The best soft food for cats: rating, compositions, selection tips, manufacturer reviews
The best soft food for cats: rating, compositions, selection tips, manufacturer reviews

Video: The best soft food for cats: rating, compositions, selection tips, manufacturer reviews

Video: The best soft food for cats: rating, compositions, selection tips, manufacturer reviews
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Feeding pets is, first of all, their mood, well-being and life expectancy. The diet of a pet should be considered even before it appears in the house. This is especially true for cats.

One of the options for proper nutrition is ready-made soft food for cats. On sale today you can find many types of such products. How not to get confused by such a variety, because there is not always time to study each package?

What is the best food for cats - soft or dry? Let's look at this later in the article.

soft food for sterilized cats
soft food for sterilized cats

Feed types

All factory-prepared pet food can be divided into four types, which differ in their composition:

  • premium;
  • economy;
  • super premium;
  • holistics.

Let's look at each of themseparately.

best soft food for cats
best soft food for cats

Economy class

Thanks to advertising and inexpensive cost, the demand for these products is simply huge. This class of dry or soft cat food contains mainly cereals, cellulose and offal. Meat is present in a minimum amount - no more than 5%. Preservatives in such feed are significantly overestimated. There are also dyes, thickeners, and preservatives that are prohibited from being used in foods. Cat food, unfortunately, is not such a product. There is no strict control over manufacturers by supervisory authorities. It exists only in some countries, but different products enter the domestic market.

The most popular economy class food: Felix, Darling, Cat Chow, Kitekat, Whiskas, All Cats, "Vaska", "Our Mark" and others.

soft dry cat food
soft dry cat food

Premium class

What makes this product different? It often happens that the line between premium soft cat food and economy quality is very thin. The meat content in them is slightly increased - up to 10%, but its maximum amount, as a rule, does not exceed 20%.

Due to the fact that the percentage of meat is increased, there are fewer by-products in the composition. The result is a more or less tolerable product. When choosing it, you must carefully read the label - it must contain the composition in detail.

List of premium soft food for cats: Happy Cat, Pronature, ProPac, Animonda, Pro Plan and more.

As part of such productscolorings, flavorings and preservatives are also available.

Super Premium

Food of this class must be free of harmful substances. The composition includes offal, cereals and a small amount of meat.

The most famous super-premium foods: Blitz, Leonardo, Iams, Arden Grange, 1st Choice, Bozita, Eagle Pack and others.


This is a new generation soft food for cats. They are specially designed for small pets. They contain only high-quality products that can be eaten even by people. They do not contain vegetable proteins, GMO products, dyes and other harmful additives. This food is completely natural, but its price is quite high.

Popular common holistics: NOW Natural Holistic, 1st Choice Holistic, GO Natural Holistic, Grandorf Farmina N&D.

Properly selected and well balanced food is excellent nutrition for pets throughout their life.

If necessary, can be purchased today:

  • easily digestible and absorbable formulations for pets with allergies or food intolerances:
  • diet recommended after illnesses;
  • soft food for cats with chronic kidney disease (CKD) or gastrointestinal disorders;
  • special dietary product for diseases of the urinary system.

Important nuances when feeding cats

In order for a cat to have energy, he needs animal protein, which is found in poultry meat,animals and fish. This is the most important component, so it should be on the label with a note about what kind of meat was used in its preparation. Minerals and vitamins are no less important for pets: vitamins of groups A, C, D, E, folic, nicotinic and phosphoric acid, ferrous sulfate, taurine and others.

As for the frequency of feeding the animal, many owners simply try to ensure that their pet's bowl is not empty. In some cases, this is not recommended, for example, if the cat is neutered, this will certainly lead to obesity. It is important to control the nutritional rate, it is indicated on the pack of any food.

Regarding the components, it is worth noting that animal fats and grains are not the most necessary components for these animals. The manufacturer adds them to increase the composition of complex carbohydrates. Cereals (corn, rice) can even be included in good formulations.

When choosing soft food for cats, you need to remember that the quality of the product does not depend on its cost. There is absolutely no relationship between the popularity of a product and its quality, or beautiful bright packaging and a good composition.

If a decision is made to change the food to a better one, you should not do it right away, because this will cause at least discomfort for the pet. This should be done gradually, starting with small doses, even if the composition is similar.

You can't feed animals in the morning with an economy-class product, and in the evening with a super-premium class. If you give a cat one food, then you need to give it constantly. Some owners mistakenly believe that their pet is boredeat the same food. This is a delusion.

If a cat stops eating soft food, there may be several reasons. For example, a product has deteriorated or lost its taste due to improper storage. Perhaps it is bad and tasteless. It is important to buy quality products. Decreased appetite in an animal can be caused by stress. It can also be caused by feeling unwell or having an illness.

