Food "Grandorf" for dogs: reviews of veterinarians, an overview of the range, compositions

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Food "Grandorf" for dogs: reviews of veterinarians, an overview of the range, compositions
Food "Grandorf" for dogs: reviews of veterinarians, an overview of the range, compositions

Video: Food "Grandorf" for dogs: reviews of veterinarians, an overview of the range, compositions

Video: Food "Grandorf" for dogs: reviews of veterinarians, an overview of the range, compositions
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The he alth of pets largely depends on the quality of food. The ideal solution is to choose a holistic food. These include the hypoallergenic food for dogs "Grandorf". Feedback from owners and veterinarians about it, composition, advantages and disadvantages will be discussed in the article.

What is the product?

The presented product is produced in Italy and Belgium and meets all European quality standards. The production provides for strict control at all stages of production, so the consumer can be sure of choosing feed obtained from natural ingredients. No wonder the food "Grandorf" for dogs receives positive reviews - both from the owners of four-legged animals and from veterinarians.

Product lineup

It is not so easy to choose a balanced diet for your dog depending on age. Feeding natural food is not convenient for all owners, as it requires a significant time investment.

Therefore, the specialists of the company "Grandorf"developed a line of products tailored to the different needs of dogs. In total, there are 4 categories of food produced by this brand: with probiotics, low-grain, grain-free and wet. Let's dwell on each in more detail.

grandorf for dogs reviews veterinarians
grandorf for dogs reviews veterinarians

Probiotic food

The product contains natural microorganisms Enterococcus faecium, they help normalize the digestive tract. Feeding your dog daily with this type of food allows you to restore the intestinal microflora and maintain it in a he althy state. As a result, nutrients are better absorbed, the deficiency of micro- and macronutrients is leveled, the animal's condition improves, the coat becomes silky and shiny.

Probiotics are added to food in the form of enteric acid resistant capsules at the end of the cooking cycle. This allows you to keep them in the feed.

The product is packaged in bags of 1, 3 and 12 kg and is available in two versions - for adult dogs of any size and for small ones. Estimated feed cost:

  • 1 kg for all dogs costs 680 rubles, for miniature dogs - 740 rubles;
  • 3 kg for small breeds - 1849 rubles, small breeds - 1700 rubles, any - 1400 rubles;
  • 12 kg - suitable for any dogs, its cost is 5500 rubles.

Low Grain

This food is based on brown rice, lamb or white fish. Due to the gluten-free content, this food is suitable for puppies and pets with sensitive stomachs. Rice also contains B vitamins, mineral components, and it is uniqueenergy source.

One of the food line - "Lamb with Rice" - is available in six versions for different breeds of dogs:

  • Food for pregnant and lactating females of small and medium breeds and puppies.
  • "Junior" - for puppies from 4 months of age, as well as females of medium and large breeds during pregnancy and feeding babies.
  • "Mini" - food "Grandorf" for dogs of small breeds (reviews about the product note its unique composition, which positively affects the well-being and he alth of pets).
  • "Medium" - for four-legged medium size.
  • "Maxi" - for pets of large breeds.

In the same category, White Fish with Rice food is produced for adult dogs. The cost of feed is 600-5000 rubles.

Grain Free

In these "Grandorf" feeds, instead of cereals, there is potato sweet potato. Experts have developed two versions of the product, which contain a large amount of meat. The food is suitable for dogs prone to allergies, disorders of the digestive system, hair loss and increased skin sensitivity. Feeds are intended for furry pets older than a year, their cost is from 600 to 5000 rubles.


These are canned food weighing 150-400 grams. In these meat products - 80%. In reviews of canned food "Grandorf" for dogs, consumers note the pleasant smell of the product. Bank costs 100-170 rubles. The consistency of the food resembles a pate, this option is suitable for dogs with an allergic reaction. It is produced in the following types: "Veal", "Rabbit", "Lamb", "Chicken with rice", "Turkey". Byreviews, food "Grandorf" for dogs from this line can be given as an independent dish, or alternated with dry granules.

Feed composition

All types of food produced by Grandorf belong to the premium class of the holistic category. These are the highest quality products available on the market today. The composition of the feed includes only high-quality natural ingredients. The meat part occupies at least 40% in the total composition of the feed. These are lamb, duck, turkey, rabbit and fish.

food grandorf for dogs of small breeds reviews
food grandorf for dogs of small breeds reviews

Meat in the feed is present in a dehydrated state, water is removed from it during processing, so the components do not deteriorate for a long time. In addition, the ingredients are hypoallergenic and suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion and allergies.

The meat component has a low calorie content and at the same time the optimal amount of amino acids and vitamins. The fish pulp has the same indicators, and also contains a large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acid Omega-3.

In addition to meat (fish), the feed contains:

  • krill - a seafood rich in iodine, sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium;
  • carob, which includes tannins, proteins, trace elements, vitamins, pectin;
  • rice is a source of calories and fiber;
  • extracts of fruits, vegetables, herbs with antimicrobial, antiviral and antibacterial effects;
  • chondroitin, glucosamine - chondroprotectors that preserve he althbones and ligaments;
  • vitamins and minerals - the proportion of these components is increased compared to dry food of other classes from other manufacturers.

Thanks to such a well-thought-out composition of the food, the dog receives a daily norm of useful substances, macro- and microelements for his he alth and a fulfilling life. Reviews of the food "Grandorf" for small dogs, as well as medium and large, confirm these characteristics.

grandorf dog food reviews veterinarians
grandorf dog food reviews veterinarians

Food contains no allergenic ingredients:

  • wheat;
  • s alt;
  • artificial additives;
  • soy;
  • corn;
  • beets;
  • eggs;
  • GMO;
  • chicken and its fat.

