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Congratulations to the mother-in-law on the anniversary in prose, in verse and in your own words

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Congratulations to the mother-in-law on the anniversary in prose, in verse and in your own words
Congratulations to the mother-in-law on the anniversary in prose, in verse and in your own words

Anniversary is an important event in a person's life, in particular the hero of the day. A loving daughter-in-law strives to please her mother-in-law with congratulations on her anniversary, to pay attention, to show a caring and respectful attitude. Relations among relatives do not always look like a plot from a joke on the topic of the day. In many families, the mother-in-law deserves to be called the second mother for the daughter-in-law. On her birthday, a grateful daughter-in-law tries to prepare a good holiday and wishes.

To the joy of the hero of the day

Congratulations to the mother-in-law on the anniversary can be expressed both in writing and orally. A good option is to prepare a pleasant surprise for a relative who will certainly please her. To congratulate an elderly woman, prepare a festive evening. It is not necessary to throw a feast for the whole world, but a birthday cake with candles or touching inscriptions is the main attribute of the table. Dishes at the gala dinner are selected taking into account the he alth of the woman. Lay a beautiful tablecloth, napkins, decorate the room, make an interesting congratulation to your mother-in-lawfor the anniversary.

mother in law flowers

Pleasant surprises

A festive evening in honor of an elderly relative should not be hectic and crowded. First of all, you should take into account the wishes of the birthday girl and invite everyone she wants. But it is also worth paying attention to the respectable age of a woman. Excessive noise and a large crowd of people will tire the hero of the day.

Decoration for the room also does not require pomp and obsessive brightness. Discard the balls. The cotton of a burst balloon will frighten the mother-in-law; you should not light candles or garlands. Unstable light is tiring for the eyes of pensioners.

Among the decor, it is better to give preference to simple and cute attributes:

  • Fresh flowers. Let simple, fragrant bouquets take pride of place on the chest of drawers, on the table, on the windowsill.
  • Age number. It has become fashionable lately. A big anniversary date is hung on the wall, decorated with paper flowers, photographs, hearts, pompoms.
  • Photos. Interesting shots of life, youth, work team, beloved grandchildren and children laid out in an original collage will fill the birthday girl and guests with positive emotions.
  • Children's drawings and wishes. Young children love to draw and make fakes for family members. Homemade postcards created by children's hands will be a wonderful wall decoration.
  • Chamomile of the hero of the day. A chamomile with multi-colored petals is cut out of paper. A photograph of the hero of the day is placed in the center of the flower. Warm words, congratulations and wishes to the main character of the evening are written on the petals.Incoming guests can contribute to the congratulatory flower.
  • mother-in-law's guests

Holiday Numbers

A good congratulation to the mother-in-law on her anniversary will be a small concert prepared in her honor. It should be short and calm. Well, if all family members take part in it. Among the festive performances may be the following numbers:

  • poetry;
  • songs;
  • chastushki.

Save dancing for other occasions. Bring a share of nostalgia for the youth of an elderly relative. She will appreciate it. The birthday girl will like it if the songs are sung to the accordion or piano. Select the repertoire taking into account the age preferences of the birthday girl.

Advice for congratulators

Congratulations on the anniversary of the mother-in-law 70 years, prepare carefully. The woman has reached old age, but nevertheless wants to remember her youth, laugh, calmly and sincerely spend her holiday.

On a large poster or postcard, write warm wishes - congratulations to your mother-in-law in prose. Simple phrases are full of sincerity and warmth. Having gathered the guests and the hero of the day at the table, start the festive evening with an opening speech. Don't be stingy and feel free to express your mother-in-law's congratulations in your own words.

grandma's birthday

Congratulations in prose

A wish from the heart will surely convey to the hero of the day how you value and respect a person. Prose greetings can be prepared and learned in advance or said spontaneously. It doesn't matter. The main thing is that the words sounded warm and sincere.

"70 years is a wonderful blessed date! At this age, the soul is full of love, kindness and bright experiences. And wisdom and life experience reach great heights. On this holiday, we wish good he alth, peace and tranquility in the soul, only joyful and pleasant experiences. So that every day pleases with sweet surprises. So that others appreciate and love, bestow care and attention."

