Affectionate words for a woman. Compliments for a woman. Poems for your beloved
Affectionate words for a woman. Compliments for a woman. Poems for your beloved

Video: Affectionate words for a woman. Compliments for a woman. Poems for your beloved

Video: Affectionate words for a woman. Compliments for a woman. Poems for your beloved
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Today, more and more men begin to complain that their women are moving away from them. And the girls, in turn, are unhappy with the little attention from the stronger sex. But the reason is not that you have already got used to each other, got used to each other. Men simply forget one simple truth: women love with their ears. And so that feelings do not fade away, it is necessary to nourish your beloved with words of love. For a woman, this means more than expensive jewelry or a chic bouquet of roses. Although combined it produces an indelible effect.

Therefore, this article is intended for the stronger sex, it will help you remember forgotten affectionate words, learn new romantic methods. Small tips and tricks on how to become a romantic and awaken delight and love in a woman.

I'm not a romantic, or where did the knights disappear

How often do men say tender words? What is the reason for such coldness? bad upbringing orsheer laziness? Men are well aware of the words "beautiful", "sweet" or "tender", they understand their meaning. Where did the world of knights go when tournaments were organized for the attention and favor of the beloved?

jousting tournaments
jousting tournaments

Anyone can be a romantic, and that's a fact. Gentle words for a woman are appropriate at any time, in any setting. The most important thing is to say them out loud. Do not skimp on compliments, no matter how awkward they may seem to you. Women perceive not so much words as intonation and your emotions.

Make her shine like a diamond in the light

Urban fuss, modern technologies make people close themselves from others, hide emotions in themselves. Walking next to your beloved, say words of love in her ear. For a woman, such attention is comparable to euphoria. Immediately, an involuntary smile will appear on her face, and she will bloom like a flower bud. By the way, this is an effective tool at the time of the beginning of a quarrel or in a moment of awkward silence, so you should take note.

Try to pay attention to how beautiful she looks or how amazing her hair is. Say that in front of you now is the most charming, attractive and unforgettable woman. Check out her cute wardrobe, as girls carefully select it before meeting you.

Compliments to a woman in verse

No, no one forces you to become another Yesenin or Pushkin. Everything is much easier. First, you find suitable rhyming lines. Second, memorize them. And thirdly, at the right time, read poetryyour woman:

I miss you unbearably

Beloved, I pray fate for a meeting.

You are my ray, sparkling in the darkness, The medicine that heals the soul from sadness.

Such attention and effort will be duly appreciated. After all, this is not just a spontaneous compliment, you tried, made an effort. For the sake of interest, you can try to rhyme affectionate words for a woman yourself. For example:

My love woke up from a long sleep, Feelings rose from the deep bottom in my soul.


Not like the others, You are the only one in my world.

These may be the most primitive and the first that came to mind, rhymed compliments. And yet, it is recommended to devote a little more time to writing poetic lines. Write your own poems for your loved one. Knowing your woman, her tastes and passions, you will definitely be able to amaze and impress her.

smile from kind words
smile from kind words

Sung a song about you and me

Already so many songs have been sung about love, passion and tender feelings. So as a last resort, when there is not enough imagination, you can use the following way to express your feelings.

Find a song whose content reflects your relationship. Let her listen to your beloved woman. Explain in advance that you could not have chosen better words to express your feelings. Although the poems for your beloved were not written by you, your searches and such romantic gestures will be taken into account. Who knows, maybe you will be fed an insanely delicious dinner to the selected song?

Unusual, affectionate, gentle, Like an ocean, your boundless love.

Extraordinary, sweet, priceless, You are the whole universe, my extraordinary.

Don't look for the right moment

There is no single recipe for men how to win a woman's heart with words, how to look like a real romantic in her eyes. You can never guess how many words you need to say to be enough. You will not be able to choose the right compliments according to clear rules. But what is known for sure is that a woman does not have many beautiful and affectionate words. Believe me, girls are ready to listen and enjoy compliments to them all day long.

