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Whom to go to the movies with: friends, acquaintances, how to invite a guy, choosing a movie and having a good time

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Whom to go to the movies with: friends, acquaintances, how to invite a guy, choosing a movie and having a good time
Whom to go to the movies with: friends, acquaintances, how to invite a guy, choosing a movie and having a good time

Cinema is a unique place where hundreds of completely different people gather every day. Some grieve along with another melodrama, others imagine themselves in the place of superheroes from comics, and still others fall in love with romantic comedies. But sometimes there comes a period when you don’t know with whom to go to the movies. We will tell you who you can invite to your company and whether it is a shame to watch film adaptations alone.

At the cinema with friends

Who can be invited

Cinema is a place that you can visit with absolutely any people - with relatives, and with friends, and with a soul mate, and even with colleagues. You can find film adaptations for every taste, but remember that there are age restrictions and not all films are suitable for children under the age of 12, 14, 16 or 18. As a rule, this information is indicated on all banners, posters and at the box office.

Starting a relationship

Manythey are embarrassed to invite a person they like to a film session, believing that a date should be held elsewhere. However, for couples who are just getting to know each other, the cinema can become a symbolic place:

  • Firstly, it's cozy and there is almost always no pathos. In the cinema, few people notice how and what you are wearing. Everyone present has the sole purpose of watching the movie.
  • Secondly, during the screening it is dark in the cinema hall, and the only source of light is the projector and the screen. At this moment, the worried couples calm down, not seeing each other's anxiety and worries. At the same time, they become mentally closer, spending time doing what they love.
  • Third, movies are a great topic for discussion. This allows people to learn about personal preferences and interests, evaluate a point of view and understand whether they are suitable for each other or not.
  • couple scared in cinema

How to ask the object of adoration on a date

There is nothing easier than saying “Hi! Let's go to the cinema?" It is much more difficult to overcome your insecurity and fear. But since the cinema is a unique place, the interlocutor in case of refusal may not even suspect that you are inviting him on a date.

Never be afraid of anything. Even if your object of adoration refuses you to spend time together, this does not mean that you are an uninteresting and unattractive person. Perhaps nothing connects you with this person, or he is simply afraid to give a chance to a new acquaintance, to get to know him better.

Be on a date

So, you asked the object of adoration on a date, and he (or she) agreed to your: “Hi!”. How to go to the movies with this person without ruining the evening?

  1. Choose your session carefully. Never buy tickets without the consent of the partner, even if he said that he relies on your taste. Find out which films the person likes the most, what adaptations he has watched lately, offer him several options, and ask him not to be shy about choosing a film. This will not only help both of you to relax, but also to understand whether you are suitable for each other or not.
  2. Financial issue. So, you have decided which movie to go to the cinema, and you are already standing at the appointed meeting point. Once you invite, you must pay for the tickets for the session in full, and it doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl. If we are talking about close friends, colleagues or classmates, then financial issues are resolved in advance. As a rule, each person pays for his own ticket. But with dates everything is different - you invited, you pay.
  3. Treats. You have been thinking for a long time with whom to go to the movies, looking for the perfect partner and finally getting ready for the session. A sharp question arises: is it worth treating a new acquaintance or a friend with popcorn and a glass of cold lemonade? Again, if you're inviting, it's polite to ask if your partner is hungry. If a girl invites a guy, then she asks the same question. However, in most cases during a date, people are shy, and guys prefer to treat the ladies, even if they were not the instigator of the date.
  4. Who to go to the cinema with

How to choose a movie

The cinema is a popular place in every city, but quite expensive if you go to all the premieres. You may not always like the screen adaptations shown in this institution. In order not to regret the money spent, you should think in advance which movie to go to on the weekend, after a hard day's work, on vacation or on vacation:

  • Check out the list of new products. Look at the format in which a particular film is shown (2D, 3D), estimate the cost of a session at different times (as a rule, in the morning and at lunch the ticket price is much lower than in the evening).
  • Select a genre. Let's say that you need to go to the cinema, but in the near future those films that you like will not be shown. Since you have studied the list, then select the adaptations with the most interesting genre. For example: detective, comedy, drama, melodrama, cartoon, thriller or horror.
  • Watch the trailers. Try not to read descriptions before going to the movies. It is best to watch trailers and teasers. They, as a rule, do not reveal the whole plot, but are intended only to interest the viewer. If you liked the trailer, you did not consider the acting to be ordinary and inexperienced, then you can safely buy a ticket for the show.
  • Read viewer reviews on popular services such as IMDB or Kinopoisk. There you can not buy or order reviews for a particular film. However, try to avoid spoilers, which are often stored in reviews.
  • Children sit in the cinema

Whom to go to the movies with

There are many options for who you can invite to a movie screening. However, as well as various occasions and celebrations that are held in the cinema:

  1. With friends/girlfriends. Sometimes you don't need a reason to go to the movies with them. You are just offering your loved ones some fun and spending time together.
  2. With younger brothers, sisters, children, nephews, grandchildren, etc. A good reason to visit a family comedy or cartoon with the younger generation. In the cinema, you can perfectly celebrate a birthday, the onset of holidays or any holiday (March 8, February 23, New Year). As a rule, almost every establishment offers to enjoy delicious pizza or other dishes (hamburgers, fried wings, sushi and rolls, ice cream) after the session.
  3. With colleagues. Corporate meetings unite the employees of the company, bringing them together and creating a favorable atmosphere in the team.
  4. With friends of interest. If you don't know who to go to the movies with, you can always invite new faces to your company. Find thematic groups on social networks, place an ad that you are looking for a companion, write down your preferences and hobbies. Thus, you can become the owner of a new friend or loved one. But be careful not to trust suspicious people!
  5. Women's hands and popcorn


Most people prefer to go to the movies by themselves, without any support. And there is nothing to be ashamed of, because for some, films are not just pictures with music and words, buta whole art that requires maximum spirit and concentration.

If you want solitude, enjoying some story without eternal questions: “What kind of character is this?”, “What happened in the last part?”, “Why did the hero say this word?” etc., feel free to buy one ticket per session and feel free to enjoy the film adaptation.

Family at the cinema

In closing

Explore the world of the film industry, meet new and popular adaptations, immerse yourself in vast universes with your characters, stories and characters, learn to listen to dialogues and look for "Easter eggs" that will tell you about past and future films. Invite any acquaintances to the next session, fall in love and discover new worlds with loved ones.

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