The best dog for a child: breed, name, description with photo

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The best dog for a child: breed, name, description with photo
The best dog for a child: breed, name, description with photo

Video: The best dog for a child: breed, name, description with photo

Video: The best dog for a child: breed, name, description with photo
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Probably, any parent, sooner or later, is faced with a request from a child or children to acquire a dog. No wonder - boys and girls are generally drawn to all living things. And a cheerful dog can become the best companion in any games, and in certain cases, a reliable defender. Therefore, many parents decide to get a dog for their child. But it is worth remembering that this is a very serious decision that should not be taken hastily.

Is it worth it?

Before you get a dog for your child, carefully weigh the pros and cons. Remember that you are not buying a toy that you can always put away in a closet or on a mezzanine. You acquire a living being who will faithfully love you all his life. In this case, a considerable part of the responsibility will fall not on the children, but on you. The dog will have to be fed, walked, combed, cut its nails, taken to the vet and do many other things with it that require a lot of time. Children will not always be happy to walk with her, especially if it is raining or frosty outside.

Perfect combination
Perfect combination

On the other hand, experts have long proven that the presence of a dog in the house is positiveaffects the development of the child. So, this solution has a lot of advantages. Children get used to responsibility, realizing that the comfort and well-being of the pet depends on them. In addition, the dog is an inexhaustible source of games and entertainment. With such a pet, it will never be boring, even if the parents are busy at work all day and cannot devote enough time to their child.

Going out into the yard with your beloved dog, the child is almost always the center of attention of peers. Everyone wants to play with the dog, stroke it, ask questions. As a result, children's socialization skills increase, sociability develops, which is an extremely important step towards success in life. Finally, it is the dog that is the true friend who will die without hesitation in order to protect his beloved owner. In our turbulent times, this can be a salvation for your child - this should not be forgotten either.

At what age is a child ready for a dog

The next important question: at what age to get a pet? Even the best dog breeds for families with children can be a poor choice if they are not adopted at the right time.

According to experts, it will be better if the dog appears in the apartment when the youngest of the children is at least 6-7 years old. At this age, the child already perfectly understands what is possible and what is not, which will reduce the risk of conflict between him and the animal. In addition, a six-year-old boy (or girl) is already old enough to take on at least part of the care of a pet - combing, feeding. Yes, and for a walk with the dog it is quitecan be released without fear that he will forget the way home or get carried away by a flying butterfly and leave the yard.

True, children still cannot fully care for pets at this age. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that part of the work will still fall on you. First of all, it is the training and hygiene of the pet, perhaps the most difficult and very responsible parts of the care.

Small or big?

Another very important issue to deal with when getting a child a dog is the size of the pet. The absence and presence of problems depends on this in the future. Some parents, completely unaware of the psychology and characteristics of different breeds, are sure that all small dogs for children will be a good choice. And subsequently bitterly regret their incompetence and haste of choice.

It would seem that a tiny chihuahua would be a great choice for a child. Small and mobile, she should become a reliable friend and companion in games. However, many parents simply do not know that this breed does not have the most stable psyche. And even more so, its representatives do not know how to endure pain and are frankly afraid of it. Unsuccessfully grabbing the dog or accidentally stepping on its paw, the child will most likely become the object of attack. And the teeth of indoor dogs, although small, are very sharp. Therefore, any experienced breeder will say with confidence: small dimensions are not at all an indicator of a dog's good nature. Rather, on the contrary, weakness leads to constant stress and eternal readiness to fight for your life. Therefore, any careless movement on the part of the child can beperceived as aggression.

Conversely, it would seem scary to leave a six year old with a huge Newfoundland or a killer bull terrier dog. But in fact, in such a company, children remain in maximum safety. The lazy Newfoundland giant and the impetuous merciless bull terrier will not hesitate to die for their little master. In addition, they easily endure pain if a child inflicts it on thoughtlessness, and they will never respond with aggression.

So, it is advisable to choose a suitable breed not only in size, but also in character. And yet, you need to make sure that the child can cope with the dog during the walk.

Choosing the right breed

Now let's move on to the most important step - directly choosing the right breed. The choice today is very large. Even if you talk only about dogs that love children, you get a whole book. Therefore, we will select the most suitable options that differ in nature, exactingness, dimensions and purpose. Then any reader can easily choose the pet that will be a good purchase for his family. So, here are the top 10 dog breeds for kids with a brief description. You can be sure that none of the dogs on this list will disappoint if you choose carefully.

Labrador Retriever

Speaking about the best dog breeds for children, you can't forget about this pet. The dogs are quite large: males - up to 57 centimeters at the withers, and females - up to 56 cm. Therefore, it is better to start them with teenagers, not children. They are distinguished by amazing optimism, love of life. At the same time, they sharean endless stream of positive with all family members, creating an atmosphere of special comfort and security in the apartment.

