Normal guy: signs, where to meet, how to build relationships

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Normal guy: signs, where to meet, how to build relationships
Normal guy: signs, where to meet, how to build relationships

Video: Normal guy: signs, where to meet, how to build relationships

Video: Normal guy: signs, where to meet, how to build relationships
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A normal guy is not just a perfect man. It's something more. After all, if women understand an ideal man as a kind and generous, handsome and smart, as well as a member of the opposite sex who is hot in bed, then a normal guy is all of the above, but also a decent person and a true friend. How to find such a gentleman for yourself in a crowd of applicants? This is not easy to do, as many girls will attest.

Main type

To the question "what is a normal guy?" There simply cannot be a clear answer. After all, it often happens that a gentleman who has failed to interest one girl will like another. In addition, the representatives of the weaker sex, engaged in the search for a normal guy, often change their minds. For example, at first they look for him in appearance, then they switch to character traits, but in fact, they themselves are simply not able to clearly articulate their desire. But that girlwho dreams of getting married as soon as possible, will certainly pay attention to the reliability of the chosen one, his caring and ability to earn money, generosity, kindness, and so on. Those who just need to enjoy life need a guy who is perky and cheerful, easy-going and charming, and also not having complexes. Let's try to determine the main features of a normal guy.

Manly qualities

According to these internal components of a guy, you can determine his character, level of development and mind. A real man will never demonstrate that he is able to figure everything out on his own, without outside help. A normal guy will never stop learning, reading books and stuff. In other words, he will strive for self-development. Such people differ sharply from those who do not study at all. Pursuing his spiritual development, a man eventually begins to comprehend the meaning of human life.

man in shirt
man in shirt

Another important quality of a normal guy is his generosity. It does not indicate that this person likes to squander and scatter money. A generous man will spend his financial resources wisely, but at the same time he will certainly spoil his wife and children, fully provide for his family, and even make donations.

A normal guy is also someone who is able to listen and support his interlocutor. Often this is valued by people even more than material assistance.

A girl will certainly like that gentleman who has lofty goals. And they must be directed to the goodfamily, society and surroundings. But setting goals isn't everything. A normal man must have willpower and patience. This will allow him to achieve his goal, bypassing the obstacles and obstacles that arise along the way.

The main thing in a man

A normal Russian guy must certainly have the following qualities, constantly working to improve them:

  1. Success. A man needs to have a clear idea of his own destiny in the direction he has chosen. As a result, he should become a professional in his field.
  2. Responsibility. Her normal man must bear not only for his life, but also for his family, those around him, work and the country as a whole. Regardless of appearance and social status, he should be responsible for his actions. A girl will not be able to trust the guy who seeks to shift the tasks assigned to him or his own guilt to others.
  3. Respectful attitude. It must be shown to everyone. To parents and beloved, to friends and superiors, as well as to the authorities.
  4. Dedication. If a guy knows exactly what he wants, then he will definitely achieve it. Aimless can be considered people who live their lives in vain.
  5. Courage. A normal guy will never be afraid of difficulties and will always strive to overcome obstacles.
  6. Sense of humor. It will be needed in every situation. A sense of humor will help prevent stress in life. After all, someone who is able to create a comfortable atmosphere in contrast to a tense atmosphere is always highly appreciated.around.
  7. Discipline. A real guy has it not only in business, but in life in general.
  8. Determination. A real man will always only act, and not indulge in dreams and thoughts.
  9. He althy lifestyle. A normal guy doesn't drink or do drugs. He does morning exercises and sports.
  10. Honesty. A normal guy has it both in front of himself and in relations with others. The only exceptions are emergency circumstances, when a lie can save people close to him from unnecessary worries.
  11. Speech. A normal guy will never use obscene words. In addition, he does not use parasitic words in his vocabulary. He speaks only on business, and in certain situations he knows how to keep silent at all.
  12. Loy alty. It is also present in a real man. This is loy alty to the given word, wife, ideals, etc.

What do women value most?

As a rule, a girl has an idea of what a normal guy should be next to her in life.

boy and girl in a hat
boy and girl in a hat

This is a man with the following qualities:

  1. Confidence. Girls are delighted with such gentlemen. After all, next to them they feel safe and very comfortable. The main thing in this case is not to confuse confidence with arrogance and arrogance.
  2. Courage. It is important for a girl to see a strong guy next to her in order to feel secure.
  3. Good manners. Such guys do not swear in the presence of women, they give a handcompanion when exiting a bus or other vehicle, respect for elders, etc.
  4. The ability to please and be interesting in communication. Such people certainly attract attention. They do not allow inappropriate or stupid phrases in their speech that can embarrass others.

