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How to understand how a guy treats you: effective and proven methods
How to understand how a guy treats you: effective and proven methods

"How do you know how a guy treats you?" is a question that millions of girls and women around the world ask themselves. If you do not want to build a hopeless relationship, then you should familiarize yourself with the basic psychological techniques that allow you to recognize the true intentions of a boyfriend. Or you can just look at the actions of a young person, which often say much more than words. If you want to understand this issue in more detail, we recommend that you read our article.

Watch the young man's behavior

Sometimes the actions of a man can be quite difficult to predict, but if a woman carefully looks at his actions, then this will not be difficult. Of course, many boyfriends can hide their real feelings. It will be especially difficult to recognize real intentions if a man is well versed in psychology and analyzesevery step you take. Therefore, to understand how a guy treats you, you should cling to every little thing.

Guy with a girl

Try one day to observe the actions of a man and analyze his every step. For example, go on a movie date with him and see how he reacts when you flinch at scary scenes in the movie. And how will he react to the fact if you order not the cheapest dessert in a restaurant? Watch his facial expressions - it is very difficult to hide them, and his eyes, because they often hide the truth.

Start up different topics of conversation with him

How do you know how a guy treats you? If you are asking yourself this question, then you should pay attention to the topics that you most often touch on in a conversation. Friends most often discuss new movies, interesting books, other people, and so on. However, if a person is in love with you, he will always try to start romantic conversations, from which you can learn more about your true attitude towards him.

Man and woman

Also, the psychology of a man is arranged in such a way that he will discuss his plans for the future only with the person with whom he wants to build this very future. Therefore, if you often notice a young man, as he says, that he wants to open a business and have a wife, then in the role of his wife, he most likely represents you. It is worth seriously thinking about creating a relationship with a man in this case.

Does a guy get sexual attraction?

Ahow do guys usually treat girls with no relationship experience? That's right, they show sexual attraction: they try to touch the girl more often, hug her by the waist, kiss, touch in intimate places, and so on. In this regard, there is nothing bad for teenagers, but if a man behaves like this, then most likely he is not serious about the representative of the beautiful and sees in her only an option for intimacy.

The guy suddenly kissed the girl

However, it is sexual attraction that very often helps to expose friends who hide their true intentions from a girl. If one of your friends strives to hug or kiss you all the time at a meeting, and if necessary, to show something quickly grabs your hand and drags you along, then you can be sure that he has not only friendly feelings for you, but also love.

Man stops talking to girlfriends

Very effective way to tell if a guy is serious about a girl. If he really loves the girl with whom he spends all his free time, then he will never exchange communication with you for another girl in his life. This is especially true if he plans to build a strong family with you in the future.

A guy with a girl under a blanket

However, if a young man communicates all the time on social networks with his "girlfriends" or even meets with them for a cup of coffee on the weekends, then one should not expect a serious continuation from such a relationship.Most likely, you are just a fallback for him, which he will use until he finds someone better.

The guy always keeps his promises

How do you know if a guy is going to be serious? As a rule, he always strives to fulfill the promises that he makes to you. A man can cancel a business meeting or spend a lot of money just to take his beloved to another city on an ice rink. A guy who takes you seriously will keep even his smallest promises that were made as a joke.

The guy pretends to be a superhero

However, if your boyfriend is always looking for an excuse and tries to change the subject, if it comes to breaking a promise, then most likely he is extremely frivolous with you and scatters words into the wind just to get out of it own benefit. It is best to avoid such relationships, as they will have almost no prospects for you.

Meet family and friends

Answering the question of how to understand that a guy is not serious, one cannot fail to mention one very effective method of verification - invite him to meet his parents or friends. If the boyfriend immediately changes the subject or tries to come up with some ridiculous excuse like "I don't have time for this" or "Let's not rush things", then you should not expect too much from such a relationship.

Meeting the girl's parents

Ifthe boyfriend is not against meeting your close relatives, which means that he is not considering the option of ending your relationship in the near future. Even vice versa. He is ready to take on additional responsibility to your parents, which will not allow him to say in difficult times that you are breaking up. Otherwise, he will no longer be able to look your family in the eyes.

Ask a guy about your wedding

The happy ending for any relationship between a guy and a girl is engagement and marriage. To understand how a guy treats you, it will be enough to ask him a question about your wedding. For most men, this is a very important question that they simply cannot lie to. "We'll wait and see" is the answer of individuals who are not in the mood for marriage in the near future. Of course, the guy may change his mind, but in most cases, the people they love are told right away that they plan to marry them in the future.

The bride kisses the groom

Often, a guy himself can constantly mention how he wants to play your wedding as soon as possible. He will give various examples of how he would like to see the wedding ceremony, which of the guests is best to invite and who not. In general, if the gentleman is serious, then he will not be afraid of such a word as "wedding".

Intensity of communication with a girl

To understand how a guy feels about you, sometimes just looking at the intensity of your communication with him is enough. A man in love who wants to build a serious relationship,will communicate with you not only during personal meetings, but also perform the following actions:

  • send messages even when he is at work;
  • message with you on social networks;
  • call whenever you have a free minute.

In other words, a man will try to devote all his free time to his girlfriend, and also use sources that will allow this time to be increased. For example, he might take a day off from work to spend the day with you, or invite you to keep him company when he can't cancel an important meeting.

In addition, the guy will try to start and end the day with the person he is in love with and is serious about. For example, he will wish you a good day every morning, and in the evening, falling asleep, he will write to you: "Good night." A person in love will not be able to fall asleep or tune in to productive work if he does not know that everything is in order with his beloved now.

Video and conclusion

We hope our article helped you decide on the degree of seriousness of your young man. If this information seemed not enough to you, then we advise you to watch a short video in which you will also find 10 signs that a man takes his girlfriend seriously and wants to build a family with her in the future. Watch the video to the end, and in your hands will be the information that will allow you to never start a hopeless relationship again.

As you can see, to understand that the guy refers to the girlquite seriously, not so difficult - you just need to know a few psychological tricks and be able to correctly analyze the information received. If you think that some important point was not mentioned by us, you can tell us about it in the comments. You may be able to open the eyes of some of the girls who risk wasting time on a failed relationship. We heartily advise you to find that person who will be ready to spend his whole life with you.

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