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The best economy class food for cats: rating, review of the best, compositions, tips for choosing

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The best economy class food for cats: rating, review of the best, compositions, tips for choosing
The best economy class food for cats: rating, review of the best, compositions, tips for choosing

Choosing food for your pet is a difficult task. After all, I want him to live a long life and feel good. As a rule, veterinarians advise buying premium food. They contain a lot of meat and few dyes, flavor enhancers and other chemicals. But they are quite expensive. But what if the owner's budget is limited? In this case, you can find an inexpensive replacement. There are a lot of economy class foods sold in stores, but not all of them are equally good. How to choose the best? In this article, we present an overview and rating of budget cat food. Consider popular brands, their composition, advantages and disadvantages, as well as customer reviews.

Features of economy class feed

It is worth noting that veterinarians usually do not recommend feeding their animals with such food on an ongoing basis. The fact is that they contain a lot of s alt, flavors and flavor enhancers. All these ingredients adversely affect the he alth of the cat. If athe animal will eat such food for a long time, this will affect his well-being. They may become lethargic, lose weight, and their coat will fade. In addition, budget feeds are often the cause of the appearance of pathologies of the kidneys, liver and urinary system. For example, because of the excess s alt in the composition, cats are often diagnosed with urolithiasis.

What is included in budget feeds? Their basis is cereals and corn. For comparison: in premium feeds, from 20 to 40% of meat or products of its processing are used. In budget options, it usually contains from 4 to 10%. As a rule, it is meat flour. That is, ground cartilage, bones, tendons and even animal hooves. You can't find pure meat in budget feeds. Cats need protein to be he althy. In premium products, it is of animal origin. The composition of budget feeds includes vegetable protein.

Economy food

Another disadvantage of economy class products is their inaccurate composition. Manufacturers usually do not specify which grains or meat products they add to the feed. The exact names of flavor enhancers and flavors, as well as their quantity, do not appear on the packaging.

In reviews of budget cat food, buyers indicate that they managed to avoid the negative consequences of poor-quality composition. To do this, they gave their pets vitamin preparations that made up for their deficiency in the diet. Consumers love economy class food for its affordability. You can easily buy them in any supermarket for a small cost. Premium feedare usually sold only in specialized pet stores and veterinary pharmacies. They cost several times more than budget products.

Economy Cat Food Rating

If you still decide to feed your pet with budget products, it is best to choose the highest quality one. Don't take the first food you see. Some of them have a better composition and contain more meat. Feeding such a product will not bring much harm to the pet. Other foods may contain no meat at all. It is noteworthy that both products can cost about the same. Why is this happening? The fact is that manufacturers make a mark-up, focusing not only on the composition of the feed, but also on the costs associated with its advertising. For example, everyone has heard of the feed "Kitiket" and "Whiskas". They cost only slightly less than the lesser-hyped Purina One brand, but are far inferior in quality.

The list of economy cat food popular with customers includes the following brands:

  • Whiskas;
  • Kitekat;
  • Friskies;
  • Perfect Fit;
  • Purina One;
  • Felix;
  • Sheba;
  • Gourmet.

The following producers are included in the ranking of the best feeds:

  • Cat Chow;
  • Gemon;
  • Purina One;
  • Stout;
  • Perfect Fit.

We will tell you more about high-quality and popular brands of feed below.

Cat Chow

If you plan to buy only the best economy class food for your petfor cats, then pay attention to the Cat Chow brand. Its products are distinguished by a high-quality composition, which contains the most meat ingredients. It is produced in Russia or Hungary. In the first place in the composition are cereals. This is typical for economy class feed. Their exact number, unfortunately, is unknown. Then the manufacturer indicates that the composition includes processed meat products. Cat Chow contains about 33% of them, which is considered a very high figure for budget feeds. Also included are beets and parsley, yeast, vitamins and minerals. But their amount in the feed is minimal.

Cat Chow food

Many veterinarians point out that Cat Chow is the best food among budget manufacturers. Buyers in the reviews confirm that it is a quality product. Due to the high content of processed meat, cats feel good even with constant feeding. The owners also liked the availability of products for sterilized animals. But buyers believe that it also has its drawbacks. They did not like the high cost of feed. For a package weighing 400 grams, you will have to pay about 200 rubles. In addition, this food is only sold in pet stores.

