Wedding expenses: a list of the main expenses, who pays for what

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Wedding expenses: a list of the main expenses, who pays for what
Wedding expenses: a list of the main expenses, who pays for what

Video: Wedding expenses: a list of the main expenses, who pays for what

Video: Wedding expenses: a list of the main expenses, who pays for what
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The cost of a wedding is quite significant, and the event itself is very special, important and large-scale. When preparing for marriage, future spouses need to take into account so many nuances! Without knowing how much a toastmaster for a wedding or a groom's suit costs, it is difficult to even approximately calculate the budget. How not to forget about anything and not spend all the money on any one part of the organization?

What affects the budget

The final budget of the celebration depends on various factors. For example, the cost of the services of a photographer and toastmaster can increase significantly if registration is scheduled for a “beautiful” date. This business also depends on the season. Prices vary depending on the season and even the day of the week. Usually organizing a celebration in winter requires less cost.

In the wedding budget, you need to include the cost of on-site registration, if it is foreseen. Will affect the final cost and style of the event. The outfits of the newlyweds, the design of the hall or summer playground, the menu will depend on it. For the cost of the banquet andtransport is affected by the number of invited relatives and friends.

wedding expenses who pays for what
wedding expenses who pays for what

At the planning stage, you need to decide whether you need the services of professionals: a wedding agency or a manager who will take care of all the trouble; decorator, photographer, makeup artist and hairdresser. If you know specialists, you can ask them for help and get a discount, but you should not completely shift such worries to friends and relatives.

Cost sharing

Professional wedding planners advise to allocate the budget in advance so as not to spend most of the money on one of the stages of the organization. Half of the costs are paid for the venue of the celebration. This includes room rental, banquet, musical accompaniment, toastmaster or host services, decor.

About 10-15% - images of the bride and groom. 10% each should be allocated to pay for the services of a photographer or videographer, other expenses (payment for invitations, attributes for the bride price, a pillow for rings, rose petals) and unforeseen expenses (additional guests, damage to restaurant property, and so on). Approximately 5-10% should be enough for a tuple.

This is the main cost of a wedding. If free funds appear in the process of preparing for the event, then it is better not to spend them immediately, but put them in a separate envelope for unforeseen expenses or a honeymoon.

Marriage registration

Wedding expenses start from the moment you submit an application to the registry office, because only after that the newlyweds will be sureknow the registration date in order to order a banquet and professional services for a specific date. You have to pay a state fee for registration. The service will cost approximately 350 rubles. Additionally, you need to purchase (usually this can be done right at the registry office) a pillow for rings and a beautiful folder for a marriage certificate.

how much is a wedding for 50 people
how much is a wedding for 50 people

Wedding rings

Wedding rings are classic, with or without precious stones, engraved, narrow and wide. If the fingers are large, it is better to purchase rings with a width of 4-6 mm, for fingers of medium length - from 2 to 6 mm. Men are advised to pay attention to models with a width of 4 to 8 mm.

Most rings have a flat inside and a slightly rounded outside. However, today many couples choose rings that are rounded on both the inside and outside. Such models are affordable.

Traditionally, wedding jewelry is made of red gold, but on sale you can see models of yellow, pink and combined. More budget options are made of silver. The most practical solution is to choose jewelry made of combined gold. This will allow you to combine wedding rings with any other jewelry.

On average, wedding rings will cost 20-40 thousand rubles per pair. You can find cheaper options, but such products will be thin and narrow, so they can deform when worn. If the budget allows, you can consider more expensive models. Additional charge for engraving. Product priceincreases if the design includes precious or semi-precious stones.

wedding photographer prices
wedding photographer prices

Image of the bride

Wedding expenses that are mentioned first are the wedding dress and items to create the image of the bride in general. The hero of the occasion should look just great at the celebration. The dress can be bought or rented. The cost of the outfit will be from 10 to 100 thousand rubles, depending on the model.

Shoes can be found quite budget. Some brides prefer beautiful pumps with heels, rather than special wedding shoes. Hair and makeup will cost a maximum of 10 thousand rubles. In a budget salon, you can get a manicure, pedicure, hair and makeup for 5 thousand rubles.