Product Benefits

In the feed of the presented brand, the optimal set of natural nutrients, vitamins, micro and macro elements. They have a large amount of quality meat and fish. By feeding similar foods to dogs:

  • maintains the balance of the microflora of the digestive tract;
  • strengthens bones and joints;
  • normalizes the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • increases immune defense;
  • improves digestion;
  • reduces the risk of allergies;
  • muscles grow properly;
  • reduces the risk of pancreatic inflammation.

Cons of feed

Among the shortcomings of the products in question, it is worth highlighting a small amount of fiber - only 5% of the required norm. It can cause bloatingdiarrhea or constipation.

Some owners don't like the fact that food is distributed only through the Internet and it is not available in regular pet stores. This feature is associated with negative reviews about the dry food "Grandorf" for dogs.

dog food reviews
dog food reviews

How much to give?

Given that the nutritional value and saturation with vitamins and useful elements in the presented products is higher than in any other, manufacturers recommend a significantly lower feed rate per meal. Tables of daily volumes are placed on the packages. But keep in mind that there are approximate serving sizes. It is necessary to calculate the amount of food for a particular pet based on the weight, age and behavior of the animal.

Vet Tips

Reviews about "Grandorf" for dogs are mostly positive, but in order for the pet to benefit from food, you should follow some recommendations:

  • four-legged friend should have access to clean water at all times;
  • do not mix different types of food - for example, dry food and natural food, otherwise the imbalance in the dog's body simply cannot be avoided, digestive problems will make themselves felt instantly;
  • you can not feed food from the table of the owners, sweet, spicy, smoked, s alty food;
  • Puppies should be given food designed exclusively for their age.

If the dog enters an overly active life or is pregnant, feeding puppies, the daily feed rate in this case is increased.

It must be said that not allveterinarians nowadays support the idea of feeding dogs with prepared foods. They are of the opinion that nothing can replace natural food, no matter how high-quality the industrial feed is. Perhaps they are right. However, owners who choose ready-made products for their pets are guided not only by the lack of time to prepare daily meals for their pets, but, above all, by the balanced composition of the food produced. And if the option of feeding the dog "drying" is already chosen, it is worth preferring the highest quality positions offered by modern companies producing goods for four-legged animals. And of course, the food brand discussed in the article deserves the highest positions in the ratings.

food grandorf for small dogs reviews
food grandorf for small dogs reviews

Where and by whom is the product made?

Grandorf was founded in France over 50 years ago. Veterinarians, technologists and breeders took part in the development of the recipe.

Today, food is produced in Belgium, Italy and Thailand.

In Russia, the feed of the presented brand can only be bought via the Internet, unfortunately, there are no other ways to purchase it yet.

Products are produced on modern high-tech equipment in a low-temperature mode, which allows you to save vitamins and all useful substances.

dry food grandorf for dogs reviews
dry food grandorf for dogs reviews

Expert opinions

Reviews of veterinarians about "Grandorf" for dogs are mostly positive. Experts characterize it as the highest quality product of the manycurrently on the market. As advantages, doctors call a balanced composition, high digestibility and nutritional value. According to them, this is the perfect food option for four-legged friends of any age.

Cynologists recommend purchasing Grandorf food, despite the fact that the product is not considered cheap, but when it comes to the he alth and mood of the dog, all costs are worth it.

Judging by the reviews of veterinarians, Grandorf dog food stands out among other pet products on the market. The food has a unique composition, and therefore is recommended by experts.

However, there are also isolated negative reviews. Consumers, wondering about the manufacturer of food "Grandorf", found out that in Europe there is simply no such trademark. And although the product is produced in European countries, but it is not registered there, the product is released on the basis of a concluded contract. That is, any plant provides its equipment for the production of feed, but is not responsible for the composition of the products. That is why there are reasonable doubts about the quality of the product, and many veterinarians and dog handlers stop recommending the purchase of food to pet owners.

grandorf for dogs of small breeds reviews
grandorf for dogs of small breeds reviews

Feedback from hosts

Owner reviews about Grandorf dog food are not always enthusiastic. Some hosts point out its shortcomings:

  • dog didn't eat the recommended portion;
  • allergic;
  • wool has becomefall out;
  • unreasonably increased amount of excrement;
  • high price per pack.

Reviews like this are rare, but they do exist. Nobody canceled the individual reaction to the product, and what is good for one dog may not be suitable for another at all. In any case, it is important to check with your veterinarian before introducing a new type of food to your pet's diet.

Most of the owners, having purchased food "Grandorf" for dogs, have left extremely positive reviews about it. The owners of four-legged friends emphasize that the products of the presented brand simply have no flaws. After using it, the pet's stool, disturbed by the nutrition of other manufacturers, returned to normal, allergies disappeared and the hair stopped falling out.

Reviews about "Grandorf" for dogs of small breeds and others are mostly positive. Pets are happy to consume the proposed product, are in a great mood, cheerful and energetic.

The coat of animals acquires a pleasant shine, and immunity becomes strong.

The owners emphasize not only the quality of the food, but also the convenient packaging of the goods, which is also important.

Given the feedback about "Grandorf" for dogs from owners and veterinarians, we can confidently say that the food is of high quality, and therefore the demand for it is increased.