Gemon food

Not always budget cat food is of poor quality. Some brands offer a worthy alternative to premium products. For example, Gemon in the reviews is called high-quality and inexpensive food by buyers. This is one of the best budget products for cats. It's all about its composition. Its basis is also cereals. Their numberthe manufacturer does not indicate, but he notes how much meat products are contained in the feed (from 8 to 16%, depending on the type). The composition also includes fats and oils, which have a positive effect on the condition of the pet's skin and coat. Minerals and yeast have been added to the food, as well as an ingredient that reduces the smell of feces.

Produced in Italy. Not only dry, but also wet products are produced in pouches. If you wish, you can buy special food for domestic or sterilized cats. In the reviews, buyers note that their pets tolerate Gemon well. Even with prolonged feeding, there is no deterioration in well-being. The minus of the feed is its high price, although it is cheaper than Cat Chow. The average cost of a package (400 g) is 185 rubles.

Purina One

Purina One products are often included in the rating of dry food for cats. This is a quality food for its price category, which is suitable for constant use. The brand belongs to the major manufacturer Nestle. Its factories are located in Russia, Italy and France. Several types of feed are produced at once. They are intended for feeding sterilized cats. You can also buy food that improves the quality of wool and helps to eliminate hairballs from the stomach. Purina One also has an age range. These foods are designed for small kittens or older cats.

The manufacturer indicates that his products contain at least 15% meat or fish in their composition and the same amount of cereals. It also includes corn starch, poultry protein andanimal fat. It is indicated that the composition includes mineral additives.

Purina One food

What do the customers think of this food? They often call it the best option among budget brands. They like that the food has a pleasant smell. Cats eat it with great pleasure and at the same time feel good. The cost of feed is higher than that of more advertised competitors. For a package of 200 grams, you will have to pay about 90 rubles. But Purina One is sold in almost all major grocery stores.


This is another quality dry food option for cats. No wonder buyers recommend it, and also include it in the ratings of the best manufacturers. This food is produced in Gatchina, not far from St. Petersburg. Its main advantage is a good composition. In the first place it indicates bird or meat meal. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not specify its percentage. In the composition you can see wheat, vegetable protein, fish oil, corn and even rice. A small amount contains taurine, as well as vitamins and minerals. The manufacturer produces food for older cats and small kittens. There are products for animals with allergies, sensitive digestion and urolithiasis. Wet food is available separately in portion packs.

A wide choice of feeds is called by buyers in the reviews a significant advantage. They note that cats are happy to eat its pellets. They are quite small, so they are easy to chew on. In the reviews, the owners indicate that the animals feel good,even if they eat food all the time. The cost of feed also pleasantly pleased the buyers. A package (300 g) can be purchased for 100 rubles. But the food is rarely found even in pet stores, which is a significant disadvantage.

Perfect Fit

Another contender for Best Economy Cat Food. It is produced in Russia, Germany or Hungary. Many buyers praise first of all the composition of the feed, as it contains a lot of meat products. Its amount is at least 20%. But this is not pure meat, but flour made from offal or cartilage. It also contains corn and wheat. Additionally, the manufacturer adds animal protein to the feed, which is another plus. Usually in budget products, its vegetable analogue is used. Perfect Fit contains mineral and vitamin supplements.

Perfect Fit

This brand produces budget food for sterilized cats, as well as for domestic and food-sensitive animals. Not only dry, but also wet products are produced.

In the reviews, buyers were satisfied with the purchased goods. It has a pleasant smell, and cats eat it with great pleasure. They also drink a lot of water. This is a good habit, as it prevents the development of urolithiasis. They did not like the large amount of s alt in the composition. But I was pleased with the cost. A package of 650 g will cost the owners 200-250 rubles.


It's not uncommon to see Whiskas brand products on the economy cat food list. No wonder, because shetoday is one of the most popular among pet owners. But how good are these feeds? Veterinarians, for example, categorically do not recommend feeding them to their cats. They contain very little meat products (about 4%). This is not enough to keep the pet he althy. It is also unknown what quality this meat has. Most likely flour made from cartilage. The composition also includes wheat flour, vegetable protein extracts, fig.