Groom's suit

The image of the groom requires less cost. You will need a suit, shirt, tie or bow tie, shoes. If the groom rarely wears a suit, you can find a suitable option on the far hanger in the closet or sell the outfit after the wedding. The cost of budget models will be 5-15 thousand rubles, but you can purchase a more expensive option.

Festive Banquet

The main part of the cost of a wedding is a banquet. You need to decide on the place of celebration in advance. Renting a restaurant is possible even six months before the proposed event, and the deadline for thinking about the venue for the celebration is two to three months.

How much does a wedding for 50 people cost? Most of the budget will go to the organization of the banquet. Usually renting a restaurant (that is, the place itself) is free,you need to pay only for the menu and alcohol, but there are establishments that work according to different rules. Sometimes, in order to book a hall, you need to collect an amount depending on the number of guests. The minimum budget per guest is 1500-3000 rubles, excluding alcohol. So, for 50 people, the celebration (only food) will cost 75-150 thousand rubles.

how much does a toastmaster cost for a wedding
how much does a toastmaster cost for a wedding

Additionally paid alcohol or corkage fee, if you are allowed to bring your own drinks to the establishment. Usually, cleaning of each place and containers for packaging, if the dishes remain, are a plus to the cost.

Payment for services

The average wedding budget includes payment for the services of a toastmaster (if there are more than ten guests, then you can’t do without a host) and a photographer. You can opt out of the video if the budget does not allow. How much does a toastmaster cost for a wedding? A good presenter with a DJ will cost at least 15-20 thousand rubles, on average, you need to lay down 40-50 thousand for these expenses.

The price of a wedding photographer (services include a photo of the bride during preparation, a visit to the registry office, a walk, a restaurant, creating a wedding book) will be about 15-20 thousand. Additionally, you can shoot a pre-wedding love-story or a video declaration of love. This will be a wonderful gift for your beloved husband or wife. A wedding photographer (the price in this case will be several times higher) can be paired with a cameraman.

Depending on the scale of the celebration and the wishes of the newlyweds, the services of wedding coordinators and decorators may be required.

basic wedding expenses
basic wedding expenses

Other expenses

Additionally, you need to order a bridal bouquet, a cake, invitations, decor for cars and a hall (you can rent it). In the course of preparation, there will be many other little things that will also require financial investments. Additionally, newlyweds can order fireworks, a fire show, live music, an entertaining show program, balloons, photo area decoration, souvenirs for guests, and so on.

Cost reduction

Wedding costs are usually significant, but you can cut them down a bit. For example, you can do the decor yourself, which will remove this item from the list of expenses. Depending on the venue of the banquet, the newlyweds can receive alcohol, fruit or a hotel room as a gift for their wedding night.

It doesn't always make sense to throw extra money on a limousine. It is simply inconvenient to move along some streets on such transport, and now you will not surprise anyone with a limousine. It is not necessary to hire expensive and fashionable cars. A wedding dress can be purchased to order, and the video can be completely abandoned. As practice shows, wedding photos are more in demand than videos.

restaurant rental
restaurant rental

Who pays for what

The cost of a wedding can be too much for a young couple, so parents and relatives help a lot. Although today, future spouses are increasingly paying for the wedding out of their own pocket. Usually the bride pays for the bachelorette party, wedding dress, makeup and hair, gifts for the groom and his parents. The groom pays for his wedding dress and accessories,bachelor party, wedding rings, stamp duty, car rental, ransom, bridal bouquet, honeymoon.

The bride's family pays:

  • for matchmaking (you need to set the table for the groom's family when the matchmaking or the acquaintance of the parents, if they do not know each other yet);
  • buffet at the bride's house on the wedding day (usually alcohol and sandwiches or snacks);
  • flowers and home decorations for the bride price.

The groom's family rents cars for the newlyweds and guests, pays for gifts for the bride's family for matchmaking.

average wedding budget
average wedding budget

Banquet, professional services, wedding cake, gifts for guests, food and drinks, show program are jointly covered. The witness at the wedding helps the groom pay for the bride (ransom) and can give money for the bouquet of the witness. The bridesmaid's bouquet, if desired, can be bought by the groom himself.