Every moment, every minute is coming. In the morning, the girl wakes up disheveled and a little wrinkled after sleep, tell her how sweet and gentle she is. When your beloved prepares morning coffee, express your feelings for her, tell her how beautiful she is. You have angered or offended your woman with something, smooth out the conflict with the words "you are the kindest and most caring." When you go to bed, wish the best and most beautiful princess of sweet dreams.

Beginner's mistakes, or how not to run into a frying pan flying at you

frying pan for unkind words
frying pan for unkind words

Please note that the ability to speak affectionate words for a woman is also a kind of science. For the right compliments, one must take into account the character and characteristics of the girl herself.

First of all, don't get carried away and don't overdo it. Too beautiful, or rather, it would even be said, frilly tenderness can lead to an absolutely opposite effect.“Your gait is graceful, like the gait of a doe” or “even the fluffiest lion will envy your hair” - they will not bring you success, this is already too much. There is no sincerity in such words, it seems more like you are showing off your knowledge and erudition.

Secondly, girls tend to look slim and elegant. So, immediately note from your vocabulary the compliments of the expression “you are my bun” or “my witch”. Of course, with a proper sense of humor, the girl will consider such words a compliment. But trust me, deep down you will still hook her feelings a little.

Third, do not focus your pleasant words for a woman on one part of the body. A girl should be beautiful in general, and not just a “handy smart girl”, “big-eyed baby” or “fluffy bunny”. At the very least, alternate these compliments.

So how is she?

When the words in my head run out, an article comes to the rescue. Try to remember more warm words for women, they will come in handy.

Who is your favorite maybe?

Realize your mental abilities: smart, quick-witted, savvy…

Notice the appearance of your woman: beautiful, striking, pretty, bewitching, ethereal, captivating, charming cutie.

Pay attention to the nature of the beloved: kind, caring, affectionate, gentle…

Remember that next to you is not just Olya, Katya, Dasha or Ksyusha. She is romantic, unforgettable, the only girl for you. At times it becomes amazing, amazing, powerful,mysterious, strong, brave, queen. In the evenings, you like to be with an attentive, sweet, interesting, inspirational fairy. And I want to wish pleasant dreams to a delightful, sweet, divine and best beauty.

A girl can be flawless, exceptional, priceless, cheerful, loyal, sensual.

She is so mysterious and touching, charming, the best and not like everyone else.

Tender words to a woman in prose, or who she is for you

And now begins the flight of fantasy and humor for you. After all, every girl tries to be special for her beloved man. Therefore, he is waiting for a mutual relationship with himself, when a man calls his beloved in a special way, and not like everyone else.

radiant smile from compliments
radiant smile from compliments

For starters, you can try to compare your girlfriend with some animal and affectionately call that name. For example, a cat, a bunny, a mouse, a kitty, a lion cub, a deer, a lioness, a tigress, a bear cub.

Diminutive names for edible items have gained their popularity: cherry, peach, pie, candy, berry.

A girl can be your sun, ray, star, gold.

She is your button, bead, joy, baby, treasure, goddess, angel.

Do not forget that all your affectionate words for a woman should come from the heart, with sincerity. Any falsehood will be immediately noticed by the intonation with which you pronounce compliments.

Compare to your best moments

Compliments can not only characterizeappearance, behavior, actions. Try to compare the girl next to you with something beautiful. When her smile makes your heart warm, say: “Your smile fascinates me, and your eyes will captivate with their depth”, “Your laughter is like birdsong”, “Your hair resembles golden waterfalls, I just want to touch them”, "Your eyes are like the clearest lakes, I can't tear myself away."

Just do not overdo it, say compliments honestly, from the heart. Let them seem ridiculous and stupid to you, but for girls it will sound gentle. Don't be surprised when you compare her hands to velvet leaves, and then you will be asked to repeat these words more often.

