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How to surprise a guy from a distance: interesting ideas and recommendations
How to surprise a guy from a distance: interesting ideas and recommendations

Any relationship requires emotional nourishment, especially between lovers. Domestic problems, long separations, business trips and workload can cool the ardor. Knowing that you are remembered every minute can fill your heart with warm feelings.

The ability to remind yourself should only be used in an unobtrusive way. There are a large number of ways to surprise a guy at a distance with words. The desire to make a pleasant surprise sweeps away all obstacles in the way. The new emotions received are an explanation for the renewal of feelings and interest in the development of a new relationship scenario. Next, we will look at the most popular ways.

how to surprise a guy at a distance with words

Messages and calls. Boy Surprise Options

Messages on social networks may not be read immediately. But the ability to use all available means to convey emotions to the address should also be taken into account. If you already had a close relationship, then you can talk about how lacking tendertouches of the hands of a guy who occupied all thoughts in his head. How sad to be far away and not feel warm breath near your ear. You can also say that at home is a cool bed and a hard pillow without a sweetheart lying next to.

How to surprise a guy from a distance? Mobile voice messages can help with this. The ability of mobile phones to synthesize the human voice can cause suspicion or even resentment if the recipient understands where the message came from. If the guy is a humorist, then a successful joke can really improve his mood. You can report that you are a few steps away from him, and enjoy watching the movement of your favorite hands.

A short story about your feelings, relationships

A video with a sweetheart should reflect real feelings, display a familiar interior, favorite armchair or pet. The hostess of the house can record a short story with her participation. Let it place appliances on the dining table in anticipation of the arrival of a loved one. A conversation on Skype will simplify communication, but will not add such zest as a romantic video in a recording made for a present to a chosen one.

how to surprise a man at a distance by sms

Gift delivered

A gift to another city by delivery service, possibly indicating the date and place of the future meeting. When a girl knows what her lover dreams about, about the most modest desires, then it will not be difficult to choose the subject of her dreams. The main thing is always attention, consisting of little things, pleasantand not expected. Perhaps it will be a ticket to a football match of your favorite team or a band concert that your boyfriend would like to attend. A business diary with a photo on one of the pages will always remind you of who made such a present.

Original souvenirs for your loved one

A souvenir with an appeal or recognition to a dear person can be sent by mail, courier. It can be a coffee cup, a keychain with the name of the chosen one, a photo in a frame depicting the place of a future joint trip. The application of original inscriptions on any item is available in jewelry workshops and allows you to decorate an item intended for donation with a commemorative inscription. The text itself must have impressive content.

A celebration service can help turn an idea into a real show or an unexpected surprise dedicated to a specific day. The resulting surprise strengthens feelings and brings newness to the relationship. Scenes played live with the participation of strangers suggest all sorts of options for presenting a souvenir from a loved one on the street, in transport. A good option for a surprise is balloons with an inscription in the office window.


how nice to surprise a guy from a distance

So how else can you surprise a guy from a distance? A letter in an envelope will help in this matter, especially if this is the first paper message received from the hands of a postman. You can write poetry, rhyme is not difficult at all. Your own composition with the mention of important events and names will add color to the poetic rhyme. Attached photo froma romantic photo shoot will interest a guy, especially if separation depresses both.

Postcard with a hint or indication of specific wishes

Variety of souvenir printing products allows you to make a choice. How to surprise a guy from a distance? What should be done? A self-made collage with joint pictures cannot but please the chosen one. It can be sent by mail or ordered by courier.

Photo-musical greetings

man at laptop

What can I give a loved one and send by mail? A snapshot from the place of joint stay on vacation, which is able to restore the brightest feelings with memories. The photo on the crystal also looks original on the man's desktop. A DIY drawing of a meeting or resting place that is recognizable by both.

Musical congratulations on the air of your favorite radio station will bring joy not only to the car enthusiast, but also to the taxi passenger. Recording your own singing, if it's original, will also be impressive.

The prank can be appreciated by a person with humor, who in any case will understand what is happening and appreciate the impulses of the soul of his beloved woman.

You can tell your loved one from a distance about a romantic dinner, which will be waiting for your sweetheart when you return. This will help to connect the imagination, exciting the most secluded corners of the soul and body, to warm with warmth in anticipation.

SMS communication. How to surprise your lover?

How to surprise a guy at a distance via SMS? Use like a "whip" like that"gingerbread". Be a very capricious girl for a while, and then become accommodating. For example, in the first SMS message, be offended by the guy, in the second, also write about it. But in the third SMS, invite the guy to the cinema, you will buy tickets for his arrival. It is worth noting that between messages you need to pause at least 40 minutes.

And how to surprise a man at a distance via SMS? To interest a guy, you should pay attention to his hobbies. In SMS correspondence, you can just very well show the passion for his hobby. For example, ask which team the young person is a fan of and say that you will purchase tickets for the next match.

girl with phone

What not to do?

We have already figured out how pleasant it is to surprise a guy from a distance. What shouldn't be done? Don't:

  • Giving flowers, even incognito, if such romantic impulses are not appreciated. If the guy is not a florist and not an agronomist, then this sign of attention will pass him straight into the trash can. Perhaps he will stand on the table in a flower vase for a while out of courtesy. This will end the emotions.
  • Sing serenades under a window or balcony, which may interest the neighbors or cause a backlash from a young man.
  • Arrange a kidnapping in order to deliver a loved one somewhere. Guys in masks can hardly leave fond memories of their arrival.
  • An unexpected reduction in distance to a minimum in the form of an arrival can take a person by surprise, especially if this event exceeded all possible expectations.
how to surprise a guy at a distance by sms

Small conclusion

Now you know how to surprise a guy from a distance. We have considered various interesting ideas. We hope you enjoy our recommendations. It is very important to know whether a man wants to be distracted from important matters, whether he is ready to accept information in any form. If a guy is an incorrigible romantic at heart, then any sign of attention from a woman who occupies his imagination can please and surprise him. Renewal of emotions and sensations strengthens the relationship between lovers.

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