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Rating of watches: well-known brands, selection criteria

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Rating of watches: well-known brands, selection criteria
Rating of watches: well-known brands, selection criteria

Wristwatches are an obligatory attribute of a business person, designed to emphasize his status and good taste. With the dominance of smartphones and other mobile gadgets that can easily tell the exact time, watches have lost some of their practicality, but still enjoy good popularity among various segments of the population.

Manufacturers, as well as models, are in abundance in today's market. And if experienced users have already identified interesting brands for themselves, then beginners experience serious problems with choosing the best option. Help in such cases, all sorts of tops and ratings of watches. We will deal with the compilation of the latter in our article, taking into account the opinion of experts in this field and the reviews of ordinary consumers.

So, we bring to your attention the rating of watches. The list includes the most popular models among our compatriots. We will analyze the notable features of the products, indicating their advantages and disadvantages, if any.


To choose the right watch, it would be useful to get acquainted with popular and fashionable brands today. Almost the entire market is heldonly five producers, and the rest get, so to speak, leftovers. It is quite difficult for newcomers to break through here, but precedents still happen.


This is a Swiss brand whose name is known to everyone, even a person who is far from watchmaking. The company has existed since 1905, successfully prospering to this day. Branded men's watches from Rolex are the most striking indicator of the owner's status.

The cost of products sometimes reaches fabulous sums when it comes to some individual projects. Every year, the company sells more than 500,000 watches for men on the world market. The brand can be called a monopolist, because it simply has no serious competitors.


This is a relatively young company that also has production in Switzerland. The brand made its way with great difficulty and came quite close to the level of Rolex. Brand men's watches from "Hablot" - this is only a premium segment and exceptional build quality.

The products of this manufacturer are distinguished by the original design of the dial. Despite the apparent avant-garde in the models, "Hablot" has its own style, which experts define as "fusion". That is, here we have several variations of each classical direction in one corpus.


This is a Japanese brand that launched assembly lines almost 70 years ago. The manufacturer, with the manner inherent in the nation, adapts to fashion trends and easily moves from ordinary mechanics to technically advanced gadgets that not onlythey show time, but almost smartphones do not replace.

Japanese Casio watches can be seen in all price segments. The brand's products are distinguished by excellent build quality and an abundance of design solutions.


This is also a Japanese company with a long history, but it mainly operates in the mid-price segment. The distinguishing qualities of Citizen watches are the company's commitment to classic style. But this does not prevent the products from being functional.


The Swiss company has proven itself in the world as a manufacturer of quality watches for the mainstream and premium segment. If you roughly compare Tissot products with Rollers, then the first is a subtle underlining of status, and the second is a pretentious demonstration of we alth.

You can also note Russian men's watches. Well-known factories "Vostok", "Salyut" and "Rocket" produce quite worthy, and most importantly inexpensive options. Yes, you can’t emphasize the status with such products, but they perform their function perfectly. Russian men's watches do not fall under the concept of "best of the best", so we will not consider them.

Top watch rating:

  1. Rolex.
  2. Hablot.
  3. Victorinox.
  4. Tissot.
  5. Citizen.
  6. Orient.
  7. Emporio Armani.
  8. Casio.
  9. "Diesel".
  10. Swiss Military Hanowa.
  11. Q&Q.

Let's take a closer look at the noteworthy characteristics of the participants.


Rolex products are the bestcan offer this segment. In almost all ratings of wristwatches, they take first place. Each model has some of its own distinctive features that allow you to stand out from the crowd and show your high status.

rolex watch

In addition, well-known designers work on each series, so Rolex watches are not only prestige, but also beauty with originality. Of course, sometimes frilly (in the opinion of the majority) models come across, but they also find their buyer.

As for prices, it is quite difficult to trace the maximum threshold. For example, the best watch in the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona series (photo above) with a malachite dial, bezel and diamonds will cost 6 million rubles. More affordable serial models cost around 100 thousand rubles.


The second place in our ranking of watches is occupied by products from Hablot. The brand's models may well compete with the "oldies" from Tissota and Rolex. Some experts in this field, speaking of the Hablot style, characterize it as a combination of incongruous.

hublot watch

Premium and expensive watches of the brand are distinguished by an interesting and original dial geometry. On sale you can find a variety of forms and variations. Some are extremely successful and in demand, while others are rare.

Among other advantages of Hublot watches, one can note more or less acceptable (for the premium sector) prices, unlike the same Rolexes, as well as a constantsearch for non-standard solutions. Brand products are really capable of surprising and pleasing to the eye.