When it's important to talk

There are times in life when your special attention is needed. For such cases, it is worth replenishing your vocabulary. Here are some of these situations:

  • Your beloved woman is sick. On such days, she is especially morally weak and vulnerable. Therefore, your sincere words for a woman are extremely important, like medicine. Choose the right words. After all, a compliment about her divine beauty during a cold is not the best helper. Show participation and care, note what a girl is a good girl, who is trying to get better faster. Tell her that you are next to her, and love your strong and incomparable baby. Such words of support will help to cope with the disease faster.
  • Birthday, New Year, March 8th and many more holidays. Fill up your girlfriend with compliments, talk about how beautiful she is, she looks great. "Your smile fills this day with sunshinelight", "The most charming princess is dedicated to the whole day."

Attack of tenderness on all fronts

For a woman, affectionate words are pleasant not only to listen to, but also to read. She is ready to accept gentle courtesies around the clock, regardless of employment. Try complimenting with fantasy and variety.

Suddenly call your mobile phone in the middle of the working day and say: "I just wanted to say that you are my most wonderful, the best, you are my light and world." Let a woman remember, know that you always dream about her.

compliment on the phone
compliment on the phone

Give your girlfriend some cute notes on the fridge. Let it be a pleasant surprise for her to find a love note while preparing breakfast. Or leave your message with tender words on the bathroom mirror. Hide what is written in your purse or robe pocket. You know your woman's habits better than others, use this advantage to surprise and deliver pleasant moments of reading caressing words. For a woman, such a morning will become joyful and charge positive energy for the whole day.

Send a pleasant and touching message to your phone in a free moment with words about your feelings. The girl will be able to re-read it repeatedly, at any time returning to your compliments.

Buy a suitable postcard, compose an original wish for a great day and put it in the mailbox. Of course, this is provided that your woman checks it. It will be a nice surprise - among the advertising booklets to find your tenderwords.

A small digression about one more nuance

Do not forget that compliments should be appropriate and consistent with your relationship with a woman. Affectionate words for different women will be different.

compliment for a loved one
compliment for a loved one

So, for example, you just met and are starting to get to know each other. In this case, you should not immediately attack the girl you like with admiring and colorful compliments. It is better to focus on simple and pleasant words, for example, “you have very beautiful eyes”, “you look great today”, “the girl in front of me has a very nice smile.”

Over time, you get closer, you get to know tastes and interests better. The compliments are also starting to get more intimate and personal.

It's another matter if you want to please a work colleague with pleasant words. Here it is already worth observing the boundaries of decency and not going beyond them. Give sweet compliments to appearance, success, intelligence in general.

At all sorts of meetings, business dinners or similar events, you will encounter new people. To become charming and courteous to others, do not forget about pleasant and polite compliments to women. You can note their magnificent wardrobe in general, pleasant communication with them or marvel at their erudition. But do not say, for example, "you have a very charming voice." This kind of compliment can be ambiguous.

Know how to disguise

Even having lived with a woman for many years, you should not allow yourself to point out flaws. Try to turn such words into another pleasant compliment. And the woman herself will reach out to correct her shortcomings and shortcomings.

For example, you notice that wrinkles have appeared. Do not grab a woman by the hand and do not drag her to the nearest cosmetics store. Tell me better that she has such cute wrinkles when she laughs. Just in case, check that there are no heavy objects nearby. Thus, you will draw the woman's attention to the problem, and your words will not sound offensive.

Or you noticed that delicious buns were deposited on the girl's figure. Don't point your finger and don't scold. Better offer to join you in the gym. Motivate such an invitation by saying that one is bored.

Compliments to cooking will stimulate a woman to the next culinary masterpieces. But do not mock yourself and your body if she fails. Try to help in the cooking process, do not forget to give advice and dilute everything with compliments.

And do not forget, more affectionate words for a woman in such situations will help to bypass conflict moments.

woman in love
woman in love

And finally

The character and appearance of a woman is only your attitude towards her. The unique and sincere Ranevskaya Faina Georgievna spoke about this. If you want to see a loving, caring and most beautiful girl near you, treat her with dignity. It is only your actions and words that can make a goddess and queen out of a woman or bring her to a hysterical annoying witch. Love and appreciate your beloved, writecompliments to a woman in verse, call her affectionate words, pay enough attention. And thanks to your efforts, you will always be surrounded by affection, care and endless love.