Birthday scenario (girl 4 years old): interesting contests, ideas for the holiday and tips from animators
Birthday scenario (girl 4 years old): interesting contests, ideas for the holiday and tips from animators

Video: Birthday scenario (girl 4 years old): interesting contests, ideas for the holiday and tips from animators

Video: Birthday scenario (girl 4 years old): interesting contests, ideas for the holiday and tips from animators
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In order to bring to life the numerous ideas of the holiday, mothers think over the birthday script for a 4-year-old girl in advance, taking into account the once casually voiced ideas or hobbies of the child. At this age, children speak well, like to watch cartoons, listen to fairy tales and dream about magic. The task of parents is to make an effort, think over the script, birthday contests for 4 years.

Why should you decide to organize a holiday?

It is worth noting that it is not at all necessary for mothers to shoulder this difficult task only on their shoulders. It is quite possible to connect the future birthday girl and dad to the organization of the holiday. This is a great option to have a good time in the creative process with your child.

Pros of a collaborative approach

It is not necessary to trust the script for the birthday of a 4-year-old girl to professionals. The preparatory process is exciting, it can add a lot of positive emotions,delight and unforgettable experience. Among other things, you can experience a number of benefits:

  • if the script for a girl's birthday at 4 years old is designed for home, then this significantly saves the budget;
  • by involving dad, grandparents, you can have fun and fruitful time with your family;
  • in the process of preparation, the child will understand the importance and learn to take a responsible approach to organizational issues;
  • for a few days, a girl can be carried away by interesting activities and, possibly, discover new talents.

Step-by-step thinking over a festive scenario for a child's birthday at 4 years old allows the girl to feel that her opinion is considered, taken into account, listened to. This is a great chance to give the baby the opportunity to feel like an adult.

What should parents know?

Before the preparations, you should talk with your child and find out the scale of the upcoming holiday. To plan a girl's birthday scenario for 4 years, parents must follow the following algorithm of actions:

  • discuss with your daughter the number of guests, adjust the list if necessary, limit yourself to the most desirable guests if possible;
  • discuss organizational issues with the parents of the invited, clarify the method of delivery of the guest and who will pick up the visitor at what time;
  • the presence of allergic reactions to nuts, citrus fruits, juices is worth finding out for sure so as not to put children at risk;
  • study material about baby food and do not cook heavy, harmful for babybody dishes, fatty desserts and butter cakes;
  • find out if the parents will attend the celebration.

Usually the biggest worry parents have when organizing a 4 year old girl's birthday scenario is having to meet strangers. In this case, it should be understood that unfamiliar people also do not particularly want to visit someone else's space. If we discuss the menu and program in advance, then the parents of the invitees will not mind entrusting their children.

What materials should be purchased for organizing a holiday?

The holiday script for a 4-year-old girl includes decoration of the room. In order for an ordinary room to turn into an extravaganza of colors, it is worth purchasing bright attributes or materials for making parts with your own hands. For colorful garlands, balloons and lanterns you will need:

  • glue;
  • corrugated colored paper;
  • cardboard and sheets of bright colors;
  • drawing paper;
  • double sided tape.

All materials should be purchased a week before the holiday, as preparations will begin in advance so that the little hostess of the ball can do everything.

Paper decorations
Paper decorations

How to invite guests to a party?

Invitation cards can also be made by hand. This is not to say that this is an economical option, but the fact that it is memorable and exciting is undeniable.

invitation card
invitation card

Those who are faced with the independent holding of the holiday, it is recommended to prepare two postcards. One for a childand its design is special, with the efforts of the birthday girl and the second - to the mothers of the invitees. In adult postcards, they write the start time of the event, the place, the theme of the party, the presence or absence of requirements for the dress, the phone number of the organizing mother. Before the start of the event, it is important to discuss all the nuances with each parent individually.

Preparing for the celebration

A week before the holiday, while the girl is in the garden or on a walk, parents can make a bright calendar with a large cake and cut-off colored tokens. There is no doubt that such an idea will cause delight. According to the scenario of a 4-year-old girl's children's birthday, the daily ritual of cutting off the past day and the upcoming event creates a special atmosphere even before the holiday.

Waiting for the holiday
Waiting for the holiday

You can also start preparing decorations for the room. Garlands, flowers and paper balls, bright napkins and hats for guests - all this can be done in advance.

Today, professional entertainers pay a lot of attention to the design of the photo zone and the candy bar. It is worth noting that the idea deserves attention. All young guests and adults can take part in the design of the space for a photo session. Special finger paints in different colors and whatman paper is all that is needed for colorful prints of children's hands on the wall. This idea will appeal to everyone without exception, but requires parental control.

Idea for a photo zone
Idea for a photo zone

It is important that the corner is colorful and attractive. You can add to this drawingbright balls and tinsel.

Preparing a place for a photo shoot
Preparing a place for a photo shoot

Children's holiday is not complete without sweets. In the scenario of a children's birthday for 4 years, you can include your favorite cartoon characters by decorating a cake, pastries, gingerbread. Bright heroes of favorite stories, Masha and Misha, Peppa pig, Minion, Paw Patrol - something that will arouse the interest of all children without exception. The minibar should consist of wholesome products and everything should be fresh. Cake pops, cupcakes, fresh juices, fruits and berries are sure to please the birthday girl and guests.

