21 years of marriage - opal wedding: congratulations, gifts

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21 years of marriage - opal wedding: congratulations, gifts
21 years of marriage - opal wedding: congratulations, gifts

Video: 21 years of marriage - opal wedding: congratulations, gifts

Video: 21 years of marriage - opal wedding: congratulations, gifts
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Celebrating a wedding anniversary is an important family event. Every passing year brings joys and sorrows. This is an occasion to sum up some results and make adjustments.

21 years of marriage - the date is not round, but significant. In many countries of the world, this age is considered the age of majority of a person. Likewise, a family that formed 21 years ago can be considered an adult and has passed the main tests.

Lived together for 21 years: what kind of wedding?

Most often, children have already grown up by this time, and spouses can afford to take care of their relationship.

The symbol of this anniversary is opal. A stone born in the vents of a volcano, passed through the fire and became beautiful, rightly symbolizes the strength and reliability of the family.

21 years of marriage
21 years of marriage

In the mythology of different peoples, opal is considered a stone of love, trust and wisdom. There is no doubt that the couple, who have crossed the line called "21 years of marriage", having gone through the crucible of life's difficulties, have retained love and trust.

The past years leave their mark on the relationship of the spouses. The ardent love of youth turns into a calm channel. Passion subsides, giving way to quiet family joys. Therefore the celebrationthis date often goes unnoticed. Psychologists believe that this is wrong. The opportunity to celebrate 21 years of marriage is an occasion to renew dormant feelings and take family relationships to a higher level.


Traditionally, an opal wedding is celebrated together. A romantic candlelit dinner or going to a restaurant has its own charm. But you can celebrate the event much brighter. For example, to become a wizard for a husband (or wife) and fulfill his dream. Usually loving spouses for 21 years of marriage manage to study their soul mate to the smallest detail. Therefore, choosing a gift should not be a particular problem. Naturally, not every family can afford the cost of expensive cars and travel. But you can show your imagination and make a gift that does not cost money, but is expensive for the relationship of the spouses.

  1. Remember the first meeting and try to recreate the circumstances.
  2. Take a walk through the places of love.
  3. Have a country picnic for two.
  4. Take an excursion to some symbolic place.

Celebrate 21 years of marriage: what to give?

Opal wedding implies that gifts should contain this stone. It may be worth giving a piece of jewelry, but not for everyone.

21 years of marriage
21 years of marriage

Many men do not consider it possible to wear jewelry with a stone, and women attach great importance to their symbolism. Therefore, in most cases, you should abandon an expensive purchase. It is better to give what the other half dreams of.

What to give your husband?

Most often men are undemanding to gifts. And they certainly believe that the wife cannot know what fishing rods (cartridges, tools and additives) are needed to captivate her husband. Wanting to surprise your husband, to prove that 21 years of marriage was not lived in vain, you should carefully study the issue and present a completely unexpected thing.

Giving a fishing ticket or a season ticket to a hockey (football) match scheduled for next weekend is likely to turn into a happy week of family life. And a joint visit to the selected event will definitely add a new note to family relationships.

To complement the gift to the spouse you need a good congratulation. For example, this poem is suitable:

Happy Anniversary!

Love you, the only man!

I'm not sad with you and I won't let you go anywhere.

Happy anniversary congratulations, Wish you all the best!

What to give your wife?

No matter how trite it may sound, flowers are a must for any woman's gift. In connection with the date, it is necessary to choose the right bouquet. The symbolism of flowers should reflect the feelings of the giver:

  • aster - a symbol of love and sophistication;
  • gladiolus - sincerity, fidelity;
  • iris - faith, hope, devotion;
  • forget-me-not - fidelity, memories;
  • chrysanthemums - reliability, trust, love.

Congratulations attached to the bouquet will tell about all the thoughts of the spouse. For example, a wife can be congratulated like this:

Today is our anniversary -

Wedding day according to the calendar.

I'm your only man!

I love you alone.

Congratulations on our wedding day, I sincerely wish you all the best!

21 years of marriage congratulations to husband
21 years of marriage congratulations to husband

Do not give cosmetics, clothes and shoes. All these items are too individual, and it is very difficult to understand their necessity. You should not give scales, weight loss devices and other trifles that may indicate the spouse's shortcomings. Women are sensitive to symbolism. Therefore, it is better to choose something that will show the wife the true feelings of her husband.


And if you were invited to the celebration of the wedding day (21 years), what to give to friends?

The main rule of a gift: it must be properly presented. It is worth considering that this is a joint holiday of the spouses. And you can give individual presents only if you correctly accompany them with congratulations. For example, collect a basket of small souvenirs symbolizing the 21st year.

21 years of marriage what to give
21 years of marriage what to give

What wedding would be complete without music? Collect an album from the songs of youth. Such a gift will be nice to receive spouses for 21 years of marriage. Congratulations to the husband and wife must be said sincerely. It can also be accompanied by comic wishes. Such a gift will not go unnoticed even against the backdrop of a large number of guests.

Magical Traditions

For lovers of magic and folk beliefs, you can perform a ritual aimed at well-being and strengthening family ties.

For this, in the morning before the wedding anniversary, you need to take an opal stone andput in a crystal vase. Pour clean water, pour a spoonful of sugar, express your wishes for the future. Put the vase on the windowsill so that it is charged with the energy of the sun during the day and the energy of the moon at night. Water your favorite flower on the morning of your wedding day.

21 what a wedding
21 what a wedding

You can not conduct the ceremony in a bad mood, after a scandal or with anxiety. You need to calm down and set yourself up for positive emotions.

Dangers for spouses

Many years spent together is not a guarantee of a happy life in the future. This is the age of the family when one of the main connecting links leaves. Adult children, who by this time are arranging their own fate, cannot distract their parents from the problems that undoubtedly arise in marital relations. It is important to remember that petty nit-picking each other sometimes creates an insurmountable obstacle to joint happiness. So, a carefully arranged family boat is able to instantly break on a rude word or a cup not placed there. Breaking relationships is easy, but keeping them for a long time is worth exorbitant work. Love, proven over the years, requires development and support, regardless of the period. Whether they will live their lives happily, like in a fairy tale, or will regret the years they have lived, depends only on the spouses themselves and their willingness to support each other in any situation.


Now you know how the 21st wedding year is celebrated, what to give for this celebration. We hope you can find the right item as a surprise.