help the child, but the doctor must be ready for surgery immediately after birth. Therefore, do not forget about visits to your specialist so that he conducts examinations, and if anything, you were ready for some unpleasant news. If the problem is diagnosed in time, it will not only alleviate the condition of the child, but also cure him completely (in some cases).

Photo of a little boy

Hyperexcitability and hyperactivity

Injuries during childbirth, lack of oxygen during pregnancy, infection in the womb - all this leads to cerebral hypoexcitability. The disease has certain symptoms that will allow you to recognize the problem immediately after childbirth. The child will have too weak muscles, there will be severe drowsiness, he will not want to eat. Such children are lethargic and do not cry. This pathology can be corrected in the first years of life. The doctor will be able to prescribe the desired type of treatment, for example, medication or physiotherapy, depending on the severity of the problem. In any case, mothers should not worry, since this disease is cured in most cases. The main thing is to notice the symptoms in time and tell your pediatrician about them. Then he will conduct tests and prescribe treatment.

There is a similar pathology of newborns, which, on the contrary, manifests itself as hyperactivity. These children have a weak mentalsystem, they are too tense, they often experience trembling of the limbs, especially the chin. This problem is also easily solved in childhood, so there is no need to worry too much. In all cases, you should consult a doctor and do not self-medicate. After all, children have a weak body, many have allergies at an early age, and you can only spoil the situation.

congenital pathologies of newborns

Hypertensive-hydrocephalic syndrome

If you notice that the child's head is too big, the fontanel sticks out, there is a strong asymmetry between the two parts of the skull: the brain and the facial, then the child probably has hypertensive-hydrocephalic syndrome. This pathology of premature newborns sometimes occurs after successful delivery. The problem manifests itself in various ways. There are children who behave sluggishly and painfully, and there are those whose energy does not run out. In severe cases, the baby's development may be inhibited.

history of neonatal pathology

How to help a child with pathologies of newborns

The most important thing is to diagnose the problem in time. Ideally, do this while still pregnant. If no problems were found, do not relax. Be careful not to miss any important symptoms of other neonatal pathologies.

There is only one thing you can do to help a child with such problems - early diagnosis and timely treatment. If you are not sure that after childbirth you can provide the best therapy for your baby, then it is better to refuse it.birth.

pathology of newborn boys

How to behave during pregnancy?

Think of pregnancy as a holiday. This is the normal state. Nausea and fatigue will eventually pass, and you will feel great. Pay attention to the activity and movement of the baby. Most importantly, do not try to make yourself a victim, listen to your feelings, which should bring you joy and keep calm.

Don't start working too hard at work, don't take problems too seriously. Be mindful of your baby's he alth. Follow the daily routine and the right diet. Read on the Internet or in books on how to behave during pregnancy. Treat yourself and your baby with care.

Relax more. Forget about your responsibilities, or at least half of them. Let your husband or parents do the work for you. You should get more rest, it's not for nothing that you feel a little tired.

Sleep more than 8 hours a day. And not during the day, but at night. Do not waste your precious time watching the next movie series or cleaning. Finish your business tomorrow. Pay attention to the mattress you sleep on. Get yourself a new orthopedic one. It follows the contours of the body and will help you protect your spine.

Don't overdo it at work. Remember that overtime, and even more so physical work, is not worth it to spend all your strength. During pregnancy, your baby is important. Therefore, remember that you should not strain yourself too much. Otherwise, there may be someof the listed diseases. It is easier to take care of yourself for the entire period of pregnancy in order to prevent congenital pathologies of newborns than to treat your baby from severe and serious problems after childbirth. Not all of the pathologies described are treatable in principle.

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