Both dry and wet types are available. There are several flavors available for sale. There is a separate line for kittens. In the reviews, buyers do not praise this food too much. Because of the flavor enhancers, cats eat this food, but do not feel very well after it. For example, their owners note that pets with constant feeding of Whiskas began to hardly go to the tray. In addition, the animal may begin to lose its weight. But there are 2 advantages - it's price and availability. You can buy a package (350 g) for only 95 rubles. They are sold at the same time in any grocery stores.


If you are looking for a budget-friendly dry cat food, sooner or later look to Kitekat. This is one of the cheapest and most affordable options. But he cannot boast of good quality either. It is noteworthy that Kitekat is produced by the same manufacturer as Whiskas. Therefore, their compositions are very similar. It also contains only 4% meat meal. It consists of several cereals at once, as well as vegetable protein and brewer's yeast. In feed reviews, veterinarians categorically advise against feeding this product.their cats. It does not contain enough nutrients to keep pets he althy. In reviews, owners often describe cases of diagnosing urolithiasis in cats that constantly ate only this food.

Of course, the main advantage of the feed is its low price. You can buy a package weighing 850 g for only 130 rubles.

Food "Kiteket"


There are many types of economy-class cat food in stores. Another inexpensive option is Friskies. The manufacturer additionally produces wet food. There is also a line of preventive nutrition. This includes products for neutered and domestic cats.

In the first place in the composition of this feed are cereals and vegetable protein. Then the manufacturer indicates the products of meat processing, but does not specify their quantity. Accordingly, they are also no more than 4%. The composition contains dyes and preservatives, as well as dried peas.

This is another example of poor quality food that is not recommended for your cat on a regular basis. Veterinarians in the reviews confirm that Friskies can adversely affect the he alth of the pet and cause the development of urolithiasis. Its cost can be called low. For a package of 400 g you will have to pay about 90 rubles.


In stores you can see not only dry, but also wet economy-class cat food. For example, the Felix brand is often found on the shelves. The manufacturer does not produce dry food. Felix is ​​sold in small pouches of 80 g. The line consists of severalflavors, customers have a choice between sauces and jellies. In the first place in the composition indicates meat and products of its processing. But there are not too many of them. The food also contains vegetable protein extract, amino acids, vitamins, thickeners and sugar. The last two ingredients can harm the cat's he alth. In the reviews, buyers note that their animals are happy to eat this food. They also like the low cost. The price of one bag can vary from 20 to 30 rubles. But veterinarians warn that it is impossible to feed this food to your animals on an ongoing basis. It is best to buy it as a treat several times a month.

wet food

Gourmet Wet Cat Food

Another affordable wet food option for cats. You can buy it in almost every store. Customers are offered products with different flavors to choose from. There are also mini-bags weighing only 50 grams and pâtés, which are sold in metal cans.

The composition of the feed is practically the same as the products of other competitors. It includes the minimum amount of meat products. Only about 4%. There is vegetable protein, vitamins, dyes and sugar. Of course, this amount of meat in the composition is not enough to maintain the he alth of the pet. Despite this, in the reviews, the owners note that cats eat this food with pleasure. They also like that bags and jars of pâté are sold in any grocery store. Their cost is also not great. You can buy one package for 25-30 rubles. The pate will costa little more expensive. Its price varies from 30 to 50 rubles.


Another variant of the much-touted economy wet cat food. The manufacturer positions Sheba as a high-quality treat for animals, but in fact it practically does not differ in composition from competitors. It contains only 4% meat and offal. The food contains taurine, vitamins and minerals. The main plus is the absence of sugar, thickeners and dyes. This compares favorably with its competitors, but still there is too little meat in the composition so that the food can be recommended for constant feeding. However, it also has a higher cost. One bag of Sheba will cost the buyer 30-40 rubles.

Food "Sheba"

What is the best budget cat food? If you can't afford to buy premium products for your pet, try to get a quality budget replacement. The more meat products will be contained in its composition, the better. Veterinarians often recommend Cat Chow, Purina One, Perfect Fit.

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