Pakistani mastiff: photo and description of the breed, owner reviews

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Pakistani mastiff: photo and description of the breed, owner reviews
Pakistani mastiff: photo and description of the breed, owner reviews

Video: Pakistani mastiff: photo and description of the breed, owner reviews

Video: Pakistani mastiff: photo and description of the breed, owner reviews
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Pakistani mastiff dog breed, otherwise called Bulli Kutta, is a breed of aboriginal South Indian dogs. During the English colonization, it was improved by crossing with individuals of other breeds in order to fight. Whereas initially in Pakistan the Bulli Kutta was used as a guard dog only.

However, until recently, this breed remained little known (not accepted by any of the world cynological associations). And only today it began to gain popularity in European countries.

This article details the history of the Pakistani Mastiff dog breed, includes a photo and description, as well as reviews from the owners.

Bully kutta

This is another name for this breed. The combination of words comes from Hindi and means "wrinkled dog". There are several other variants of the name - Singh Mastiff, Indian or Alang Mastiff.

mastiff muzzle
mastiff muzzle

This breed is most likely descended from aboriginal dogs of the southern regions of India, which were used as guards. At the time of the colonization of the Indo-Pakistani territory, the British crossed it with the brought English mastiffs and bull terriers to enhance their fighting qualities.

From ancient sources, we know that dogs like the one described were seen as early as the 5th century BC in Greece, when the army of the Persian king Xerxes the First passed through the country. Ferocious dogs of enormous growth guarded the provisions and other convoys. It is also known that Pakistani mastiffs were also kept in Indian royal families for games and hunting, however, later their use was reduced to guard duty.


Despite fighting laws and the Pakistani mastiff being declared a national treasure, the Pakistani Mastiff is one of the most popular and lucrative entertainers in rural India and surrounding cities today.

dog fighting
dog fighting

Dogs are actively used in these "amusements". In addition, the dog also continues to be used as a watchdog.

At the moment, only a few dogs of this breed have been brought to Europe and the USA, and the first litters appeared only in the UK, and the breed standard is also being developed there.

Description of the breed

Bully Kutta is one of the largest dogs classified as Molossians. Like all Molossian breeds, it is distinguished by a powerful body with well-developed muscles, strong bones, a wide muzzle and, likegenerally good he alth.

Despite the fact that cynologists have not yet developed an official standard for this breed (especially since there are several breed types of the Pakistani mastiff), we can talk about general characteristics.

The height at the withers of an adult animal varies from 76 to 112 cm. The maximum weight is 90-95 kg (usually males).

pakistani ma-t.webp
pakistani ma-t.webp

The coat is short and coarse. The color was originally more often white, but today you can find a whole palette of colors - from tan and brindle to black, as well as spotted or speckled.

On the muzzle, as seen in the above photo of the Pakistani mastiff, most often there are small black spots. The skin around the muzzle and on the neck hangs in several folds.

In the description of the Pakistani mastiff, it should also be indicated that the dog has rather long limbs that end in wide pads on the paws. They act as shock absorbers, softening the load on the joints when running and jumping.

The Pakistani Mastiff has a lifespan of 10 to 12 years.


We must not forget that the Molossian dog breeds were originally shepherd dogs, that is, guarding the herds. Thus, these dogs, in order to perform their functions, were more focused not so much on obedience to a person, but on making quick decisions in specific situations. Hence the mastiffs and other dogs descended from the Molossians have the stubbornness and low learning ability shown during training, but also a very high intelligence. In other words, the dog almost always perfectly understands what the person wants from it, but does not necessarily strive to follow the command.

mastiff puppies
mastiff puppies

You also need to remember that in his homeland, the Pakistani Mastiff has an unequivocal reputation as a bloodthirsty, aggressive and ferocious dog. He is often quarrelsome with other dogs and extremely territorial - that is, when invading a site that he considers his own, he can not only attack "guests", but also destroy them. For the guard duty, which the Pakistani Mastiff led from time immemorial, these are, of course, ideal qualities. But very dubious and even dangerous for a companion dog and a pet.

Pakistan Mastiff reviews

Still rare owners characterize the dog as a restrained, not very active animal, but little inclined to obedience. It is believed that the Pakistani mastiff is characterized by great devotion to the owner (but, as a rule, only one), excellent security qualities, courage and willpower.

It should be remembered that the animal tends to show aggression towards the one whom it considers an enemy. Given the strength of the Pakistani Mastiff, one can imagine what harm he can do to a person who he simply "does not like". This moment becomes especially relevant if the owner walks the dog on city streets. A sensitive dog can react to any noise, and even the owner who knows the dog from puppyhood will not always be able to predict what this reaction will be. And if he guesses right, it's not a fact that he can cope with a furious mastiff.

Mastiff and child
Mastiff and child

A dog of this breed would not be advised by owners to be kept together with other pets - not because the dog always shows excessive aggressiveness towards them, but simply because the animal, due to its size, can injure them imperceptibly.

Recommendations from handlers

Pakistani mastiff dog needs a strong hand, so it is not recommended to buy it for beginner breeders and people with a weak psyche. It is desirable that the owner of the dog be a person with good endurance and physically strong.

It is recommended to start training dogs of this breed from an early age. But not on your own. And not every cynologist can cope with such a dog, so it is better to choose an experienced specialist who knows all the nuances of mastiff training in advance. Only he will help turn a dog of a dangerous breed into a reliable guard and faithful friend, as well as into a calm and balanced dog.

It is clear that animals of this size are not recommended for keeping in a city apartment. The Pakistani Mastiff needs "its own" territory and increased physical activity. In addition, thanks to its security "specialization", the dog is sensitive to various noises and greets the guests who come to the home of the owners with a loud menacing bark.

pakistani ma-t.webp
pakistani ma-t.webp

When keeping Bulli Kutta in the yard of the house, it is not recommended to keep it on a leash for a long time - this increases its aggressiveness, and the dog can become completely uncontrollable over time.

Tipsby content

The Pakistani Mastiff is not picky in keeping, does not require special care, and is usually in good he alth. This is a shorthaired breed so no brushing is required, except for occasional brushing with a stiff bristled brush to remove dead hairs.

Bathing the Pakistani Mastiff is not recommended. Again, sometimes you can wipe the dog's chest and face with a damp towel in order to eliminate traces of salivation.

It is better to feed the animal once a day or twice, after morning and evening walks, in half portions. To tell the truth, not everyone can organize a complete diet for a dog of this size, since it must consist of a large amount of protein food: natural meat, sea fish, boiled eggs, cottage cheese. A bowl of drinking water should always be at the disposal of the dog - Pakistani mastiffs usually drink a lot. Thus, it is worth preparing well for keeping a pet.

The article contains a photo and description of the Pakistani mastiff, as well as some other information. We hope you found them useful.