Anniversary scenario for a 25-year-old girl: interesting ideas, contests

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Anniversary scenario for a 25-year-old girl: interesting ideas, contests
Anniversary scenario for a 25-year-old girl: interesting ideas, contests

Video: Anniversary scenario for a 25-year-old girl: interesting ideas, contests

Video: Anniversary scenario for a 25-year-old girl: interesting ideas, contests
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Anniversary for a girl of 25 years is an important event that you want to spend fun and unforgettable. The birthday girl will appreciate not only the presence of welcome guests, a delicious feast, a pile of gifts, but also an organized scenario with jokes, games, songs and background music.

Home toastmaster

For an unforgettable holiday, it is not necessary to turn to the services of animators and toastmasters. With the help of the script for the anniversary, a girl of 25 years old can arrange an event at home for everyone. The main thing is to stock up on the desire to please the hero of the occasion with creative ideas and a worthy program.

It is advisable to discuss in advance with a young woman how she wants to see her birthday, what kind of company and atmosphere she expects. She may want to spend the holiday without noise and unnecessary fuss in a quiet family circle. However, if the female young soul wants a bright unforgettable evening, it is worth helping her with this.

A home organizer needs to take into account the tastes and preferences of the birthday girl in order to please her. You can discuss a ready-made anniversary script for a 25-year-old girl in advance, butsome details are kept secret. A pleasant surprise is best left for the end of the evening.

You can throw a gala party in honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary in different ways: with improvisation, a clear script or a thematic bias.

Evening Ideas

Cool scenarios for the anniversary of a girl of 25 years are obtained when the party has a certain theme. Style decisions of the evening imply several points:

  • evening program;
  • musical direction;
  • dress code;
  • original photo shoot.

In addition, theme parties arouse great interest among guests, initially set a cheerful mood and in most cases fulfill one of the wishes of the birthday girl. For example, an anniversary script for a 25-year-old girl in a specific style will help her:

  1. "Visit" France - ("Party la France").
  2. Remember childhood - (pajama "party").
  3. Feel like a princess, a witch, Lara Croft, etc.

Theme Party

Before preparing the program, the home organizer should find out about the secret dreams of a young girl. No need to be afraid to choose unexpected topics for the evening. Perhaps for a 25-year-old girl, the script for the anniversary, created in the style of a puppet party, is her long-standing wish. Birthday is a great way to have fun and remember your childhood.

The range of thematic ideas for cool 25th anniversary scenarios is huge. For example, a party:

  • pirate;
  • pajama;
  • pioneer;
  • Indian;
  • rocker;
  • romantic;
  • criminal;
  • palace;
  • Mexican.

Any dream of a birthday girl can be a good idea for creating a festive evening. "Journey" to any country, transformation into unusual characters can weave the script for the anniversary of a girl of 25 years at home.

hero of the day girl
hero of the day girl

Important points

When compiling a program for the holiday, the organizer should take into account several important nuances:

  • dimensions of the room where the event will take place;
  • age category of those present;
  • availability of audio and video equipment;
  • amount of time allotted for the anniversary.

Given all these aspects, the host is coming up with an original script for the anniversary of the 25-year-old girl.

jubilee 25 years old
jubilee 25 years old

Planning the scenario

The program must be clearly planned. It is important not to miss the key moments and not spoil the smooth and harmonious course of the holiday.

The stages of the holiday include the following actions:

