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How old is a cast-iron wedding? 6 years of marriage: gifts, congratulations

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How old is a cast-iron wedding? 6 years of marriage: gifts, congratulations
How old is a cast-iron wedding? 6 years of marriage: gifts, congratulations

The spouses have passed exactly one year since the fifth anniversary. And after how many years - a cast-iron wedding? Just in 6! Such an event couples are sure to celebrate and exchange gifts.

What does the date mean?

6 years of marriage is a decent amount of time. The date symbolizes the transition from fragile to strong. After all, cast iron is a hard and stable metal. Six years of living together indicate that the spouses already have a fairly stable union. Only the chilled feelings of partners can break him. Children have already appeared in the family, household chores have dragged the woman into their nets, and the man is working hard at work. The main thing is not to forget about the holiday and how to celebrate it in order to live many more happy years. Even if there are problems in the relationship between husband and wife, celebrating 6 years of marriage will help them shake things up and return to their old feelings.

how old is a cast iron wedding
how old is a cast iron wedding

Note that this is only the beginning of marriage, there are many more anniversaries and anniversaries ahead. After "black metal" the couple is waiting for "silver" and "gold". That's whyif you really love your spouse, but discord has begun, then immediately begin to restore harmony. Show how much you love each other, learn to forgive.

Traditions and customs

To make 6 years of marriage far from the last date, many turn to ancient customs and traditions for help. In the past, on such a significant day, a woman had to clean all the cast-iron dishes in the house and parade them to her neighbors. So that they can see how economic and hardworking she is. Nowadays, few people will do this, so a girl can simply cook dishes for a festive steel in cast iron dishes. Showing off your culinary skills is also one of the old customs.

6 years of marriage
6 years of marriage

On this day, the mother-in-law should come with a white glove or a rag. Its purpose is to check the cleanliness of the house for the presence of dust and dirt. If the woman did not pass the test, then the mother-in-law punishes her husband for not creating conditions for order in the house. After that, the wife, because she must, in spite of everything, put things in order in the house. And only then everyone can sit down at the table.

During the meal, a bag is passed over the guests, in which everyone must put a coin. This will bring prosperity and well-being to the spouses.

Festive table

After how many years - a cast-iron wedding? Just after 6 years of marriage. The date is not round, so spouses often celebrate it together.

The best dishes for a romantic dinner are those that imply some continuation. It's about aphrodisiacs. As is known, thismushrooms, seafood, grapes, strawberries, ginger, nutmeg, chili, eggs, asparagus, celery, avocados, peppers, dark chocolate. Do not cook with a lot of oil, the food should be light. Otherwise, stomach discomfort can ruin the evening. Also, too complex recipes can tire and take away strength. Great fit:

  • z vegetables;
  • chocolate truffles;
  • mashed soup;
  • seafood salad;
  • cake;
  • topping ice cream;
  • fruits.
wedding anniversary 6 years what kind of wedding is it
wedding anniversary 6 years what kind of wedding is it

The cake "6 years of marriage" must be, because for a couple this is a significant holiday that should be celebrated with dignity. If the recipe is very simple, then pay attention to decorating baking. According to ancient traditions, the wife should be engaged in cooking, ordering in a culinary or restaurant is contraindicated. There are no clear instructions here, the main thing is that it turns out delicious. Cook what you are sure of, culinary experiments are best done later.

And, of course, do not forget about alcohol, it will complement the romantic evening.

For guests, you can cook everything that you used to do for the holidays. The main thing is that the process takes place in cast iron dishes. Make pancakes and serve them right in the pan. Decorate the table with rowan.

Gifts from friends and relatives

6 years of marriage
6 years of marriage

A cast-iron wedding gift should be symbolic.

  • The best option is cast iron kitchen utensils: pans, pots, dishes, bread pan,goose.
  • A couple with a sense of humor will love the toy railroad, which reflects the development of family life.
  • If you are giving something that is not cast iron, just put a small iron thing like a ring or a coin in the gift bag.
  • Dumbbells are a symbolic and at the same time necessary gift.
  • A metal ashtray is a perfect gift for a smoking man.
  • Order a cast iron cake.

Also, great as a gift:

  • metal stationery stand;
  • cast iron grate for fireplace, wood stand;
  • brazier to order with the initials of the spouses engraved on it;
  • street lamps;
  • castle;
  • cast-iron candlesticks, pots, vase;
  • stone photo frame;
  • engraved iron or kettle;
  • if you give money, then buy a beautiful box and add the amount of coins into it.

Another name

How old is a cast-iron wedding, so much is rowan. This is the second name of the celebration. Therefore, gifts can be made not only from metal, but also from berries.

