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What is red? Learning colors with a child

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What is red? Learning colors with a child
What is red? Learning colors with a child

Even if the baby does not yet know how to talk, he understands perfectly well that every object around him, an object and even a living being has its own colors and shades. Regularly exercising with a child, you can teach him to distinguish colors as early as two years. And as soon as he starts talking, parents will expect a lot of questions like: “What happens in red?”.

If you start showing bright cards or toys to a three-month-old baby, then he will learn the lesson much earlier. The main thing is to name each object and say what color it is. Then the baby will gradually begin to figure out what is red.

How to teach a child to distinguish colors?

An interactive form of learning is perfect for this. To get started, you should stock up on bright objects for drawing - felt-tip pens, colored pencils, gouache, watercolor or finger paints. To remember the red color, you can pick up, for example, a wax crayon of a given shade, then transferhis baby. At the same time, it is necessary to tell, for example, what color is this crayon, what is red, and what can be drawn with it.

Teaching a child to distinguish colors

At the stage of remembering colors, some parents make mistakes that prevent the correct assimilation of new information. For example, you should not call red "red" and blue "blue", otherwise the child will simply get confused. Shades and diminutive names should be introduced later.

Some babies may know colors but not yet be able to call them out loud. Therefore, there is no need to rush things. It is enough that the baby will sort the objects by color silently, without naming them as dad and mom call them.

What items can be red?

Perhaps, of the primary colors, red is the most catchy, festive and bright. It has the highest intensity. If we turn to oral folk art, we can establish that this word was synonymous with the word "beautiful". After all, in the old days, very pretty women were called red maidens.

Children's red cars

The red color guessing game can be played with children at some social event - for example, a birthday or a matinee. At first, you can simply ask to name things of this color, and then guess objects with a certain letter.

Combinations of red with other colors

So, the basic colors are mastered, the baby distinguishes them quite well from each other. So you can go tocombinations. For example, ask a child a question: “Tell me, please, what happens in red and black?”. The further answer depends on the accumulated experience and imagination of the young student. In most cases, babies answer: “Ladybug.”

Cartoon Lady Bug

If the answer was given correctly, the child must be praised and shown the image of the guessed animal or object. But even if at first you can’t answer correctly, you shouldn’t scold the baby. It is better to pay more attention to those moments that are the most difficult for him to remember.

What is red and white?

And this question the child can ask parents after mastering the previous lesson. As in the case of the previous answers, everything here rests on the scope of the imagination. It can be, for example, a red mug with white polka dots. It can be an apple - red on the outside, white on the inside. Even a balloon can be made in matching colors.

Apple red, white inside

It should be remembered that not only inanimate objects are red, but also insects, fish and birds. Some animals have this coloration. For example, small rats. After all, their fur is white, and their eyes have a red tint.

Games with red color

Great memory activity called “Name the Object”. The kid is offered to look at several cards or objects - an apple, a car, a ladybug, a tulip. After that, you should ask what happens in red to understand how much he learned the lesson.

As soon as the first partthe game will be completed, the task can be complicated. For example, ask to classify all objects into categories: put fruits in one, toys in another, berries in the third. Later, you can add shades - burgundy, cherry, coral and scarlet. Definitely after a while, otherwise the child will get confused.

The simplest game that does not require any expenses from parents in terms of purchases of "educators" is called "Looking for red!". The kid should walk around the house in search of objects that are painted in this color. There is no doubt that there will be no limit to the delight from the found things: “Hurrah! I found my mother's dress! Dad's book! Little brother's car!”.

Children's cartoons will also come to the rescue. A series of educational games called "Babys" is dedicated to memorizing the color red:

As quickly and simply as possible, children will be able to learn colors and highlight red among them, if parents approach the process consistently, positively, calmly and responsibly. If you use a game form of learning, a child at an early age will be able to remember all the primary colors, and a little later even their shades.

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