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Hat with bubo - hit of winter

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Hat with bubo - hit of winter
Hat with bubo - hit of winter

It often happens that a bought headdress does not at all cause a desire to wear it. However, the realities of our climate are such that, starting from late autumn and until spring comes into its own, the head should still be insulated. Therapists, cosmetologists, trichologists (hair specialists) unanimously declare that frost and sudden changes in temperature negatively affect he alth and beauty. So, this issue will have to be resolved somehow. For example, purchase a cute and fashionable headdress that matches the face and style of clothing. A hat with a bubo is in fashion today more than ever, and we will stop the choice on it.

hat with bubo

For youth and not only

It is generally accepted that such models are youthful, budgetary and fit exclusively to a sporty style. This is not entirely true, after the masters of world fashion took it into focus, a hat with a bubo received many modifications. From this variety, a suitable option will be found for lovers of the classics, and for ladies "who cares …", and even for men. A wide range of materials from which modern models are sewn, a variety of colors and shades, accessories and decorations make them versatile and different in stylistic performance.

hat with fur bubo

To the face and figure

With the help of such a piece of clothing as a hat with a bubo, you can place the right accents and even out the proportions of the figure. Often plump women worry that the head seems small, voluminous models with a large bubo will be ideal for them. If you do not shy away from attracting attention, then it is permissible to purchase a hat in a bright color and repeat it in detail (scarf, gloves, shoes). The main thing is to choose exactly the shade that will refresh the face, it is beneficial to “serve” it. For those who, on the contrary, want to visually reduce the volume of the head, tight-fitting fine-knit hats, without patterns and patterns, solid and dark colors are suitable. There are also quite a few of them: purple, chocolate, cherry, bottle, cob alt. In this case, a small bubo is preferable, located not on the crown, but on a cord, dangling.

hats with bubo photo

To style

A hat with a bubo is suitable for any outfit, but subject to the right choice. Of course, if you wear a sporty colorful version with a classic drape coat, then you will get the same look. But if, in addition to the coat, a matching drape hat with a mischievous fur pom-pom is added, then the image will become holistic and flirtatious. For lovers of fur coats, a dress made of leather or leatherette is suitable, under a sheepskin coat - from sheepskin or suede. A hat with a fur bubo will only emphasize the “naturalness” of such outerwear, complementing the overall style. Knitted hats with or without lapels, informal or sports, as well as classic models withhighlights. Here much depends on the personality of the mistress of the ensemble. Choose a model for the outerwear with which you plan to wear it in the future, go to the store with the appropriate makeup and hairstyle. This way you will immediately get an idea of ​​how this item will fit and whether it is combined with the rest of the wardrobe. Hats with bubo, the photo is an example of this, are very different, and among all the variety, yours will certainly be found.

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