What to watch on the package

Taking cat food (soft, dry) from the shelf in the store, you need to look not only at the front of the package, but also at the back, since it is on it that the exact composition of the product is indicated in grams or percentages:

  1. The first component worth paying attention to is by-products. Many people understand that this is something natural, but what exactly? By-products are called meat waste. Moreover, they can be very different: bones, hooves, skin, beak and more. This is known only to the manufacturer himself, so food that has a high content of animal protein, and of unknown quality, simply cannot be good and useful.
  2. The second important ingredient is meat. It is desirable that it make up the largest part of the feed.
  3. Another interesting component in the composition of the feed is the flour from the meat product. In principle, these are actually the same offal, only ground into flour.
  4. Minerals and vitamins. Many manufacturers have nothing more than these words written. All these elements must be specified.
  5. One of the components is taurine. This amino acidcat breeders are familiar enough.
  6. Some foods contain lactobacilli - a good ingredient that improves digestion. The name is often given in Latin.
  7. Caramel and sugar is another ingredient in feed. It is found mainly in economy class products. Sugar is needed to stimulate appetite, but for cats it is quite harmful.
soft food for cats with CKD
soft food for cats with CKD

Rating dry cat food

It is very important to choose a quality product. But how not to get lost in the abundance of goods? To help the reader, we suggest that you study the rating of cat food.

1. Royal Canin

In first place in our Royal Canin ranking. According to customer reviews, this is perhaps the most popular and widely available product that cats love very much. The feed belongs to the premium category. The line includes many different food options for all ages and breeds. For example, there is Royal Canin dry cat food:

  • for adult animals;
  • kittens;
  • neutered and neutered pets;
  • pregnant;
  • British, Maine Coons and other picky breeds;
  • animals with sensitive digestion.

There is even a product for removing wool from the stomach and many others.

The composition of this feed is perfectly balanced. The product includes natural meat, mineral and vitamin complexes necessary for he alth and vitality, and other useful substances.

soft premium cat food list
soft premium cat food list

2. Purina Pro Plan

The second place was taken by dry food for cats "Proplan Purina". It also belongs to the premium class. Lots of cats love it. The line of this product is not as large as the previous feed, but quite diverse. You can choose food based on the age of the pet and the general state of his he alth. The manufacturer offers dry cat food with the following specifications:

  • for spayed and neutered animals;
  • pregnant cats;
  • wool removal, normalization of digestion, dental he alth;
  • pets with sensitive skin;
  • cats that don't leave the house or, on the contrary, lead a very active lifestyle, and other options.
Hill's cat food
Hill's cat food

3. Hill's

Also premium food, but slightly more expensive. "Hills" has long been popular around the world. The manufacturer focuses primarily on the individual needs of pets. So, for example, the line includes food for:

  • weight control;
  • treatment and prevention of KSD;
  • care for the liver, kidneys, digestive system;
  • for pets with food sensitivities and allergies.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer offers not only everyday, but also diet products to solve various he alth problems.

cat stopped eating soft food
cat stopped eating soft food

4. Mera Cat

Fourth place German food Mera Cat. In our country, he appeared not so long ago, but has already managed to gain popularity and love of pets. The food belongs to the super-premium class, since it contains only natural ingredients without preservatives and dyes. These products are divided into different types, depending on:

  • age of animal;
  • his general he alth.

5. Acana

Dry food of this brand belongs to the super-premium class and is produced in Canada. It contains almost 50% of natural meat, natural vegetables, fruits and berries, which allows you to achieve a complete balance of all vitamins and microelements necessary for pets. "Akana" includes several feed lines:

  • for animals of all breeds;
  • disaggregated by pet age;
  • meal high in meat and protein;
  • food for cats with allergies.

6. Whiskas

Economy class food. It is popular due to its low prices. However, you should not forget about the price-quality ratio. Veterinarians strongly do not recommend Whiskas, because it contains a minimum of natural meat, vitamins and proteins. In addition, the manufacturer does not take into account the individual needs of animals, dividing the product line only with an emphasis on age:

  • kittens;
  • ages 1 to 7;
  • over 7 years.

Let's take a closer look at the rating of soft cat food. It includes the best and most popular products.

1. Purina Pro Plan

In this ranking soft food for cats "Purina" occupies the first position. As noted above in the article, these are inexpensive premium products. Some buyers appreciate it for its cost, others for its good composition and benefits for pets. Soft food for cats "Proplan" is divided into different types and types, so it is possible to choose food for each animal individually.

