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Marriage registration without a solemn ceremony how is it carried out?

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Marriage registration without a solemn ceremony how is it carried out?
Marriage registration without a solemn ceremony how is it carried out?

Wedding is a very important and responsible process. This is a celebration that will be remembered for years to come. But some prefer the direct registration of relationships without too much fuss. For example, sign and go immediately on a honeymoon trip or to a restaurant. Not always and not everyone has a desire to arrange a noisy painting with many guests in the registry office. Fortunately, citizens are allowed to register a marriage without a solemn ceremony. Before agreeing to it, you need to learn more about this process and weigh all the pros and cons of this option.

marriage registration without solemn ceremony

Main difference

In general, a wedding is a marriage between two people followed by a celebration. Usually all couples arrange a walk, which can even last for several days in a row. In the registry office, the bride and groom are brought to a beautiful hall, guests are seated in it, thena speech is read, and the newlyweds put their signatures on a special document. If there are witnesses, they also sign in a special book. The guests congratulate the newlyweds, then they are presented with a marriage certificate, memorable photos are taken, and the young people leave the hall.

This is how the solemn painting goes. Registration of marriage without a solemn ceremony is usually carried out without such movements. Future newlyweds simply document their consent to marriage, and they are issued a certificate. No crowds of guests, no vivid impressions.

Setting a date

Are you interested in registering a marriage without a solemn ceremony? What days does it take place? This question interests many. After all, for sure, celebrations and ordinary painting are held at different times.

registration of marriage without a solemn ceremony photo

In general, each registry office has its own rules on this matter. It happens that both solemn registration and regular registration take place on the same days. Therefore, it is enough to ask about the days of the celebrations in the organization in your city.

As a rule, non-ceremonial painting will take place by appointment. Moreover, most likely, you will be included in the same list that is used for the solemn registration of marriage. Only in the first case, this process will take much less time.

True, in some cases, you can see that marriage registration without a solemn ceremony is held on weekdays, and a wedding with a celebration in the registry office is scheduled for the weekend and Friday. Basically, the rules you have tofind out in the institution of your city. Everywhere has its own rules.

registration of marriage without a solemn ceremony in Moscow


Registration of marriage without a solemn ceremony requires prior entry of the spouses in a special queue. This process, as already mentioned, is carried out in exactly the same way as in the case of organizing a celebration. You need to collect some documents and then present them to the registry office. Bring:

  • your civil passports;
  • application (to be completed at the reception);
  • receipt for payment of state duty (350 rubles in Russia);
  • divorce papers (if someone has been previously married).

That's all. With this list, you will need to come to the registry office and apply for a signature. You will be asked exactly what type of registration you want: solemn or not. Next, tell the date on which you assign the painting. In case of a shortage of seats, you will have to reschedule the event - you will be offered the next free day. After agreeing on the wedding, you can simply wait for "Day X".

How much to apply for

Are you interested in registering a marriage without a solemn ceremony? You also need to know the deadlines for submitting an application to the registry office. After all, this moment should be taken into account by the spouses so that they can set the date for the painting.

At the moment, you can use the electronic queue at the registry office. It is formed maximum 6 months before marriage. In general, as practice shows, it is advisable to come with a statement 1, 5-2 months before the planned marriage.

registration of marriage without a solemn ceremony

As a rule, registration of marriage without a solemn ceremony (photos presented), which was scheduled six months in advance, must be confirmed 2 months in advance by future newlyweds. It is enough to call and inform that you are not canceling the ceremony. It is better to come to the registry office on your own. Please note that not all institutions have such rules. Somewhere confirmation must be made a week before the wedding, in some places it does not take place at all.

Early holding

In some cases, you won't have to wait at all. When is early marriage registration carried out without a solemn ceremony? When the bride is pregnant - this is the most common scenario. A woman must present a certificate of interest to the registry office in order for the painting to be accelerated. Your relationship can register in about a week or instantly. It all depends on the registry office.

Also, early painting takes place in the event of a serious illness of one of the future spouses. Long business trips for work are another option for quick registration of relationships. There is no such thing in the solemn painting. The last moment taken into account in the registry office is the birth of a joint child. If you submitted a birth certificate for a baby who was born quite recently, then your relationship with the father / mother of the child will be issued ahead of schedule. Perhaps this is the main advantage of the absence of the solemn part.

registration of marriage without a solemn ceremony during pregnancy


Are you interested in registering a marriage without a solemn ceremony? How is this event held? It has already been said that there will be no "hype" near the spouses. On the appointed day and time, the couple must come to the registry office with their passports. Next, you will be invited to a special small office (usually this is the place for submitting a joint application). You will be given a special document with data about your future spouse and about you. There you check the correspondence of the information to reality and put your signature in the right place. Your passion does the same.

Next will have to wait a bit. You will be issued a marriage certificate (after checking your passports) and will be given it. Plus, if there are rings and you brought them, you can wear these jewelry at the request of the person conducting the marriage registration. That's all. Now, when the couple leaves the registry office, she will be considered to have entered into a marriage union.


Some are wondering what features our event today has. After all, registering a marriage without a solemn ceremony (in Moscow or any other city) is far from the rarest occurrence. What do you need to know before agreeing to such an act?

First of all, you can't take a crowd of guests with you. The office where you will register the marriage is small. And usually only couples and a photographer are allowed in there. But witnesses are unlikely to be taken. Even parents are not allowed to watch the process.

Secondly, you will not need to plan a celebration. Even the suit and dress are optional. The main thing is that you havepassports.

marriage registration without a solemn ceremony on what days

Thirdly, as practice shows, painting without a celebration is usually carried out on weekdays. And this means that you can register a relationship with your passion, for example, during a lunch break at work. Very convenient for those who are used to saving time.


Of course, our process today has its pros and cons. You should start on the positive side. After all, registration of marriage without a solemn ceremony is quite common in the modern world.

Firstly, as already mentioned, there will be no need to call a crowd of guests. If you wish, relatives can wait for you in the waiting room or near the registry office. Some couples even secretly sign, and relatives are simply informed.

Secondly, there is an early registration of relations.

Thirdly, the minimum cost for the celebration. All you have to do is pay the state fee, which now amounts to 350 rubles in Russia (from each future spouse).

Fourthly, time costs. Registration without a celebration is faster than with a noisy holiday.


Unfortunately, this process also has disadvantages. Only for some they are not so significant. For many, a wedding is associated with celebration. Accordingly, everyone wants to remember it. But without a solemn formalization of relations, this will not be fully possible.

how to register a marriage without a solemn ceremony

Also, painting without a celebration is a dull and dull event. And it is unlikely to bring a lot of positive emotions to you and your loved ones. Many parents react negatively to the fact that their children decide to quietly and calmly register a relationship without too much fuss.

In general, painting without a holiday is devoid of entourage and touching. And relatives are usually not allowed to attend. It is these points that should be considered if you decide to formalize the relationship without a celebration.

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