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Wedding dresses in vintage style: basic elements, style selection, fashion models

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Wedding dresses in vintage style: basic elements, style selection, fashion models
Wedding dresses in vintage style: basic elements, style selection, fashion models

For any girl, a wedding is a long-awaited event. Even as little girls, we dream of wearing a beautiful dress, like a princess, and going down the aisle with a handsome boy, whom we fell in love with in the kindergarten. But the years go by, and our tastes change, and the princess dress no longer seems perfect. The style of wedding dresses is very wide. From simple and modest to thematic and outrageous. Wedding dresses in vintage style are gaining huge popularity every year.


In our time, the styles of clothing that were worn in the 20-80s of the last century are called vintage. Dresses, blouses, cardigans were original, and it is almost impossible to find the same models. This style of clothing conveys the history of the times when this item was created.

fabulous image

In recent years, vintage items are gaining popularity in many areas of human life. They have not bypassed the fashion industry either. Many designers draw inspiration from outfits from different eras. A wedding dress in this style makesbride tender, elegant and mysterious. The bride can choose a dress according to her taste and create an incomparable wedding look.

Vintage and retro

Many people think that retro and vintage are the same style. This is the deepest delusion, since these are two different species. To put it simply, a retro dress is a fake of a vintage outfit. A wedding vintage dress is a rarity, and it is not so easy to find it, respectively, and the cost of the dress is very high. Such outfits were sewn to order many years ago. And they could be decorated with precious stones.

Many brides who can't afford such an expensive outfit, but want a vintage-style dress, get retro dresses. If you sew a dress according to old patterns, but from modern fabric, then its cost will be much lower. And it will not be considered vintage, but will be a retro outfit.

Vintage Dress Tips

The bride's dress in vintage style will catch the eye of not only the groom, but also all the guests of the ceremony. To identify a vintage dress from ordinary outfits, you need to know some of the nuances of this style. Visit exhibitions or museums where antiques are presented and get acquainted with the style of such images, study the decoration and additional elements that complemented the image of the bride in the 20-80s.

  • The dress can be any length, but the cut is often straight.
  • Sewn from light fabric and decorated with beads, rhinestones, glass beads and expensive stones.
  • A distinctive feature of many vintage-style outfits is the additional elements of the image of brighttones.
  • Short dresses have a tight corset, voluminous skirt.
Monroe style look

Each era left a certain imprint on the style of the dress. Fashionable wedding dresses from different decades:

  • In the 1920s they were low-waisted and had a rectangular cut.
  • Chicago style was fashionable in the 30s. The dress had cutouts on the chest and back.
  • In the 40s, the war era left its mark on the image of the bride. Long wedding dresses looked like military uniforms.
  • In the 50s, the image of Marilyn Monroe in the movie "The Seven Year Itch" served as the prototype for many outfits. A snow-white dress with an open top and a fluffy skirt won the hearts of many brides.
  • In the 60s, "dudes" occupied their niche. The dress was A-line and had a short length.
  • In the 70s, the dress acquired all the characteristic features of a hippie. Ruffles, bows, ribbons and frills have become an integral part of the wedding attire.
  • In the 80s, the outfit acquired a flashlight sleeve, bulky overhead shoulders and puffy hemlines.

Where can I buy a vintage dress?

If the bride decides to go down the aisle in a vintage style wedding dress, for starters, you can familiarize yourself with your grandmother's wardrobe. Many families pass on the wedding attire from generation to generation.

Another option to get vintage wedding attire is to visit all sorts of flea markets and flea markets. You can find many old things there. Or additional elements that will decorate the wedding attire.

You canvisit antique shops, there is always an image of the bride. Professional seamstresses at the store will be able to adjust the outfit to the figure for a while.

If the budget does not allow you to purchase a real vintage outfit, you can use the atelier and order a vintage-style dress, but a budget option. And complement the image with vintage elements, a brooch, a belt or gloves. The main thing is to decide on the choice of the style of the wedding dress in vintage style.


Such dresses were worn in the 50s. The outfit is relevant for brides with an hourglass figure. The dress's skirt is made of a large amount of chiffon fabric, so the dress looks light and airy. The corset is fitted and resembles a blouse with buttons. The bride's shoulders can be open or covered with a delicate lace veil. The image of the bride in such a dress will be gentle and intriguing. The accent can be made on a chiffon belt with a voluminous brooch. A pillbox cap or a lace stripe can serve as a headdress.

And the silhouette of the dress

Fabulous look

Many young brides prefer the images of princesses and fairy-tale heroines. Wedding dresses in vintage style with a puffy lace skirt will help create such looks. A chic large bow at the bride's waist will complement such a bow. The bodice of the dress is fitted, it will emphasize the beautiful breasts and add a touch of sexuality and playfulness to the image. A long train will emphasize the roy alty of the image. The bride's head can be decorated with a miniature tiara with a snow-white shoulder-length veil.

amazing vintage look

Fromof the bride in this image, a blessed light emanates, as if an angel descended from heaven.

Short lace dress

If the bride is bold and extravagant and wants to conquer the groom and wedding guests, a short wedding dress will suit her. There are no mini-length dresses in vintage style. The shortest length of the product reaches the knees. This is the shortest dress you can find from the last century. To add sexuality and romance to the image, the bride should choose outfits with knitted lace. This dress is very bold and amazing. Delicate flowers or a large feather with an elegant sparkling brooch can be woven into the hair. A string of pearls will adorn the bride's neck.

Short version of the dress

Floor length dresses

The most common dress of all time is the floor-length outfit. A wedding dress with an open back and a train will add mystery and tenderness to the image of the bride. Product silhouette may vary:

  • Flare.
  • Strictly straight.
  • Very fluffy.
  • Mermaid or fish shapes.

Dresses with ruffles and ruffles look great. Many outfits are made in the Greek style. Dresses of this cut sit on the bride freely and do not cause any inconvenience. The material of such a dress is usually light and flowing.

Puffy skirt with a corset that fits snugly around the waist, perfect for a bride with a large bust. A transparent blouse over a corset is made in the form of an appliqué of small delicate flowers.

Another image of a bride with a floor-length skirt. This is a fitted dress with short sleeves. Skirtflared from the middle of the thigh. A long, flowing train can serve as an addition.

bridal look 50s

An unusual wedding dress in vintage style can be an outfit with a batwing sleeve. Such an image does not need special drapery. A wide belt with a voluminous rose completes the extravagant look of the dress. A hat attached to one side of the hairstyle will bring the spirit of the time when such an image was invented.

Additional items

In addition to the dress, the image of the bride is complemented by stylized styling, makeup and the necessary accessories. For vintage style dresses harmoniously fit:

  • Lace headband. It should be in the middle of the forehead of the bride. Properly styled hair will create the desired wedding look.
  • Openwork gloves are an integral part of many wedding looks. Their length can be both up to the elbow and up to the wrist. Gloves are made of satin or openwork lace.
  • Wedding shoes should match the style. No pointy socks or stiletto heels.
  • Beads and clutch must be in the same style. The large pearl is appropriate for this era.
  • Complete the bride's look in vintage style with a bouquet of artificial flowers, decorated with brooches, beads and large beads.
Stylish dress

Whatever choice you make in the image, the main thing is to choose the right companion who will walk your life path with you. And the choice of styles of wedding dresses in vintage style is huge. The most sophisticated will be able to choose your dream outfitbride.

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