But there is also a downside. It lies in the fact that the Labrador Retriever does not tolerate loneliness very well. When giving a description of dog breeds for children, it is very important to mention this. If your child and you spend most of the day away from home, then the dog will get bored. And surely this will lead to gnawed furniture, torn books, destroyed TV remotes and other troubles.

It is also worth remembering that a dog of this breed is not intended to guard the house. She is too friendly and often ready to be friends even with strangers. Although the Labrador Retriever lends itself very well to training due to its sharp intellect, it can be very difficult to instill he althy aggression in it.

Do not forget about physical activity. Two short walks a day for such a pet is clearly not enough. The dog should actively run, bring a stick, play with other pets. Only then will she be happy.

Maintenance in general is quite simple. The Labrador Retriever does not need to be bathed often - the undercoat of the Labrador Retriever is almost waterproof, making it difficult for dirt to stick to the coat. But you need to comb out at least once a week so that everything around is not covered with fur.


But if you are wondering which dog is suitable for a child of 6-8 years old, then you can recommend getting a beagle without hesitation. The name itself is translated from Old English as "small". Indeed, pets are quite compact - no higher than 40centimeters at the withers. True, they cannot be called miniature - they are knocked down quite firmly, albeit very neatly. Males weigh about 10-11 kilograms, and females, as a rule, a kilogram less.

cute beagle
cute beagle

Despite their small size, beagles are determined and courageous. So, if you are interested in the best breed of dogs for children and protection, which will not attract too much attention, then this choice can clearly be called successful. They are also very friendly to people and other dogs. True, the beagle usually perceives cats, hamsters, chinchillas and other small pets as prey. No wonder - they were originally bred as hunting dogs.

It is very important that the instinct of dominance is suppressed in the breed. Even a small child will be perceived by the dog as a master. Moreover, sometimes they consider a playmate generally the main one in the family.

True, Beagles are not very good at training. Despite their intelligence, they try to go against the rules, which makes it difficult to teach them to follow even the simplest commands.


Many experts believe that representatives of this breed are nanny dogs for children. Bred as helpers of shepherds, they treat their "flock" very carefully, play with children with pleasure and at the same time will protect them to the last. Cheerful and active, they will keep the company in any game, no matter what the child comes up with.

Gorgeous Collie
Gorgeous Collie

At the same time, like any other shepherd dogs, they are perfectly trainable. Differ in endurance andlove for outdoor games. So, having released the child together with the dog in the park, you can not worry about them - the dog will protect the little owner from any threat and at the same time throw out excess energy.

True, collies need some serious grooming. It is very long and soft, so you need to comb your pet at least a couple of times a week. And it’s not at all easy to wash a dog that got dirty during a walk.


Do you need the best breed of dog for children and families who are not very active? If for your child the best leisure is not running around the playground, but thoughtful reading of books or assembling models, then you should think about getting a pug. This is a compact dog, but a very big personality. Pugs do not like heavy loads. Moreover, they are simply not physically prepared for them.

These small dogs with children can sit for hours, thoughtfully watching what they are doing. Pugs need calm, not too active games. However, they cannot be called couch potatoes - sometimes dogs (especially young ones) take part in outdoor games with pleasure. The main thing is that they are not too long. And as a partner in lying on the couch, pugs simply have no equal.

They will also please the elderly inhabitants of the apartment, representing a wonderful family dog.

funny pug
funny pug

It is worth considering that, despite the short coat, pugs shed very much. Therefore, you need to brush them regularly. In addition, due to the special structure of the nose, they make amazing sounds - sneezing, snoring, snorting. It touches someone, but it can annoy someone.

Welsh Corgi

Speaking about small and medium breeds of dogs for children, it is worth mentioning the Welsh Corgi. Bred in Wales, these dogs have received the status of the most smiling and cheerful. Indeed, they are always happy to have fun in the company of friends. And the black rim around the mouth is very similar to a smile. It's nice that the dogs are not too noisy - for small city apartments, this is a very valuable quality.

The sizes are very tiny - at the withers the dogs are about 25-30 centimeters tall. Males weigh approximately 13.5 kg, while females weigh slightly less.

On the one hand, Welsh Corgis are very unpretentious. On the other hand, they are very loyal and sweet. Easy to get along with cats, rabbits, even hamsters. And young children are treated very reverently, protecting them from any adversity.

Despite the external absurdity, they are very fond of physical activity. So, they can make a company on a morning run. They are very easy to train - they are not only smart, but also love to please the owner. For praise and stroking on the head, they are ready to just break into a cake. They are quite easy to care for, they shed little and only twice a year. But the heat is not well tolerated. Therefore, in the summer it is worth taking care of the possibility of cooling the room, otherwise the dog will not feel too comfortable.

Irish Setter

This dog is very large: at the withers up to 66 centimeters in males and up to 63 in females. At the same time, the weight is up to 32 and 27 kilograms, respectively.

irish setter
irish setter

Representatives of the breed are differentvigor and courage. They are vital for long walks, jogging and other sports activities. Having spent a lifetime within four walls, a Setter is unlikely to be happy.