  1. Introductory part. It should be bright, eye-catching, purposefully indicate the event on the occasion of which the guests gathered. The opening speech can be delivered in prose, a poem, sung by a song, performed in some other original way. The main thing is to attract the attention of guests, highlight the birthday girl and emphasize her importance this evening.
  2. Dress code or decoration attributes for guests when creating a coolscript for the anniversary of a girl of 25 years at home is urgently needed. In the case of a theme party, guests come in special costumes, but if this does not happen, it does not matter. A fun game, during which friends and relatives dress up with blindly chosen accessories, will charge the audience with laughter, fun, and good mood.
  3. Quiz, riddles - an interesting entertaining part, during which facts related to the theme of the evening or the birthday girl are guessed. Questions can be written in poetic form, be humorous or serious. You need to choose information about the heroine of the evening very carefully so that questions and answers do not relate to that area of \u200b\u200blife or those events that the birthday girl does not want to talk about.
  4. Competitions - tasks with tokens (prize, lottery). The scenario of the holiday of a girl of 25 years old should include such nuances. To participate in competitions, numbered cards are distributed to those present. Each number contains a game task and a prize. It can be unusual, comic, related to the theme of the evening. The tasks should include a wide variety of creative moments that encourage players to reveal their artistic abilities and ingenuity: sing a song, recite a poem, show pantomime, perform a ditty, parody a famous person, and so on.
  5. General games. Noisy or quiet games for the general audience are best done after the guests are stirred, relaxed and ready for further participation in the entertainment program. They may have the character of a competition or be associated with a dance, song theme.
  6. Performances. A wonderful surprise will be the performance of concert numbers by guests. Perhaps someone plays the guitar or any other instrument perfectly, writes poetry or dances - if a similar plot is included in the script for the anniversary of a girl of 25 years old, both she and the guests will like it, it will cause a lot of delight and positive emotions.
  7. Dancing. The music itself is important here: a successful incendiary playlist will make most of the guests enjoy dancing at the gala evening.
  8. Gifts, congratulations. For congratulations, you need to highlight a special moment. This is best done after the solemn introduction of a birthday cake with candles and loud applause with the traditional song "Happy Birthday to You!". The birthday girl blows out the candles, loud words of congratulations are heard, hooting - the turn of gifts and wishes has come.
  9. Surprise. Ending the evening with an unexpected surprise is a great idea. It is not necessary to release a flock of pigeons from the balcony or order a gypsy with a bear. It can be a pile of balloons released into the sky on the street or a Chinese lantern with wishes, a ride in a car decorated like a carriage, the same gypsies, which will be played by close friends. Imagination and ingenuity will tell you what surprise will surprise and delight the birthday girl.
  10. Small prizes and gifts. A small souvenir received during the event will cheer up the guests and serve as an incentive to participate in competitions. You don't have to spend a lot to get presents. They can be simple and original: pens, balls, sweets, seasonings, tea bags, soap, hairpins andother little things.
  11. decor la france
    decor la france

Birthday "in Paris"

The script for the anniversary of a 25-year-old girl in the French style will really appeal to a romantic nature who dreams of love and travel.

Preparing such a party is quite difficult. This is an interesting and creative job that requires some important steps:

  1. Room decor. To fill the living room with the atmosphere of Paris and French streets, it is advisable to hang black and white photographs of the capital of the country on the walls. French word labels are required. For example, "bonjour", "merci". A figurine or a toy of a rooster, graceful umbrellas and flowers in vases will complement the atmosphere appropriate for Paris.
  2. Musical design. It is necessary to choose both fast and slow compositions for the background and dances. There is a sea of famous interesting performers who will fill the room with French notes and cheerful mood. You can add hits from French pop stars such as Patricia Kaas, Mylène Farmer, Mireille Mathieu, Edith Piaf, Mika, Vanessa Paradis, Azel and others to the playlist.
  3. Costumes, paraphernalia. Vests, skirts, berets, jabots, suits, hats and scarves will make up the perfect wardrobe for transforming into French citizens. If guests come in clothes that do not match the theme of the evening, they must be "decorated" at the beginning of the party during the musical game. The host puts various accessories into the box: hats, sunglasses, scarves, fluffy scarves, bright belts, a lace shawl, berets, gloves. To the music of the boxpasses through the guests and during the musical break, the guests "blindly" dress up.
  4. Treats are optional before the themed evening. The menu may have national French or regular holiday dishes.
  5. Competitions, games, tasks are an important component of the festive scenario for the anniversary of a girl of 25 years. Their selection should be associated with the traditions of the chosen country, the age category of guests, the amount of time for the allotted event.
  6. clothing la france
    clothing la france

La française holiday

Birthday in the style of France is a great occasion to congratulate on an important date and put into "life" a wonderful scenario for a girl's 25th birthday.

The host greets the guests and the main character of the evening with a solemn speech:

-Bonjour, madam, bonjour, monsieur!

We all gathered on this day, Congratulate our Cher and Belle, After all, Annette (Tatiana) has an anniversary!

There is no more beautiful girl in the land, Such beauty is only a dream!

We will congratulate her, Sing songs, have fun, dance!

Let's say everything loudly in French:

Annette, Ms. Vu Aniverser!"

The names of the guests and the birthday girl are translated into French and pronounced throughout the evening. If you change and enter the name and surname of the guest in the badges, those present receive both a new "nickname" and an occasion for novelty of sensations and fun.

