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Vertical blinds with photo printing: pros and cons, reviews

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Vertical blinds with photo printing: pros and cons, reviews
Vertical blinds with photo printing: pros and cons, reviews

Photo printing is one of the most common areas of interior design, giving it a uniqueness and allowing you to visually expand the boundaries of the room. Modern technologies allow you to apply an image to any surface - stretch ceilings, furniture, wallpaper. Vertical blinds on windows were no exception.


vertical blinds for windows

Blind designs are divided into several types depending on the location of the slats and the material used:

  • Vertical blinds with photo printing. Models most loved by designers due to the convenience of applying images. Vertically located slats of such blinds are wide and turn at different angles. The construction is made of synthetic fabric, which is easy to dye.
  • Roller blinds with photo printing. The structures are made of high-density woven fabric, not divided into lamellas. Blinds are adjusted using a horizontal shaft that raises and lowers the curtains.
  • Horizontal blinds withadditional photography. They can change their position relative to the window. They are used extremely rarely, because design features have a negative impact on aesthetics and the applied image.

The choice of blinds largely depends on the desired end result. The most realistic image is possible only when buying roll structures.

Horizontal cassette models have a maximum service life. Due to their durability, such structures are most often used in the arrangement of office space. The guarantor of a long service life is the metal base used in the production of horizontal blinds.

Blind Features

vertical blinds with photo printing reviews

Printed vertical blinds must have the following specifications:

  • High functionality.
  • Ability to apply advertising images.
  • Maintaining excellent visibility.
  • Applying an image to vertical slats.
  • Skipping natural sunlight.

Among other features of vertical blinds with photo printing, reviews note ease of operation and maintenance, originality and making the interior of the room complete and spectacular. In most cases, the image is completed with light curtains with lambrequins.

Picture Selection

roller blinds with photo printing

Vertical blinds with photo printing companies offer image catalogs to customers. Applyany drawing is possible - starting with still lifes and ending with natural landscapes and self-portraits. To transfer an individual image, it is necessary to provide designers with a high-definition and high-resolution photo or drawing they like. Low-quality images are not applied to blinds.

Pros and cons of vertical blinds with photo printing

Blinds with photo printing are often called universal due to their wide distribution and the possibility of installation in any premises. The non-standard design is combined with different interior styles and has a spectacular appearance. Vertical blinds with photo printing can be combined with fabric curtains, which will emphasize the window opening.

The design of the blinds is multifunctional, which not only protects the room from direct sunlight and overheating, but also complements the interior.

Photo Printed Vertical Blinds can be a great product or service advertisement when installed in the window frames of offices or shops.

The use of modern printing technologies allows you to apply images to any materials: polymers, metal, fabric. Many manufacturers offer blinds with lambrequins, without limiting customers in choosing a pattern.

Designers' references

vertical blinds with photo printing pros and cons

Vertical blinds with photo printing are made of wide vertical slats - it is easiest to apply a high-quality image on them. Almost any pattern can be applied to a three-dimensional canvas of lamellas. Finished structures are installed either at a heightbalcony door, or from floor to ceiling.

The advantage of roller blinds is that they can be rolled up thanks to a simple mechanism. The design can be supplemented with a lambrequin made of identical material. With sufficient light levels, the blinds can be raised by rolling them up and revealing the view outside the window. Blinds with a repeating small pattern look spectacular, complemented by pelmet curtains.


You can decorate vertical blinds with photo printing not only with the help of lambrequins and curtains. Only designs with well-chosen colors can harmoniously fit into the interior of the room. Designers standardly offer several color options for vertical blinds.

The image printed on the slats can act as a separate element in the interior. In view of this, it is usually recommended to choose bright shades to focus attention and create a good mood. In addition, it is advisable to choose a drawing in such a way that it is made in the same stylistic direction as the interior design. The use of sharp color contrasts is not recommended.

The image applied to the vertical blinds can complement the interior of the room and complete it. For example, a room design made in monochrome colors will be spoiled by bright and vulgar photo printing on slats.


advantages of vertical blinds with photo printing

The classic design of a window opening often involves curtains and lambrequins against their background, but modern vertical blinds withphoto printing exclude such decor, which becomes inappropriate and overloads the interior of the room. Designs from lamellas with printed color or monochrome images must match the specific design style of the room.

A wide range of vertical blinds is presented on the modern market of building and finishing materials. Lamellas can be made of fabric, metal or polymeric materials, and photo printing technologies allow you to apply almost any image on them, corresponding not only to the interior design of the room, but also to the tastes and preferences of the consumer.

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