"So many years have passed! These were eventful years in which many interesting, important and happy events were intertwined. Life goes on! It gradually turns into a calm flow in which waves of calmness, peace, universal love and respect for loved ones splash and relatives. This is a great time when you don’t need to rush anywhere, rush, but you can safely enjoy every passing day, a passing minute. At 70, the sun shines brighter, the birds sing melodicly, the night becomes soft and comfortable. Every rustle of the breeze caresses the ear, life opens from the other side, where there are moderate, affectionate tones. We wish you to enjoy every day! Do not get sick, do not be bored, love life and your loved ones, feel their attention and care every day."

For dear second mother

When the husband's mother is in close friendship with her daughter-in-law, the latter wants to present a touching congratulations to her mother-in-law on her anniversary. Warm words will convey a grateful feeling to an elderly woman:

"There are never many mothers in the world, But I'm happier than the rest of the kids, I have not only my own mother, Mymother-in-law - second mother.

She will warm with a word, encourage, And treats with something delicious all the time.

She always gives good advice, And as a native child will not betray.

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday!

I wish you warm bright days!

So that they don’t get sick with any illness, Were active, cheerful, not getting old!

To wrap you with kindness every day, And you shared it with your family!

I also wish you to tell a sonnet, For your anniversary, on the occasion of 100 years!"

mother-in-law congratulations

Ditty birthday girl

Funny congratulations from the mother-in-law on the anniversary will amuse the guests and the birthday girl, cheer up and fill the festive evening with fun.

Cheerful ditties in honor of the hero of the day, performed by her girlfriends, neighbors or relatives, will please everyone present:

"That's the kind of lady we have, That is my mother-in-law!

And dancing and singing, And bakes delicious pancakes!"

" Look what a diva

Still young, beautiful, Nightingales sing in the shower, And she's already 70!"

" Mother-in-law has a big table, Let's get together as a family, The hour goes by, the second one passes, It's time for dinner…"

"I don't need advisers, Not doctors, not doctors, My mother-in-law is like this

Get smarter than everyone!"

"She does not sit idle, And that's itdoing skillfully, Who, tell me not melting?

That's my mother-in-law!"

"Who's knocking on the door so early?

Who can't stay at home?

It's the mother-in-law who came!

I didn't sweep the floor!"

birthday ditties

Poems - congratulations

Guests and relatives present birthday greetings to the mother-in-law in verse, written on a postcard, poster, told orally.

"Happy anniversary, We wish from the bottom of our hearts, To make it brighter every day, And life was kinder.

So that the neighbors respect, We missed you without communication, For grandchildren to attend, Children were invited to visit.

So that sleep is strong, sweet, Flying day "without precipitation".

So that old age does not reign, Passed somewhere, past..

And spring bloomed in my soul, Forever young!"

"It's your birthday today!

You are older and wiser.

You look at life differently, Solve every problem.

To you the whole family, like for lunch.

Hurries to get you advice.

We wish you happiness and he alth!

So that life flows calmly, evenly, She was full of love, warmth, Comfort, joy, kindness!"

birthday cake

Song for the anniversary of 70 years

Congratulations to the mother-in-law on the anniversary can be expressed in a song remade especially for the birthday girl.

"What was"

(lyrics to the tune of the song"What were you")

What it was, it remains so, Fire in the blood, peace in the soul, You, you look like you're seventeen

And here is the seventh ten!

You are all blooming, years are not visible, And the twinkle in your eyes, And don't be sad, don't be offended, What with respectable years!

You lived your destiny

With a sweet smile in my soul

So let there be many more days, To please you!"

respectable age

Attention to the birthday girl

Prepare your mother-in-law's birthday greetings with soul, sincerity, and a desire to please the birthday girl. She will appreciate your attention and care. A cute surprise will cause enthusiastic emotions in the hero of the day:

  • Buy a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Write cute wishes on pieces of paper, and attach them to the bud of each flower. It can be both wishes (happiness, he alth, long life) and compliments (soulful, kind, beloved grandmother, excellent cook).
  • bouquet of flowers
  • Take a family photo as a keepsake. Elderly women appreciate the family, the warmth of the hearth. Photos of relatives will be a pleasant memory of the holiday.
  • group photo

Do not skimp on warm congratulations to your family, and let them become even more expensive and happier on their birthday.

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