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What is the continuity of generations?
What is the continuity of generations?

What does the word "continuity" mean? It is an important link between past, present and future, where elements of the past are preserved and carried over into the present. With the help of continuity from generation to generation, family traditions, cultural past, social values ​​are transmitted.

What is the continuity of generations?

Legacy is an invisible bond between descendants. A very good comparison was made by the scientist Vladimir Yakovlev, who correlated generations with sea waves. He said that if we compare history with the world ocean, and each individual with a drop of this ocean, then generations in this case will be the waves of this ocean. They are in a hurry, running into each other, rise high up, and then rapidly fall down. And so over and over again. So it is in life. One generation is replaced by another, but it is precisely this “oceanic” touch that helps to transfer the most important and vital values ​​from one person to another. Unfortunately, the dynamics of the development of society is far ahead of the possibilities of the succession mechanism.

What is the problem?

The problem of continuity of generations is hidden in the moderntechnical progress. Consider the example of parental punishment. Decades earlier, a child commits a bad deed - offends someone who is weaker than him. Immediately receives a strict reprimand from his parents. For the future, he will know that he acted badly, this can no longer be done. Now with the advent of gadgets, tablets and phones, children absorb all the information that the Internet provides faster.

the continuity of generations

Unfortunately, more than half of what a child sees on various sites is a complete negative. The brain stores information about what the eyes saw, but there is simply no one to explain how bad it is. And when a child does something terrible, which Internet browsing has taught him, he will not even be able to immediately realize why he was scolded. After all, he saw it, so it's possible. Another striking example is such a direction of culture as subculture. Here one can clearly see the sometimes blind imitation of young people to something that has been elevated to the rank of popular trends. Every second goth will not be able to explain why he dresses like this and why these colors are close to him, the main thing is to follow his friends.

What's going on today?

If we consider this problem more broadly, we can deduce the following aspects. The speed of important social changes should ideally coincide with the speed of generational change. As history shows, significant changes in society occur approximately in the life of three generations - children-fathers-grandfathers. That is, in other words, the transition of social values ​​and other traditions is carried out betweenthree close generations - from grandfathers to grandchildren.

generation continuity is

To be more specific, the first stage is the birth of an idea, the second stage is the retraining of the generation, and only the third is the adoption of new views. Of course, a lot has changed during this time, but not so dramatically that new generations do not have time to adapt. Successful adaptation set aside conflict situations arising from simple misunderstandings. There can be an infinite number of examples of this - from lack of culture on buses, when young people pretend stubbornly that they do not notice an elderly person standing next to them, to banal rudeness - when, in response to a remark, an older person can hear an insulting expression from someone who is much younger.

Soviet-Russian relations

The succession of a generation is not only the fate of one particular family. You can also consider a broader example - people of the Soviet upbringing (USSR) - CIS - and the present period (Russians).

the continuity of generations

The development of technological progress today is at an incredible pace, new technologies are being introduced, which are almost impossible for people of the Soviet era to keep up with. Which of the pensioners today owns a computer at least as much as primary school students can? And what can we say about the older age of Russians! Nanotechnologists are increasingly creating new techniques that are increasingly simplifying the lives of citizens. However, it is worth remembering that it is the continuity of generations that provides moral foundations.modern people. But a frequent reaction to the remarks of the elderly is aggression, born of a banal lack of understanding. Young people brought up in the spirit of free citizens are sure that they know everything, and even more so in what situation and how they should act. Therefore, any remark from the elders is regarded as a tedious educational process. And only much later, and far from in all cases, does the understanding come that you were only wished well and something else could really be changed for the better.

Parents come first

Specialists from various scientific institutes conducted a survey among the younger generation - which of the experience of the elders is really valuable for the youth. The answer of the majority was: continuity is the connection of generations, therefore the main thing is love for parents and family values.

problem of continuity of generations

In second place are we alth and material security. And then - in descending order: love, honesty, striving for success, responsibility, education, diligence, politeness, kindness, independence, peace, patriotism. In the end, the result turned out to be quite good. However, patriotism, thanks to which young people today live in a free country (we are talking about the Great Patriotic War), got only the last place among the main values. But we alth and the desire to earn more - on the second, right after the family. Cultural values ​​also suffered, about which almost no one said anything.


As shown by this survey, the continuity between the generations of the Soviet andRussian time turned out to be rather weak. Respect for the culture of one's people, for history, love for the Motherland - all this is very far from modern youth. Today there is an active propaganda of a free life, inspired by the media on the examples of foreign fellow citizens.

continuity of generations ensures

Already today it can be clearly seen that morality and morality for young people in our country are very distant and completely alien concepts. It is impossible to talk about everyone, but several generations of children, and now teenagers, ignored the continuity of generations, making a choice in their direction, relying on other people's, not always cultural values. This position forms completely new specific foundations, which in the end can lead to a violation of the integrity of our country.

Problems of concern to young people today

According to another global survey on pressing issues, the situation today is as follows. Most of all, today's youth is concerned about inflation and rising prices, followed by the lack of normal conditions for education and medical care. More than half said that crime is an acute problem in the country, and almost the same number of people shared the opinion that terrorism is on a par with it. Someone remembered that young people do not have their own national idea, and also that due to habits that adversely affect the he alth of the younger generation, there is a rapid decline in the population. Religiousintolerance, lack of spirituality and developing degradation. The main solution to these problems, a small part of young people recognized the preservation of the continuity of generations.

Our own is more important

From the above results of the survey, we can draw a disappointing conclusion - personal problems relating to a particular individual are much higher than common interests. Young people are not interested in the formation of a unique nation that independently solves its problems. Here you can see a clear loss of those values ​​that the continuity of generations was supposed to convey. Although it is impossible to speak about it so affirmatively. Looking at middle and high school students, one can confidently say that they light up the very notes of social and cultural values ​​that at one time could not be conveyed to previous generations. More and more popular are events such as crowded flash mobs, events dedicated to the holidays, a tribute to the Great War and those who can be personally congratulated today on the Victory.

continuity between generations

In closing

In conclusion, I would like to remind you once again: the continuity of generations is a thread that cannot be broken, it is a connection that must be maintained. We must be able to preserve what was laid down by our ancestors, so that along with technical processes, the moral education of our people would also proceed as quickly. The succession of a generation is a kind of curve, with its downs, but, of course, with the ups that follow them.

continuity link generations

Importantremember that if people living in the same country have different views, it will be like drawings in the sand, which are easily washed away by the waves that come again. Without a central idea, any social, political, economic changes will be completely useless. There will always be someone who feels good, and another one is bad for him.

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