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Teapot - prehistory and types

Teapot - prehistory and types
Teapot - prehistory and types

The art and tradition of tea drinking originated in ancient China. And to this day, a huge number of inhabitants of our planet love and prefer to drink tea. There are a large number of types and varieties of tea. And each of them is prepared and consumed in a special way.


The teapot is the most important attribute of the tea ceremony. It was invented back when people only learned about tea and started drinking it. Everyone knows that if tea is brewed incorrectly, then all its aromatic and taste qualities are lost instantly. Therefore, the art of proper tea brewing has been passed down from ancient times. But fashion and other various factors have made their changes in the processes of consumption and brewing. And the teapot itself has changed over time.

According to historical data, the first special teapots were made of clay. And until now, red clay is considered the best material for them. The drink brewed in such a teapot was considered by the ancient Chinese to be healing. Around the 12th-14th centuries, a metal teapot appeared. In the English tradition there were faience services. They were verypopular, because faience was very hot and kept warm for a very long time, from which the taste and aroma of tea benefited greatly. Silver and gold vessels were considered the most beautiful and expensive. And closer to the 15th century, ceramics replaced metal and teapots began to be made in various bizarre shapes.

glass teapot

Today, it is not difficult to buy this unpretentious vessel for tea drinking. It is available in almost every store. Moreover, the materials for the manufacture are used very different. One of the most popular is the glass teapot. It is attractive and comfortable. In addition, glass does not affect the taste and aromatic properties of heated tea. The only disadvantage of such tea utensils is that it quickly gets dirty. Each brewing of tea leaves a brown coating on the glass walls.

Very handy teapots with filters to hold tea leaves. It is also useful to purchase a fabric cover-cap, which additionally keeps the temperature for better brewing. The best teapot is rounded, with a narrow neck and a lid with a small, even tiny hole.

heated teapot

Innovation in the market of tea accessories and accessories - a heated teapot. For daily use, this kettle is perfect. It comes with a stand with a candle inside. Thanks to her, the water heats up, the tea is steamed. Preparing your favorite drink with this teapot is an easy and enjoyable experience. He is excellentsuitable for long tea parties, because it will not let the drink cool down and lose its excellent properties. This teapot will take a worthy and special place in your kitchen. In addition, modern manufacturers have taken care of the creative handles of such teapots, curved spouts and original designs. Whatever your soul desires, or whatever your kitchen is, you will definitely be able to find just such a teapot that will satisfy all your needs.

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