Sweets for children
Sweets for children

It is worth noting that many parents are categorically against homemade desserts. To avoid trouble, you should give preference to certified baby food products with clearly defined expiration dates.

What to feed the little guests?

Children's menu should not include frills and complex dishes. The task of the hosts of the celebration is not to impress the parents of the invited children, but to tasty feed the fussy. Food should be familiar, but this does not mean that a steam cutlet should lie sadly on a pile of mashed potatoes. Serving banal portions with simple manipulations turns into a festive one that arouses interest and even delight.

Sausages can turn into giant sea octopuses, salads can take the form of snakes or lizards, eggs can turn into fly agaric mushrooms, and vitamin juices and milkshakes can be so festive, decorated with umbrellas, fruits, colored sugar along the contour of a glass, that even the most will not pass by themnaughty baby.

It is important to remember that all products must be of high quality, with appropriate labeling and accompanying documents.

Table setting
Table setting

Games and contests

The scenario of a girl's birthday at 4 years old is actually not difficult, but requires a special approach. Children at this age are active and the consequences of their stay will have to be raked for a long time. It should also be understood that it is very difficult to keep the attention of babies for a long time.

On their own, parents can organize a puppet theater or a performance with soap bubbles. There must be tricks in the program. Each action should not take much time, as perseverance is not observed at this age. Even when choosing an animator, an emphasis should be placed on the age category. Children 4 years old need a special approach.


To enter the solemnly decorated hall, the child must say the password. pre-written in the invitation, and this ritual is very exciting.

"Salute to the birthday boy"

The birthday girl and all her friends stand in a circle filled with balloons. A friendly count is kept up to four, and the children throw colored balloons into the air and shout "salute" - so several times.


A river and crocodiles are drawn on two Whatman sheets. With the help of two cardboard sheets, the kids will have to cross to the opposite shore. An adult goes first, leading by example.

Holiday games
Holiday games

Pro Tips

Often parents do not take into account somemoments that are really important. Professionals recommend paying attention to the following points when writing a script for a girl's birthday at 4 years old at home:

  1. It is necessary to know exactly the scale of the planned event and the number of guests.
  2. Parking space is desirable under the house.
  3. There should be enough space for children to play to avoid injury.
  4. You should be serious about choosing the theme of the holiday.
  5. It is worth really assessing your material capabilities.
  6. You need to understand that a home holiday without the involvement of professionals can not be cheaper due to the unreasonable use of resources.
  7. You should pay attention to the selection of background music.
  8. The content of the invitation card should be informative so that parents can prepare their children for the holiday.
  9. You need to remember that the event is organized for children, and they will be happy with little memorable surprises.
  10. Before getting children involved in the game, it is recommended to feed them.

Organizing a festive birthday scenario for 4 years is a responsible matter. The birthday boy and guests should be in a good mood and get the most out of the event.

Wishlist for invitees

Wishlist is a tradition borrowed from abroad, but it is worth noting that it is not so bad. Of course, it can be argued that it doesn’t matter what kind of gift, but if only from the heart, but this number takes place in the case of adult holidays. Gifts in the scenario of a girl's birthday at 4 years old do not take the lastpositions. To avoid unnecessary surprises and at the same time not to strain parents with excessive spending, it is worth taking care of the little joys of the child in advance.

The list of desired gifts can include books, felt-tip pens, kits for creativity and various little things that are dear to the heart of the birthday girl. A link to the store is attached to each selected toy. The more choices the invited parents have, the freer the parents feel.

At the bottom of such a convenient and desirable list, it is worth adding that the gift can be chosen to your taste. If parents call to clarify or help in choosing, do not be shy, because only a mother knows what her baby dreams of.

What to do with parents?

If the party involves the presence of parents, then adults can be included in the birthday scenario for 4 years (it is very interesting to hold such an event at home). Moms and dads need to be involved in the program and involved in games - at this age, children love the attention of their elders. Or provide entertainment for children to the animator, the active head of the family. Guests, even if they don't know each other well, can get closer on the general topic of children's growth and development, life within the garden, food habits, plans for the future. Having tea with a cake and seeing happy children is the best time for parents.

Pros and cons of home holidays

The advantages of a home scenario for a 4-year-old girl on her birthday are quite significant:

  • this way the holiday is much cheaper;
  • the event is held at a convenient time for entertainerstime;
  • circle of people consists of welcome guests;
  • the whole scenario takes place under the strict guidance of the parents.

But there are many downsides to this choice that should be carefully evaluated and weighed:

  • for the convenience of little guests will have to sacrifice the entire living space;
  • preparing a festive table, serving, serving takes all the time of the hostess;
  • noisy children can be a nuisance to neighbors;
  • since the hosts take care of the entertainment, severe fatigue is guaranteed by the end of the day.

Only by setting up decisively, they determine the style of the event and the scenario on the birthday of a child for 4 years at home. It can be a classic fun event or a masquerade ball with your favorite theme and colorful costumes.

Girl's birthday
Girl's birthday


Create a holiday script for a girl (for 4 years or another age, it doesn’t matter) every parent should at least once in their life, since the actions of professional organizers of celebrations, clearly worked out to the mechanism, will not give a feeling of home comfort and comfort. Only parents can put their heart and soul into making the best day for their child.