As a price indicator, you can designate products of the Ferrari GT series (photo above), where the average cost of models fluctuates around 1.5 million rubles. Ordinary conveyor watches of the brand can be bought for 80-100 thousand rubles.


The company is engaged in the production of various products, but some facilities are engaged in the production of watches. The brand offers products for the mid-price and premium sectors. One of the main differences of Victorinox wristwatches is a clear adherence to the classic style.

Victorinox watch

Here you will not see the avant-garde from "Hablot" or excessive pathos from "Rolex". Leather straps, soft contrasting tones, regular dial shapes and the highest quality workmanship - this is Victorinox.

Moreover, the concepts themselves cannot be called monotonous. Yes, they follow the classics, but each series gets its own individual and recognizable notes. Conservatives especially liked Victorinox products.

Judging by the reviews of the brand's watches, consumers especially liked the Victorinox 241740 model (photo above) with a 25-jewel movement and a sapphire dial. In specialized stores, you can buy it for about 80 thousand rubles.


Tissot brand products are positioned by many experts as representatives of the premium segment, but in reality things are somewhat different. The fact is that throughout its 50-year history, the company has alwayshad moderate appetites in terms of pricing.

Tissot watches

Consumers, in turn, received a high-class product, made according to all the canons. There is also no riot of colors and mixing styles. The exterior of Tissot watches is a classic with a touch of brilliance and luxury. Almost all brand products are highly reliable. Among the people they were known as the most indestructible.

The average price for ordinary Tissot products fluctuates around 30 thousand rubles. The most striking representatives of the latest generation are the Couturier Chronograph series and the gold-finished Ballade III (photo above). Models enjoy enviable popularity among domestic consumers, having received a lot of accolades from experts.


The brand is focused mainly on the mid-price segment, but premium devices cannot be called so expensive either. Most conveyor models do not have a bold design or versatility, but you can not worry about the quality of workmanship.

Citizen watches

Among other products, there are a couple of the most attractive options. The Citizen AS4025-08E model (photo above) is an abundance of all kinds of chronometers. The manufacturer used literally every millimeter of available space.

While the Citizen AW1231-07E is an ordinary watch with a leather strap and an analog dial. The model is powered by solar panels, and the style of execution can be described as moderately elegant, comfortable and practical. The brand offersOver 1000 products to choose from. The average cost of conveyor models fluctuates around 30 thousand rubles.


Another Japanese brand with over 100 years of history. Unlike its colleagues in the shop, "Orient" is engaged only in the production of watches without affecting other areas. The company's products are presented on the market in all price sectors, from budget to premium. The simplest watches from Orient can be bought for five thousand rubles, while luxury options are around 70 thousand.

Orient watch

The design of the models is mostly calm. Here we have a pleasant appearance with well-chosen contrasts. In the assortment you can also find both truly classic options and more daring solutions. So there is no problem with the choice.

As for performance, Orient is doing well with this. Judging by the reviews of experts, the models are reliable, comfortable and moderately functional. The bright representatives of the brand include the premium solution Orient EL02003H (photo above) for 70 thousand rubles, as well as the classic Orient DE00002W for 40 thousand. There are also collectible options, but their cost exceeds half a million.

Emporio Armani

Like other venerable fashion designers, Armani launched a chronometer pipeline. The latter are a reflection of his main collections. The brand did not follow modern trends, abandoning electronic options. And I did not lose.

Emporio Armani

Watches from "Armani" enjoy enviable popularity inall over the world. In many ways, this was facilitated by the variety of series and the more or less democratic pricing policy of the company. In the assortment of the brand there really is where to turn around. Armani offers watches for every taste. There are classic options, command size, light and thin, as well as extravagant models with a catchy style.

The quality of Italian watches is at a very high level. Products are durable, reliable and convenient. Many were also pleased with the brand's pricing policy. Ordinary conveyor products can be bought for fifteen thousand. One of the latest models can be especially noted - Emporio Armani AR1451 (photo above) for 40 thousand rubles, which received a lot of flattering reviews from consumers. A cute and moderately functional watch was liked by many.


Mod brand of the Japanese brand produces a lot of different products, including men's watches. The company's solutions are aimed at consumers of all price and age categories. Casio chronometers, regardless of the sector, are, if not perfect, then close to this level of workmanship.

Casio watch

The brand boasts an impressive range of models, where everyone will find a device to their liking. There are both familiar classic options, like LIN -169-2A, and more advanced and diverse ones, like Edifice EFR-303D-1A (photo above).