Some qualities of a male character attract girls unconsciously and involuntarily. They are based on the main female needs. Consider these qualities of a normal guy that the fairer sex pays special attention to.

Ability to solve problems

This property satisfies one of the main needs of a woman. Most of the fairer sex want to have such a life partner behind whom they will feel like behind a stone wall, showing their own weakness.

taking a selfie
taking a selfie

A normal guy will always keep the situation under control and take care of the girl's safety. At the same time, she will not need to think about difficulties and problems. A woman will subconsciously strive for such a man. The guy who has these qualities will always easily leave behind rivals, even more attractive in appearance.


Those guys who know how to communicate well and attract the attention of others will certainly become the soul of the company. Being quite active, they are usually liked by girls. The reason for this is another need of a woman. It consists in the desire to be in the centerattention. That is why such young people are attractive to girls. After all, the latter, on a subconscious level, seek to share their popularity with men. At the same time, they believe that if they are next to such a person, then the attention of others will be directed to the two of them. And in this they are indeed right.

Good looking

What is he, a normal guy? For a girl, it is important that next to her is such a person whom she can be proud of. In such a situation, the principle works, which says: "So that it is not worse, but even better than that of girlfriends." At the same time, the external data of the guy does not play the first role at all. Even someone who is ugly is quite capable of looking and presenting himself in such a way that the girl is proud of him. Behavior and style play a big part in this.

woman smiling at man
woman smiling at man

The fact is that only very young girls choose beautiful guys for themselves. Growing up, they become less demanding of appearance. According to statistics, only 28% of the representatives of the weaker sex choose their boyfriend according to his facial features and figure. What should real guys look like?

  1. Face. In it, it is important for a girl to find traits of a strong character and high intelligence.
  2. Hands. Looking at them, the girl is trying to find reliability, strength and performance in the guy. It is determined by wide palms and long fingers.
  3. Height. What should it be? Normal height for a guy is impossible to pin down. But, as a rule, girls like those gentlemen who are taller than them.
  4. Body. The normal weight of a guy is also a relative concept. The main thing is to have a toned and muscular figure.

However, it should be borne in mind that the above criteria girls do not always include in the image of an ideal man from their point of view. They sometimes choose a partner for themselves from completely different types. This once again proves the fact that a normal guy for the fairer sex is one who has inner beauty.

Sensitivity and attentiveness

Most girls are pretty sentimental about words, events, dates and little things in life. For many men, on the contrary, these are trifles that they simply do not pay attention to. In this regard, if a guy is sensitive to such things, he will be highly appreciated by the girl.

woman and man on the beach
woman and man on the beach

This is expressed, for example, in the fact that a man periodically recalls the words spoken by his partner, and also remembers what dress she was in and what hairstyle she did that evening, which was significant for both. All this will be regarded as a manifestation of sensitivity. At the same time, the girl will be sure that her gentleman values the relationship that exists between them. This quality of a man's character allows a woman to satisfy a he althy sense of selfishness and her own need for attention.

In search of a dream

Where can I meet a normal guy? Many girls believe that their fate depends on the actions taken. Indeed, under a lying stone, as you know, water will not flow, and it is useless to wait by the seaweather. That is why they are not only wondering where to meet a normal guy, but are also ready to take the necessary steps for this.

boy and girl lying on the lawn
boy and girl lying on the lawn

I want to believe that the Universe, which received the girl's application, is also not idle. However, if she lives according to only one scenario, which includes only three points, namely “home-work-home”, and on holidays and weekends she cannot tear herself away from the TV, then the question “where are the normal guys?” will remain relevant for a long time, and the search task may reach the level of unsolvable.

What should be done in order to change the situation and wait for your dreams? The main task for the girl will be to expand her circle of communication. Some will most likely have to take a closer look at their lifestyle and change it. Where to meet a normal guy? In search of your dreams, you will need to visit new places. There you can find your life partner.

man and woman at the airport
man and woman at the airport

So where to meet a normal guy?