  • It is nice for a man to get a tincture or wine from mountain ash. Better handmade. In Russia, mountain ash drinks were considered healing, so they were used only in special cases: when trouble happened, depression began or a breakdown was felt.
  • Jam or rowan marmalade is suitable for a woman.
  • Rabberry beads, with the addition of beads or natural materials, will eithera good decorative element, symbolizing 6 years of marriage, or a decoration for a lady.

Also fit:

  • beaded rowan tree;
  • composition of natural materials;
  • topiary.
6 years wedding postcard
6 years wedding postcard

Rowan is a warlike tree, according to legend, it helps to kindle a sensual flame in spouses and protect them from trouble. To activate the abilities of the berry, you need to make a rowan amulet. As long as the berries in the amulet do not lose their color, trouble will not come to the house.

European style

Don't know what to give when friends have a cast-iron wedding anniversary? 6 years old - what kind of wedding is it in European countries? In Europe, it is called candy, or caramel. It’s already easier to decide on a present, isn’t it? Just present caramel figures for the sweet life of partners. Or fill the basket with different lollipops.

Couple Gifts

If you can't decide what to give based on cast iron, mountain ash and candy, then present something non-symbolic, but on topic. For example: a T-shirt, a mug, a plate with a picture of a couple. Things for two bring partners very close. Go to photo shops. They provide many services for creating souvenirs from pictures: a stone with a photo, a pillow, key rings, photo puzzles, playing cards, a computer mouse pad, a magnet, a calendar, a pendant. Or a watch with a photo of a couple, and at the bottom of the dial with the caption: “What's the difference? Happy hours are not observed!".

cake 6 years wedding
cake 6 years wedding

Give mittens for two, a broom,decorated with flowers. Buy the one that is more magnificent, and go to the floristry salon. It turns out very interesting, funny and useful in everyday life. Also suitable as a gift are a pair of engraved service, a bed breakfast table, pendants that, merged, form one picture.


What to wish for a 6 year wedding? Postcards from bookstores contain congratulatory verses. But it's like a banal tradition - to give store postcards, they will not bring much joy to the recipient. Better to make a postcard with your own hands:

  • bend a sheet of cardboard in half and leave the craft rectangular or cut out a heart;
  • you can decorate with images of roses, a pair of swans, doves, lions cut out of magazines;
  • make inserts from decorative stones. They are sold in stationery stores and cost about 30 rubles;
  • glue around the edges with colored tape, stones, ribbon or lace;
  • print a beautiful lettering or write it yourself with a shiny gel;
  • glue inside the photo of the couple for whom the card is being made;
  • find a worthy congratulation. It is better to write from the heart, even if not in verse;
  • you can also paste valentines.


If you have known a couple for a long time, then you will not have any difficulties in the question of what to give for a cast-iron wedding. The album of their love story will be very pleasant for the spouses. The main thing is to have more joint photos of the couple.

Any materials will be used: stones, stickers, fabric, beads, adhesive tapes, clippings, background sheets, colored paper. The scrapbooking technique will help you. Look at the old folders with photographs, for sure there are pictures from the first days of the couple's relationship, from the wedding, from joint holidays, meetings, and vacations. Even made on the phone will do. It doesn’t matter how many pages you get, the main thing is to do the work neatly and from the heart. You can get together with other mutual friends. In addition to photographs and decorations, you will need thick paper, glue and scissors, possibly threads with a needle. Bend a few sheets to create a booklet. Glue the best photo of the couple on the cover. Show off your creativity inside. If you remember, then write the date and pleasant moments associated with the photo. Add fun, original wishes.

what to give for a cast iron wedding
what to give for a cast iron wedding


It's very easy to learn how to make slideshows from photos or videos. There are free programs in Russian with a clear interface. You will need all the same photos plus video. Music can be simply pleasant, background, classical or associated with certain events. Use collages in which you need to insert your own pictures. Add interesting transitions and effects. Ask relatives and friends of the couple to say wishes on camera.

Options such as an album and a video will help to keep the memory of the beginning of the relationship of the spouses for many years to come. Just imagine how interesting it will be to review them in a few years.

The offered gifts can be given not only by relatives and friends, but also by the husband and wife themselves.

After how many years - a cast-iron wedding?Only 6 years after marriage. This is just the beginning, but the relationship of the spouses has already strengthened, they have experienced a lot together. In order not to lose the former passion and feelings, celebrate any anniversary! Including - 6 years of marriage. The excitement of the celebration will help warm up hearts, and symbolic gifts will protect the house from quarrels.

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