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Private kindergartens in Kursk: educational program, reviews, addresses

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Private kindergartens in Kursk: educational program, reviews, addresses
Private kindergartens in Kursk: educational program, reviews, addresses

Every year there are fewer and fewer children who have never attended kindergarten. After all, modern mothers no longer want to be housewives. On the contrary, despite state-paid parental leave up to three years, women tend to return to work as soon as possible.

Where to arrange the child

Demand for nurseries has grown catastrophically. Parents stand in hundreds of lines to get their children into state institutions. New kindergartens are opening, but they are not able to accommodate everyone. On this basis, private preschool institutions appeared.

More fun together

Private kindergartens in Kursk to some extent help out residents in a truly difficult situation. Private traders are trying their best to attract customers, to maintain the prestige of the institution. The leaders of the city are forced to agree that the employees of public kindergartens pay little attention to the education of children, they are used to approaching their duties formally. It seems that with 30-40 kids in a group, educators are not up to creative delights.

The state pays a subsidy to the organizers of preschool educational institutions. To obtain a license to open a private kindergarten in Kursk, as in other places in the Russian Federation, it is required to present the development of a developing program. More than a dozen kindergartens and development centers are already operating in the city on a private basis. Those who wish can see the full list of private kindergartens in Kursk on the information website of the city.

Do you feel good under the sun?

To get an idea of ​​a fairly new phenomenon in our lives, it is worth considering a few specific examples.

Private kindergarten "Under the sun" in Kursk for 5 years of its existence has gained a good reputation. The complex developed by its director teaches children:

  • to communicate with each other and with adults;
  • behavior in public places and on the roads;
  • ideas about the world;
  • primary literacy and mathematics;
  • self-reliance;
  • the concept of professions;
  • love for sports;
  • love for the small homeland.

Classes throughout the week:

  • artistic creativity;
  • for speech development;
  • dedicated to the knowledge of the world around;
  • in English;
  • Physical Education.

The senior group in addition to this 5 days a week gets acquainted with school subjects and 1 day learns to play chess.

Our kindergarten

Special attention is paid to the nutrition of children. Holiday events are enjoyed not only by children, but also by adults.

Children are accepted from 1 year old. There are already two branches: on Druzhby Ave., 34/1 and on the street. Path, 20.

They have weekend groups. The director plans to create a whole network of similar institutions. Opening hours: 7:30 - 19:00

Children dance all year round

On V. Klykov Ave there is a kindergarten "Khorovod" for kids from 1.5 years old. It works only on weekdays from 7:30 to 19:00. It is possible to keep children half a day: from 7:30 to 13:00.

We are busy

This institution differs from other private kindergartens in Kursk by its educational program. The upbringing of children is carried out according to the Montessori method. This technique provides for the maximum development of independence from a very early age. A sensory room has been created in the kindergarten, where kids can experience various tactile sensations. The emphasis on fine motor skills of the fingers accelerates the development of speech and thinking skills. A psychologist and a speech therapist work with children in groups and individually. Children are taught to communicate in a team, with adults, the ability to get acquainted and make friends. In groups of 8-12 people.

As you can see, private kindergartens in Kursk are good. If not for one "but". Not every city dweller can afford paying for visiting such establishments.

Public kindergartens for preschoolers - bad?

From municipal institutions, the kindergarten "Rainbow" is of interest. Officially, it is called the progymnasium. It is intended for children from 4 to 12 years old. Its purpose is to accompany the child from preschool age to the end of elementary school. This approachpracticed in many Western countries. Kindergarten produces a set of children to prepare for school. Classes begin in October and are held once a week. Kindergarten "Rainbow" from parents causes only commendable reviews.

We are gardeners


City administrations are not able to resolve the issue of preschool placement for kids. Of course, the teachers and nannies of the kindergartens left over from Soviet times are doing their best for their small salaries. Single institutions are being built now. Nevertheless, the opening of private kindergartens is a trend of the times, the embodiment of the long-advertised small business development policy.

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