Training is quite easy, they grasp everything literally on the fly. At the same time, they are kind and gentle. They enjoy meeting new people, which does not prevent the setters from remaining reliable guards.

Suitable for teenagers rather than children. The fact is that the dog is quite independent, it will not tolerate rough treatment and may well respond to it with aggression. In general, it is not worth it to act by the method of carrot and stick. Praise for good behavior works better than punishment for bad behavior.

Bichon Frize

If you do not know what breed of dog is best for small children, then you should study this one. In fact, the Bichon Frize is a type of lap dog. Yes, you can’t call him a reliable guard, but he’s quite a wonderful companion. These dogs weigh quite a bit - an average of 3 to 6 kilograms with growth at the withers from 25 to 28 centimeters. Due to their small size, they are suitable even for small children. Yes, and they love to sit on the hands. An important plus is the fact that they do not cause allergies, unlike most other dogs. When getting such a pet, it is worth considering that their life span reaches 15-20 years - few breeds can boast of this.

Like many other dogs, they don't like being alone too much. They also love to bark - immediately make sure that the neighbors will not mind such an innovation as barking at any time of the day.

Training is very easy - they just love to please the owner with their ingenuity. So, in a month of training, a dozen teams can easily be learned. Of course, obedience must be encouraged - with affection, compliments, various delicacies.

The downside is the difficulty in caring for wool. It grows constantly, which is why it has to be cut at least once every couple of months.

Airedale Terrier

A rather large dog that will be a wonderful companion for children, adults and the elderly. At the withers, males reach 61 centimeters, females - a little less. And by weight, some individuals reach up to 30 kilograms. They love an active lifestyle very much, so they will be happy to run with the owner-athlete. Truly tireless, so they need to be given the opportunity to spend excess energy.

The children get along just fine. But keep in mind that the Airedale Terrier is a very active dog. So, better suited for a teenager who likes long walks.

Learns commands very quickly. But long training can get boring, so training should be done more often, but not too long. Be sure to teach at least a few commands in childhood, otherwise it will be very difficult for an adult to manage.

Dogs get along well. But hamsters, rabbits and even cats are usually perceived as prey.

Plus is the lack of shedding. The downside is the need to comb out. The coat never falls out on its own and simply accumulates in lumps, giving the dog a very miserable appearance. Only regular combing will solve the problem.

Bull Terrier

Perhaps it will surprise many that the Bull Terrier, which has earned a reputation as a killer dog, is on the list of dogs that love children. Indeed, this dog was bred to fight with bears and bulls, but at the same time he is an ideal nanny. Moreover, you can trust her with both a teenager and a baby.

baby dog
baby dog

Merciless in combat with the enemy, she has a very high pain threshold. And allows a small child to stick his fingers up his nose, bite his ears, pull his tail and generally turn life into a real hell. Most other dogs would obviously not stand it, but the Bull Terrier endures these hardships, knowing full well that the child is the little brother who needs to be protected always and everywhere.

Like many of the other dogs on the list, they need to be active, otherwise they quickly gain weight, which causes heart problems with age. It is very important to teach the basic commands in a timely manner - starting from "Fu" and ending with "Fas". Then communication with him will bring maximum joy and happiness to your family. In addition, the Bull Terrier remains a fighting dog, guaranteeing a high level of safety for the apartment and for children on a walk. Few would dare to offend a teenager walking in the yard with such an imposing pet.

The downside is the need to dominate. The dog will regularly check you for hardness. Therefore, it will not suit weak people: having taken the leading position in the family, the bull terrier will become unhappy and can do the most rash acts.

English Bulldog

Finally, the last breed inour review is an English bulldog. Despite her intimidating appearance, she is very kind and peaceful. He perfectly controls his behavior and can tolerate such pranks from a child that he would never forgive adults for anything. They are not too active, although they are very fond of long walks, the main thing is that they are unhurried. They endure prolonged loneliness quite easily, although, of course, they prefer to have their owners nearby.

Growth is small - usually no more than 40 centimeters at the withers. But the bulldog was shot down very tightly, which is why the weight can reach 25 kilograms, and sometimes more.

For all the outward absurdity, the English Bulldog remains a real fighter. If necessary, he can stand up for himself and his masters. He joins any games with pleasure - he brings a ball, runs with children and even rides down a hill!

He gets along very well with other dogs, but only if he spent a lot of time in the company of other puppies as a child. Otherwise, he perceives any dogs as potential opponents, which can cause unnecessary problems.

English bulldog
English bulldog

Short coat, although it sprinkles everything around, but is not particularly striking. And it’s very easy to take care of it - just once a day, run it all over your body with a wet hand or a special glove to remove excess and reduce the amount of garbage at home.


This concludes our article. In it, we tried to list the best dog breeds for children. Names, photos and description will allow you to choose exactly the optionwhich will delight you and your loved ones for many years.