2. Royal Canin

Soft food for cats "Royal Canin" took the second position. It is considered one of the most popular products for furry stay-at-home pets. The manufacturer offers wet food of this brand, as well as dry food, in a large assortment, providing customers with a huge product line.

3. Butcher`s

This is the best soft food for cats ranked third in our ranking. The food belongs to the super-premium class, which is a guarantee that all the nutritional needs of the pet will be fully satisfied. The manufacturer offers a fairly extensive line, which is designed for pets of different ages and breeds. All cans contain natural meat, minerals and vitamins. Thanks to the gluten-free formula, this food can be safely fed even to animals with sensitive digestion or allergies.

4. Gourmet Gold

Gourmet Gold is available in both canned and pouches. This manufacturer focuses not so much on the he alth characteristics of pets and their age, but on taste. Today on the shelves of stores you can find soft food for cats "Gourmet Gold", which has eleven different flavors of meat, fish and poultry. Products of this brand are produced in a variety of forms: pate, soufflé, pieces in jelly, pieces in sauce. In addition to the meat ingredients, for example, various vegetables or pasta are added to it, which justifies the name of this brand.

Soft food for sterilized cats

People have always had a special relationship with study pets. This animal has been a pet for humans for many years.

In the modern world, many owners, in order to avoid problems with offspring and an unpleasant odor, carry out a special procedure - sterilization. The needs and nutritional algorithm of animals that have undergone this operation have some nuances. The reason is that after the intervention, the body undergoes serious changes: the hormonal background changes, the metabolic processes slow down, and due to this, appetite greatly increases. Such individuals are shown a special diet.

The first and most important thing to consider is that the energy requirements of treated pets are much lower than those of normal cats. Because of this, it is necessary to reduce the number of calories that the animal consumes by about 25-30%. If this is not done, then the furry friend will begin to gain weight, which can eventually lead to obesity.

Therefore, the nutrition of such cats should be specialized. To do this, you need to switch to specially designed feed of good quality. Neither inUnder no circumstances should pets be fed homemade food. Not only does it not provide the body with the necessary vitamins, but it can also pose a danger to the he alth of the animal. Very often, in addition to gaining excess weight, such a diet threatens diseases of the genitourinary and digestive systems.

The diet of a spayed cat. Features

Specialists recommend using a special soft food for sterilized cats. Here are the reasons why you should do it:

  1. This diet contains no extra calories, reducing the risk of obesity even for cats that like to eat a lot. This food is also easy to digest and contains a large amount of protein, which helps your pet to fill up faster.
  2. The feed contains a lot of water, and this is the prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system. The fact is that cats themselves drink little water, and for neutered individuals, this increases the risk of kidney problems. In wet canned food, the moisture content is approximately 70% by volume, which greatly increases the amount of liquid entering the animal's body.
  3. Cats among all types of food are more likely to eat soft food. Such a product has a more pronounced smell and taste, which attracts the animal the most when choosing food. The composition of soft food for cats is well balanced and varied.

Now let's move on to the rules of animal nutrition.

It is best to divide the daily allowance of food for a cat into 4 servings. It is also necessary to constantly pour clean water into the bowl. Need to followfor the composition of the feed, it should include all the substances necessary for the pet's body. But there should not be excess macronutrients, otherwise the development of urolithiasis is possible. It is always worth following the recommendations written on the package about the norms of daily consumption, and stick to them.

If the cat began to rapidly gain weight, then you should reduce not the number of feedings, but portions. You can try to make your pet more mobile by purchasing new toys for her.

When choosing wet food for an animal, one should not engage in savings. The food must be labeled "for sterilized cats" and be premium. It is important not to confuse with diet food, a he althy and active cat simply will not get enough of it.

Mixing food is a significant mistake, if a cat has switched to industrial food, then it's great, so be it.

Don't jump from one firm to another all the time. If the cat eats a certain soft food with pleasure, looks he althy and playful, and her coat is in order, then you should opt for this brand. The body of a pet gets used to a certain type of food, so experiments are unnecessary here. Due to the imbalance of macronutrients, indigestion or dysbacteriosis can occur. So all types of food should be from the same company. Veterinarians consider a mixture of dry and soft cat food to be the best diet option for sterilized animals. It is recommended to do this like this: two or three days one type of food, and the next couple of days another. This type of diet is considered the most balanced and mostsafe for he alth. You should never give pet food sold in a regular store. This economy-class food has an incomprehensible composition and is of poor quality. To do this, there are pet stores with a line of dry and wet food with an optimal composition.

It is worth remembering that each cat is special, and the approach to choosing food should be individual for each individual. And if everything is done correctly, then sterilization will actually double the life of a pet. Indeed, in which case it is not the food that is to blame, but the person who has taken responsibility for the animal!