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How to choose a teapot?

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How to choose a teapot?
How to choose a teapot?

For many of us, drinking tea is an essential attribute of everyday life. But in order for the drink to fully reveal its aroma and taste, it is necessary to use special dishes for its preparation. Let's try to figure out how to choose a good, practical tea infuser.



When choosing a tea infuser with or without a press, the primary attention should be paid to the volume of the container. Much depends on how many servings the dishes should be designed for. It follows from the fact that the liquid in the kettle when brewing a drink should occupy approximately 2/3 of its volume. There must be a free space of a few centimeters on top, which is required for the tea to "breathe".

The best solution is to buy several products of different sizes. In this case, you will not have to translate the tea leaves again in vain.

Material of production

The classic version is a porcelain teapot. A cup of tea filled from such a container will be more fragrant, as the material heats up quickly and retains heat well.

Qualityporcelain teapots do not contain obvious deformations, have a uniform paint, glaze without roughness and cracks. The manufacturer's seal must be on the bottom. You can check the quality of the material by tapping it with a pencil. This should cause a ringing, similar to the sound of a bell.

glass tea pot

The faience tea infuser also retains heat well. However, when choosing this option, you will have to sacrifice the external attractiveness and durability of the product in favor of cheapness. The main differences between faience and porcelain teapots are opaque, thick walls, and the general fragility of the material. The advantage of such products is easy care and quick drying.

Ceramic is perfect for brewing green, yellow and white tea. Moreover, it is always desirable to cook in such containers the same drink. Because the material absorbs odor well.

When choosing a ceramic tea infuser, you need to ask how well the product was fired (to achieve strength, it is desirable that this procedure be carried out at least three times). A sign of the use of natural material is the presence at the base of a small clay rim without glaze.

Glass tea infuser is an extremely attractive option for decorating any kitchen interior. However, these containers do not retain heat well. In addition, tea deposits quickly form on the glass, which reduces the transparency of the material. It is worth stopping at products with reliable metal parts that are notexude an unpleasant odor.

Silicone tea pots are suitable for drink lovers who do not want to use a kettle and prefer to prepare it directly in the cup. They are presented in the form of an elastic strainer made of a material that is safe for he alth.


tea pot with press

The optimal shape for a teapot is rounded. The lid must contain small holes. Otherwise, during preparation, the drink will “suffocate” and will not reveal the taste. The base of the lid must fit into a special groove that prevents it from falling out during the pouring of the drink into cups.

It is desirable that the tea infuser has a sufficiently long spout located at an angle of 30-35o. Otherwise, when the container is completely filled, the liquid will splash out under the influence of the slightest vibrations.

Ease of use

Comfortable operation of the teapot largely depends on the balance of the product. A good kettle has a handle that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and never forces you to “break out” your wrist when pouring a drink. The balanced container remains practical even when filled with a significant amount of liquid.

Internal "arrangement"

tea cup

When choosing a teapot, it is worth looking inside once again. It is desirable that the product contains a built-in strainer or filter, which will not allow tea leaves to fall into the cup from the container when the drink is poured.

Recently, the popularity ofglass containers with internal cones in the form of a continuous strainer, where the tea leaves are actually poured. Unfortunately, most of these filters are made of metal, which significantly distorts the taste and aroma of the drink.


Undoubtedly, choosing a teapot based on the material of manufacture, volume and practicality is the right decision. However, aesthetic appeal also plays an important role here.

Usually, if you have a nice dish, tea made in it seems much tastier. Yes, and it is more pleasant to take care of your favorite product. Therefore, if the teapot is often left unwashed by the household, constantly exposed to shock, it may be worth paying attention to another design that will be more to the liking of family members.


silicone tea pots

True gourmets who instantly feel the smallest shades of the drink's smell and prefer expensive varieties of tea are advised to get a whole set of porcelain or clay teapots of various sizes for all occasions.

People who are not too versed in the intricacies of the tea ceremony or do not have time to use a large number of kitchen utensils should limit themselves to buying separate teapots for black and green tea.

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