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Feast of Generations - Air Force Day

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Feast of Generations - Air Force Day
Feast of Generations - Air Force Day

In Russia, Air Force Day is celebrated annually on the 12th of the last summer month. This date was established by presidential decree in 2006. According to him, Air Force Day received a special status of a memorable date. It is designed to revive and develop military traditions in the memory of everyone, to show how prestigious military service is. In addition, it was installed as a thank you to military specialists who were able to ensure the security and defense of the state.

Education in Russia aviation

air force day

Air Force Day was established thanks to an archival order dated 1912. It was he who approved the creation of Russian military aviation.

In the twentieth century, the first aircraft models appeared that were intended for military purposes. From the same moment, the purchase of military aircraft and the training of military pilots began in Russia.

The events of the First World War contributed to the significant development of military aviation. Aircraft were used in those years for reconnaissance, as well as for hitting the right target in the air and on the ground. Since 1917, the military Russianaviation becomes an independent type of military troops.

After the end of the Civil War in Russia, aircraft manufacturing enterprises were restored in the shortest possible time. Particular attention was paid to the improvement of the air force system. A squadron, an aviation corps, operational formations were formed. And in 1939-1940, the organization of the Soviet military aviation changed from brigade to divisional and regimental.

The Air Force of the USSR during the Second World War

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By the beginning of this terrible event for the whole people, the air forces of the USSR already numbered 5 aviation brigades, 79 divisions, 19 aviation regiments. It should be noted that they were armed with the latest types of aircraft, work was underway to reorganize the aviation rear, and air aviation continued to be equipped with the latest technology.

The first years of the Second World War for Russian aviation were devastating, it suffered great harm. However, despite the difficult conditions, the air aviation system was still growing stronger. And in 1943, the USSR was recognized as a leader in air supremacy.

The post-war period in the development of military aviation and the present

After the end of the war, piston aviation switched to jet aircraft, there was a constant improvement in the structure of the organization of formations and units.

After the USSR ceased to exist on the map, the air forces of the post-Soviet space were significantly weakened. Parts of the aviation group were transferred to the Union republics. remained in many areasa significant part of the more prepared airfield network.

air force day in russia

The Day of the Russian Air Force is one of the main holidays for the country, because this group of troops is one of the main parts of the military complex of the Russian Federation. Special attention is paid to this day.

Air Force Day 2013 will be remembered by Russians and guests of the country for a long time, as it was celebrated solemnly and on a grand scale. Russian aviation is 101 years old this year.

It should be noted that based on history, Air Force Day is not a celebration of one person, but of several generations.

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