The brand is sensitive to fashion trends and easily rebuilt if necessary. A good half of Casio watches are modern and high-tech gadgets that easily work in tandem withsmartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

The brand does not oppress prices and takes the consumer by the quantity and quality of products. In the assortment of the brand you can also find some exclusive items - collection models and custom-made chronometers. The cost of ordinary devices fluctuates around 10 thousand rubles. Prices for premium options start at 40 thousand rubles.


The Italian brand focuses on the creativity of models. Diesel watches are originality in almost everything: the shape of the dial, colors, materials and filling the space behind the glass. The brand is experimenting with all elements and is constantly on the lookout for exceptional options.

Diesel watch

The manufacturer offers a chic range of products. Here you can find classic Diesel watches for conservatives with a leather strap and a simple analog dial (a prime example of the DZ1145), as well as more daring solutions like the DZ7187 (photo above), which will not go far for everyone.

As for the quality of performance, here we have a fairly high level, regardless of the price segment. Almost all consumers speak positively about Diesel products and do not mention any critical shortcomings. The usual conveyor model will cost about 10 thousand rubles. More advanced and noble options start at 30 thousand rubles.

Swiss Military Hanowa

This is a Swiss brand with a rich and interesting history of conquering this market. Before the beginningIn the 90s, the brand was engaged in the production of extremely original chronometers in the form of pendants, pendants, clips, etc.

Swiss Military Hanowa

The demand for such products was not the highest. Therefore, the company revised its policy and decided to concentrate on more classic versions of chronometers. After the refurbishment, the brand managed to conclude a lucrative contract with the Swiss army, which helped her to move into a professional environment.

Today the company offers a wide range of products, both quartz and electronic. The manufacturer in his collections adheres to the classical side and he does not have any “fun” solutions. Chronometers are aimed primarily at consumers from the mid-price segment. There are also exclusive models, but only with rare exceptions.

An example is the SMH 06-5231.04.003 watch for 13 thousand rubles, designed in business style, as well as the more advanced and multifunctional solution SMH 06-4298.3.13.007 (photo above) for 27 thousand. There are no problems with the quality of performance, judging by the feedback from consumers. Each model is carefully controlled and the brand does not allow serious mistakes. In any case, each "suspicious" product can be replaced with an equivalent one under the terms of the guarantee provided by the company.


This is a lesser known brand than all of the above, because the products are primarily focused on the budget sector. It is difficult to find options from the mid-price segment in the brand’s assortment, not to mentionpremium.

Q&Q clock

Nevertheless, Q&Q watches are high quality workmanship, convenience and attractiveness. The brand produces mainly classic solutions for conservatives - moderation and seasoned simplicity. So buying Q&Q brand products will not be considered in bad taste by people with "great we alth".

Outwardly, the watch looks more than presentable and it is impossible to say that this is a frank "state employee". A striking example of this is the chronometers of the A436-401 series (photo above). The watch is stylized as gold and silver and has a classic form factor.

In addition, the brand has a sports line of men's watches. The local models received enhanced protection and a more themed appearance. For example, watches of the DG04-001 series are in great demand among professional athletes. As mentioned above, the brand produces products for the budget sector, where a regular model can be bought for three thousand.

In closing

When choosing a watch, it is worth taking into account several important factors. Be sure to pay attention to the main mechanism. It can be mechanical or quartz. The first is considered more prestigious and is distinguished by autonomy, as well as the reliability of the elements. It does not depend on third-party power supplies. A quality mechanical watch made a hundred years ago still runs to this day.

Of the minuses of such watches, one can note the high cost of repair / maintenance and the need for regular winding. For example, regular maintenance of Rolex products, which is carried out once a3-5 years will cost a pretty penny to buy a couple of good watches from Casio or Diesel.

Quartz products are more accessible to the general public. Watches of this kind survive the physical impact on the case well and do not need to be wound. The life of one battery fluctuates around three years.

There are also no problems with maintenance of quartz models. The design is quite simple and a visit to the watchmaker will cost a penny. The fastidiousness of products to temperature changes acts as a fly in the ointment. Below 5 and above 40 degrees, they lose accuracy.

Separately, it is worth focusing on the so-called copies of branded models. It is good if a person knows that he is not buying the original. But in a good half of cases, consumers stumble upon the usual counterfeit. The cost of the latter, as a rule, is noticeably lower, and the quality leaves much to be desired.

If you are going to buy some branded, as well as expensive model from your hands, then obviously it would be useful to take an intelligent specialist with you who can distinguish a copy from the original. The same goes for online shopping. Each of the above brands has its own web store, where you need to select goods. And buying from a little-known dealer (if there is one at all) is fraught with serious risks.

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