  1. On a dating site. This task is the easiest. Men will certainly write to the girl, sending emoticons and inviting to communicate. At the same time, she, having chosen the option that suits herself, should comment on photos and statuses, as well as “wave the pen”. All this will be regarded by a man as an invitation to communicate. When using this option, it is important, without delay, to weed out all those who do not fall under the definition of a “normal guy”. You can do this bythe content of the questionnaire, by status, by the first messages or in the first ten minutes after the start of a real date.
  2. In the forest on a ski trip. Where to meet normal guys with this method of dating? To do this, you need to go along the track as far as possible. There will be clearly more representatives of the opposite sex than women. How to meet a normal guy during such a walk? To do this, you should not be silent on the ski track, passing by it. You should exchange a couple of phrases with the man you meet. A charming smile should be on the face.
  3. On the march. To date, there are many offers from travel companies organizing such events. In addition, you can find certain groups on social networks, where people themselves organize trips during weekends or holidays. And in this case, you need to keep in mind that the more difficult the route, the more men will go to pass it. And one more important point that women should know. According to psychologists, in situations where danger arises, love comes to people much more often. That is why you should not lie on the couch. Buy a backpack and go hiking.
  4. At the parts store. You don't just have to come in here, buy what you need and go out. You should ask normal questions to the guy standing at the counter, smile at him radiantly and sincerely thank him for the advice. Many men are happy to go to such communication. After all, women are not always professionals in matters of car repair. If a girl is interested in a guy, then hewill certainly find a way to continue to get to know her. Do not discard this option for those girls who do not have their own car. In this store, a gift for a brother, son or husband of a friend may well be purchased. And at the same time, a search was made for something that is much more important than spare parts.
  5. Ask to meet relatives, friends or colleagues. Aunts are especially active in this matter. Some women are embarrassed by this method and do not want to go to organized shows. However, it is worth remembering that a potential groom will also be present at them. Don't get married with your eyes closed! The main thing is to remember that the responsibility for the effectiveness of such an event will still lie with the woman. Aunts and girlfriends in this case only help to expand the boundaries of choice. How a woman proceeds is up to her to decide.
  6. At work. The girl should pay attention to her colleagues. It is possible that among them there are worthy candidates - honest, intelligent and unmarried. Or maybe they will introduce the lady to their friends who dream of a serious relationship?
  7. At psychological training. When looking for a normal guy, topics of self-motivation, personal growth, business training, achieving goals, etc. will do. Many men attend such events. The atmosphere that develops during the trainings contributes to the formation of warm and friendly relations.
  8. During the flight. In search of a normal guy, a girl is recommended to communicate at the airport and in the cabin. Passing the time before a flight is not a fun activity. That is why manymen will gladly support a conversation with a woman they like. They will certainly help carry a heavy bag and treat you with coffee. And if love does not arise, then the girl will at least once again practice her easy communication skills.
  9. At dating parties. Similar events are held in almost all cities. To get acquainted with the program of parties, you need to go to the website of their organizers and get acquainted with the available offers.
  10. By contacting a dating service. They select for their clients those candidates who correspond to the expressed wishes and existing preferences. Contacting such a service will significantly reduce the risk of meeting scammers or gigolos.
  11. In the supermarket. When visiting stores, you should pay attention to men who buy ready-made food. This means that dinner and a beloved wife are not waiting for them at home.
  12. In the fitness center. The chance of meeting a man is also great when visiting the gym.
  13. On the street. Is it normal for a guy to compliment you as he walks by? There is nothing wrong with that. The girl should definitely say something with a smile in response to his phrase. And if a guy asks her for directions, then the lady is recommended to walk a little with him. At the same time, it is worth explaining that she is also in that direction. A girl can ask a guy for directions herself. What if he also goes with her and strikes up a conversation himself?

Building Relationships

If a girl is lucky enough to meet a normal guy on her way, she should:

  1. Don't rush things. Rush to buildstrong relationships are not good. You'll need to be patient. Otherwise, it will be possible to frighten off the partner.
  2. Be weak. Men like to be conquerors and protectors. They like to feel bold and strong. To satisfy this need, it is worth telling your loved one about your problems and fears. At the same time, a man should be allowed to calm the girl down and take pity on her.
  3. Eliminate ideals. Why don't normal guys have to be princes? Yes, because ideal people simply do not exist. Women who have come up with such a partner for themselves should come to terms with this and accept the man as he is.
  4. Let yourself be provided for. Men are by nature breadwinners and breadwinners. And if they cannot provide for a woman, then they begin to suffer from this. They withdraw into themselves and become depressed. The goal of a woman is to inspire her chosen one to financial achievements.
  5. Praise your partner. Building normal and lasting relationships is possible only if a woman tells a man that he is the best, that she loves him and is proud of him. In this case, he will appreciate his companion even more.