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How to invite a girl home: good phrases, ways, tips and tricks

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How to invite a girl home: good phrases, ways, tips and tricks
How to invite a girl home: good phrases, ways, tips and tricks

The time of first kisses is long gone, and the moment has come that all the guys are looking forward to. And the most common problem arises: how to invite a girl home? Nobody wants to be refused, and even in a rude form. Today you will learn all the effective ways and choose the best option!

Date girl and guy

How do you know it's time?

Does it feel like you've been in a relationship forever and you can move on? For a man, this moment can come already on the first date. The strong sex is so arranged - the guys do not need long rantings and regular meetings in order to understand that this particular girl is right for him. Yes, there are romantics in our time, but they are only a small percentage of the total mass. If the girl herself invited the guy to her home, then this also does not mean that a stormy night awaits you. For women, an invitation to tea does not mean that you will move anywhere beyond the kitchen. Be able to recognize the signs - she herself takes your hand, notpulls away when you hold her tightly to you during a kiss, allows you to stroke not only the shoulders and back. An open expression of feelings will be the best clue in such a situation! You shouldn't make hasty proposals if the girl herself doesn't hint at you.

Girl and boy

How to invite a girl home?

Modern ladies are relaxed and can openly talk about their feelings and desires. While the thought “I want to invite a girl home” is spinning in your head, she already in her mind looks into your bathroom and examines the cabinets. But there are girls who need long and painstaking care. Even after three months of relationship, she may refuse to go to visit you. Such prudes need to be taken not by pressure, but by pity. As a rule, they are very constrained and embarrassed even by the very thought that they will agree to such a proposal. The only way out is to force her to play the role of a caring girl.

A win-win would be to ask you to cook dinner. You live like a lone wolf, haven't eaten homemade food for a hundred years. You have forgotten the taste of your mother's cutlets and, in general, you will soon start to get sick from the large amount of fast food you consume. In such a situation, the girl herself will want to cook dinner for you. If her heart does not waver, then you can offer to go to the store and buy groceries together. Even a not very good hostess will gladly agree to help you with cooking. The common activity will help to get closer and will not look like an obsessive request to visit your mansions.

Joint dinner


In winterThe best option would be an invitation to a cup of hot tea or coffee. After a long walk in the cold, the proposal to continue the evening in a warm and cozy home environment will not cause negative emotions. If you spent the evening in a cafe or cinema, then you should consider options. You can hint that you don’t want to leave yet, and the weather does not allow walking on the street. Or offer to come in and warm up if you decide to walk the streets.

How to invite a girl home in the summer? By the same principle! It's too hot outside and the house has air conditioning or a fan. Iced tea or other cooling drink may also be of interest to your lady. In the end, you can just offer to come in for a minute so that you can change your T-shirt. The girl is unlikely to want to stand near the entrance, and there is nothing dangerous in stopping by for a while either. Inside, you can already offer drinks, a family album, and watching your favorite movie. Tip: try to make dates near your home so that your words do not seem suspicious to her.

girl and boy walking


If you have firmly decided that today you will invite the girl home, then you should think in advance about what you will tell her. The phrase “come to me” will not only scare away, but also postpone this moment for an indefinite time. During a date, try not to talk about sex so as not to arouse suspicion. Show your attitude more often - stroking your fingers, whispering, quiet laughter. Avoid dirty jokes and stories about past adventures and girls. She needs to feel wanted andthe only one.

Refer to her more often not by name, but by using gentle words - beloved, dear, dear. Do not forget about diminutive names - kitten, baby, hare. Usually couples have their own secret chips that they use instead of names. If you decide to invite home, then do it carefully. You may find these phrases useful:

  • Do you want to continue the conversation at my house?
  • Let's discuss this in a more pleasant environment?
  • Maybe we can go to my place and continue our conversation?
  • I propose to end our date in a place that you will definitely like.

If a girl refuses, it does not mean that this is her final answer. Perhaps she just doesn't want to seem available and is just waiting for a second offer. Women are much more complex, they like to be wooed!

The lovers are talking


Corny, but in this way you can also lure a girl to your home. Suffice it to say that you have a special gift for her. If she looks at you with disbelief, then you should continue to fire her imagination. Present this news to her as a stunning surprise. Let her fantasy run wild and captivate her with promises. On the spot, you can inform that the gift will be a massage or a joint bath (if you do not have a real gift). It is unlikely that a girl will run away from your apartment without receiving the promised surprise.

Best option

If you have a dacha outside the city, then you do not need to reinvent the wheel. At any time of the year you caninvite a girl to barbecue. No need to collect a huge company - just the two of you. There is no need to focus on privacy! Tell us about nature, silence and remoteness from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Promise her care and delicious meat on the coals, a beautiful sunset and birdsong.

couple in nature

Mysterious stranger

Meeting and chatting on the Internet is no longer a rarity. Young people get to know each other, and there comes a time when you need to take the relationship to another plane. How to invite a stranger girl home? You do not have the opportunity to look into her eyes and whisper the cherished words? No problem. You can always offer to come to visit to get to know each other in real life. At the same time, do not forget to tell the girl that nothing will happen that she would not want. If she already trusts you, then this statement will calm her completely.

Emotional Processing

Wherever your date takes place, you can always set the lady in the right mood with the help of her imagination. If a man invited a girl home, then he should have what he described to her during the meeting. Women by nature are very gentle and soft creatures. Even those who want to look like bitches. Cherished phrases about a warm blanket, a soft sofa, an interesting movie and favorite ice cream are instantly visualized in her head. Captivate her with your stories about how comfortable and pleasant she will be in your apartment. Don't forget to add gentle hugs! No hints of sex - just a great evening together under a soft blanket!

boy and girl watchingmovie

Insolence is the second happiness

Sometimes pressure and audacity work better than any persuasion. Invite the girl to the cinema and bring her to your house. Confidently say that you can smoke a hookah in your home theater and pause the movie at any time. In addition, it is not forbidden to drink strong drinks and talk loudly. And most importantly - all this is completely free and only for her, the one and only. The effect of surprise can play into your hands, and the girl will want to visit this wonderful cinema!

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