What to wish your sister for her birthday in prose in your own words

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What to wish your sister for her birthday in prose in your own words
What to wish your sister for her birthday in prose in your own words

Video: What to wish your sister for her birthday in prose in your own words

Video: What to wish your sister for her birthday in prose in your own words
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Now we will consider a very delicate matter! What to wish your sister for her birthday. It can be either a relative or a cousin. Now we will analyze how to congratulate your sister in prose in your own words in an original way.

Where to start?

what to wish your sister for her birthday
what to wish your sister for her birthday

You can start your congratulations with the words below.

Dear sister! This day is very important to you. You are one year older. Happy birthday to you, my dear. I wish you all the best in the world. If you want to conquer Elbrus, then climb Everest - there is nothing to waste on trifles. Do you want to go to a neighboring village to a disco by bike? Don't panic, call a taxi.

Parting words

What can you wish your sister for her birthday? Yes, a lot of things, for which only enough imagination. Most importantly, take a piece of paper and write everything down. The process of writing a text is a very important moment, as you pour out your soul to your bloodline - in this case, to your sister. It is necessary to write such that this text sunk into the soul. Sometimes it's quite hard to doespecially for a loved one. You can rewrite in your own words many different congratulations from specialized sites, but it will not be from the heart. Most likely hypocrisy.

What's important?

What can you wish your sister for her birthday?
What can you wish your sister for her birthday?

The main thing is to write from the heart. If you do not know how to express your thoughts beautifully, it does not matter. Just write what you sincerely think, and then hug when congratulating. It will be much more pleasant for your loved one than just rewriting ready-made phrases.

Concentrate on the family and its environment. Send all messages in that direction. You can download congratulations from the Internet only if you are too busy. But even if this is true, then still try to write 3-4 lines. It won't take long, and my sister will be pleased.

What to wish your sister for her birthday in prose?

what to wish your cousin for his birthday
what to wish your cousin for his birthday

Use prose when you can't write in verse. Record everything as it is and how you feel. And even with errors, it's okay. If you want to look great in front of your guests, then memorize a pre-written text and say it loudly and clearly. Try to get goosebumps (in music, this phenomenon is called "freezone", when you get goosebumps from your favorite song).

You have to decide for yourself what to wish your sister on her birthday.

How to congratulate?

Many people wonder what to wish their sister for her birthday. It must be brightconvincing improvisation. For example:

My beloved sister, I want to wish you the very best. Never be discouraged, do not be afraid and do not cry. Everything will be fine with you, the main thing is to work on the personal front. Remember that although you have become a year older, but age is not a sentence. Here is the poet who wrote The Godfather, who worked hard all the time, but he did not succeed. But at 45, he still became world famous.

So, beloved sister, do not lose heart! You'll be all right. All sorrow, sadness and adversity will go away. Do not worry that something does not work out, the main thing is to go towards your goal no matter what.

Let you have order in your family and support your loved ones. Try to always take risks, but do not be in the risk zone. Be a butterfly and flutter boldly around the world. Just do not forget your native land and where you were raised. Remember we love you sister.

Toast ends

What to wish your big sister for her birthday
What to wish your big sister for her birthday

At the end of the evening, you can come to the end of the toasts. They can be with elements of satire. Only here be careful and try not to hurt the feelings of the birthday girl herself.

You can end it like this: and now our celebration has come to an end, but your birthday will be remembered by us for a long time. Dear sister, I respect you for everything, for what you are, and for the fact that you invited so many guests here. You are also like a sister to them, and they are the same to you. Therefore, do not forget that this is an important event in the life of the hero of the day! Because for you, dear sister!

You are the most beautiful in the world and today is brightyou shine. Despite the fact that it is already a deep winter night, you warm our hearts with your warmth.


The information you just read is not on any congratulations site. They are written in general terms, as everyone has their own sister. This blank can be used as a template for congratulating your loved ones. But that's not all, then you will find out what to wish your cousin on her birthday.


A cousin is considered to be a female person who was born not to your mother, but to your mother's sister. But this is not so important, because all the same, you will have to congratulate her. Remember, everyone wants a holiday, regardless of whether they are a loved one or not.

What do you want?

Don't forget that a cousin is also a blood girl, so she will be waiting for a touching story from you. First of all, like all people, you can wish he alth to your cousin on your birthday. But everyone will talk about he alth, so here it is worth diversifying a little.

You can also wish for bags of money and other rubbish. But this is not the main thing, the main thing is that you will be there and say congratulations from the bottom of your heart. Do not be afraid to express your feelings, splash them out. Show how much you love your relative, even a cousin.

If a sister has lost faith in herself, then give examples from the lives of other people whose work was recognized already at a late age. Remember, if a person has a dream, then he will definitely achieve it if he works hard on it. It is important to remember andsister every day, not just when she has a name day.

Try to surprise, so that those present are completely delighted. Feel free to say something unfortunate, the main thing is that it should be pleasant to a loved one.

What do you wish your big sister on her birthday?

wish sister good he alth on her birthday
wish sister good he alth on her birthday

It's much harder to surprise an older sister, but, in fact, this does not need to be done. Just prepare a beautiful speech, as in all previous cases. Remind yourself that age is not a sentence. Therefore, she should not turn sour if there are problems in her studies, at work or in the family. Wish to pull yourself together and make important decisions. After that, the older sister will calm down and the next day after the celebration she will begin to solve her problems, but already in a calm atmosphere.

Which words touch?

You might find this text useful:

What do you wish in prose, my beloved sister? As they say, no pen to you, no fluff! Everything will be a bundle, as Potap sang, the main thing is not to lose heart and launch a startup. Find something you love and develop in that direction. Unlock possible talents. Know that there is potential in each of us, and in you too. I wish you to open it as soon as possible and realize yourself in this serene life.

Support is important in our lives. Believe in a dream, and it will definitely come true, but just don't give up. You know everything is in your hands. Trust your intuition and do what you know! My dear sister, know that I will always support you no matter what.

When you believe in what you havepotential and start to realize it, then maybe immediately or over time you will see that the whole world is spinning around you.


what to wish your sister for her birthday in prose
what to wish your sister for her birthday in prose

Almost everyone has a sister. Don't forget about her. And even if you are far away, still try to congratulate your blood. Moreover, modern technology allows you to do this. All this is possible thanks to free programs for messages and calls around the world. Love your sisters and don't leave them in trouble. Be always in touch with them, despite the distance. Only parents can be dearer than such a person. Take care of your loved ones. Then you and they will be fine.

You can finish the congratulations with warm words:

Dear sister! Know that you are the best. All wishes on this day are only for you. Happiness, he alth, long years and more vivid memories. Every birthday spent in the circle of close people is priceless! Maybe you don't understand it now, that everything that happens, sister, in your life is important. But you will understand this in time, when you see the seed that you sowed a long time ago, and it turned into a large field of wheat!