Each of those present identifies himself,trying to observe nasal accents and rolling "r".

1. General game "Pick up a pair"

Host: Today we will visit a beautiful country that is known for romantic adventures, wonderful love stories. France is a country where fashion is born, passions rage and loving hearts gather. I will name a famous person, but who knows, tell me the name of her other half:

  • D'artagnan -…(Constance);
  • Napoleon - …(Josephine);
  • Geoffrey de Peyrac - …(Angelica);
  • Johnny Depp -…(Vanessa Paradis);
  • Quasimodo - …(Esmeralda);
  • Nicolas Sarkozy - … (Carla Bruni);
  • Louis the Fourteenth - … (Louise de Lavaliere);
  • Alain Delon - …(Romy Schneider);
  • Marcel Cerdan -…(Edith Piaf).

2. Competition "Winemakers"

Choose two participants. Each of them is given a glass and a bunch of grapes. Players compete to see who can squeeze "wine" into a glass container from grapes faster.

3. Game tasks "Cherbourg umbrellas"

The 25th anniversary scenario with competitions in which those present will show acting skills and other talents amuse the audience and give a great mood.

On small paper umbrellas, which are distributed to guests, numbers with the task are inscribed. It is performed individually by each of the "lucky ones" who got it.

The list of tasks is as follows:

  1. Pantomime a frog.
  2. To the song Happy birthday singbirthday girl "Jovyu Aniverser!"
  3. Departing from the hero of the occasion for ten steps, with each step to compliment her.
  4. In a wide skirt and a bonnet, dance "Cancan" to cheerful music.
  5. Crow three times.
  6. Various items are placed on a chair under a napkin: soap, a spoon, an apple. The blindfolded contestant sits down on a chair and feels like trying to guess what it is.
  7. Draw a portrait of the birthday girl with your left hand.
  8. Build the Eiffel Tower out of disposable cups.
  9. Drinking champagne from a saucer.
  10. To parody the facial expressions of Louis de Funes, looking in the mirror and shouting: "It's Fantomas!"

4. Dance competition "Croissants"

Croissants are the French favorite delicacy.

From among the guests choose 2-4 participants and the same number of assistants - "cooks". "Culinarians" wrap volunteers with toilet paper, like "puff pastry stuffing." Croissants are ready! To the fervent music, "sweet buns" dance an incendiary dance. "Sweetest" is selected.

Beautiful ending

French script home anniversary 25 years must be completed with beautiful notes. It can be a slow dance to the romantic music of the birthday girl and her partner, a beautiful song rehearsed in advance in honor of the hero of the day, a bouquet of 25 roses, or another beautiful ending. The main thing is to delight the hero of the occasion.

flowers for a woman
flowers for a woman

Add some zest

Scriptthe anniversary of a woman of 25 years will become even more interesting and eventful if you add some creative moments:

  • decorate the room with photos of a birthday girl of different ages;
  • arrange an original photo zone against which she will take unforgettable pictures with family and relatives;
  • pre-record video greetings from family and friends;
  • edit and edit a video about a twenty-five year old girl with her many photos and suitable music.

These surprises will delight a young lady and help her meet her holiday with a smile.

photo accessories
photo accessories

Congratulations from men

Cool scenarios for the anniversary of a girl of 25 years old can be diversified with funny and artistic numbers that will amuse both the main character of the evening and the rest of those present.

1. Choir "Flowers for a Lady".

Several men prepare and rehearse a song for a birthday girl in advance. An interesting point is contained in the execution. Large flowers are cut out of a large drawing paper and cuts are made in the middle for the face. Peculiar "masks" are put on performers. As a result, a chorus of "buttercups" appears before the audience.

2. Congratulations from "famous men".

The birthday girl sits in a place of honor. Men enter the hall in turn with wishes, a flower in their hand and a nice surprise. Men portray a wide variety of heroes of women's hearts: an overseas prince, James Bond, Philip Kirkorov, Troubadour and so on.

disguised men
disguised men

3. Interesting predictions.

The arrival of a gypsy will bring notes of surprise and cheerful excitement to the scenario of the girl's 25th anniversary. She should be a cheerful clockwork, prophesying all sorts of interesting facts to the guests, and the birthday girl should promise love and a happy future.

the gypsy is guessing
the gypsy is guessing

A bright holiday in the company of relatives and friends will be remembered by the hero of the day for a long time with bright and positive emotions.